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the Last Emperor rare tracks

by Staff on April 4, 2008

Every now and then I browse through WYDUs old articles and everytime I happen to find new things, this time I came across the Do You Remember? article I posted 6 month ago and saw that only 2 month ago someone posted another compilation of rare tracks in the comments which he apparently got from the man himself. I also checked the website he provided and in deed they posted only a month ago new pictures from the set of the new video entitled pots and pans.

Unfortunately the compilation has no tracklist included, I do recognise some tracks though which include the invincible, the eminem diss with the jesus walks beat or the do you remember track without the and1 mixtape shout out at the beginning, unfortunately that track is broken at the end the same thing happend for me on his hidden treasure mixtape on the exact same line, so if anyone got the full track with out shout, hit me up, and if someone got the full tracklist, please post it here..


this is a rare last emp album with new and old material, this was given to me by the man himself check this out guys and keep supportin him!

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