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Spins, Tracks, & Thoughts For The Week

by Travis on April 8, 2008

Time again to go over what I’ve been listening to in the old iPod (yes, I finally joined the revolution). There are some great songs that I play over and over lately, which is always good to have, but as far as full albums go, it’s been kind of weak so far this year. Be on the look out my opinion on the first quarter along with another special blogging guest here later this week. I’m sure there will be a few WTF?’s for the list, but I’ve never been one to follow a certain path.

Top 10 Tracks The Week of April 6th

1. Kooley High – There You Go

I honestly didn’t realize this was a 9th Wonder joint until I looked before writing it up (then the shout out to 9th at the end of the track should have given it away as well). Not that it’s totally out of the ordinary for 9th, but it reminds me of the 9th that I used to big up every song he graced. Lately, I haven’t been feeling much of 9th, but the two beats he contributed to Kooley High’s “Summer Sessions” EP were top notch. The EP has several songs that I’ve been jamming lately, but this track just sticks in my head and I can’t seem to shake it. The chorus is on some smooth shit, but in a good way. If you are not a fan of the Little Brother style, then skip it, but if you are, these dudes (and dudette) is doing it right. More to come on them in the future.

2. 1773 – Sounds Of Life

The iPod shuffle is an amazing thing. I “previewed” this album, but never really listened to it. On my “wonderful” hour long drive home from work last week, this song popped on during a random shuffle. Needless to say, I played it four more times. The song’s appeal is multi-faceted. The sample is something I should know, but escapes me, but the dream like strings bring the emotion of happiness to the listener (god forbid hip hop should make one happy…) . You can’t help not to nod a long to the beat with a smile on your grill. Then just the message in general, which contains the Chicago groups message and memories when it comes to music, a song that could become a personal anthem for me in the future.

3. Citizen & Living Poetry – Hip Hop (For Real)

Another group you will be seeing more of on WYDU. Nothing new as far as subject matter, but damn, Citizen and Living Poetry make it sound so damn fresh. Hard drums and an ill horn sample just kills shit for me. This got more than a few plays last week. My only beef with the joint is that it isn’t longer.

4. Archetype – Blocked Up

Ahh yes, the group that I have made it my own personal vendetta to make everyone who has ever came to this blog listen to. This is from their “new” Japan only release “Unfolding”. Nez Beats comes with the style that has made me fiend for their music, with sharp keys, and a smorgasboard of other sounds. iD, the MC, comes off in his typical style as well. Truth be told, I was just happy to hear some new music from the crew, but that still doesn’t take away from the quality of the song or the album for that matter.

5. Kurious – From Up Under

Several people expressed their dislike for this last week. I think though, if it was the same song, except the contributors were changed, like some no name on the hook and Jake One or someone on the beat, the reaction would have been different. No knock on those who expressed their dislike (I have the utmost respect for Jaz and Dan Love), I just think sometimes names blind how we feel toward something. I honestly don’t see how this joint differs much from what was found on the “Constipated Monkey” LP other than it sounds somewhat more updated. I’ll stand by the song and say I really like it.

6. Ali Vegas – Every Day Is War

What should I touch on first? Well first, we’ll state the obvious reason why this song grabbed my attention, DJ Premier. Primo has been killing it the past few beats I’ve heard him dude. There was (gasp) talk about he might be fallin’ off….but hell no! The beat on “Every Day Is War” is a perfect example of why I love Premier so much. Funny thing is, I could hear Guru catching wreck on this beat. Next is Ali Vegas, I really think this cat could put out a decent album. I’ve been looking for him to drop since since he had a song back in 2002-2003 that I really dug. Sadly, he is kind of like Saigon, and it seems like that day will never come.

7. Astonish – U Don’t Hear Me

I’ve been diggin’ this track for awhile now. Of course the Molemen track is just all kinds of dopiness. The guitar lick on the sample is just insane. Great for a mellow ride home in traffic and keeps me from chucking my ice scraper at the asshole who just cut me off. Astonish is nice MC as well. I can see him getting better with time. Check out the album/EP as well.

8. Atmosphere – Shoulda Known

If you aren’t feeling this bassline, then you probably aren’t breathing. But again, people tend to focus on the name and not the music. I will admit though, I’m still not feeling this as much as I thought I would. It just seems too “safe” for what I expect out of Slug and Ant.

9. Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me

This shit grows on you. I went from not really liking it, to having the damn song stuck in my head. Busta used to be one of my favorite MC’s at one time, then he went into my “dog house” and I didn’t check much of his music. But then I was, from my observations, to like The Big Bang Theory. Beatwise, it doesn’t sound like it would be a club banger, but of course Busta turns it into just that. I can see this song getting a lot of play this summer, not just from me, but everyone.

10. Kids In The Hall – Drivin’ Down The Block

Maybe the Ace sample, maybe it’s the Clipse rip off sound, maybe its the Neo Miami Bass sound to the track. For some reason, I really DON’T want to like this, but I do. In my older age, I’m losing touch with what is “hot”, but my younger colleagues have informed me that the new “hipster” movement is this Miami Bass sound, ie The Cool Kids and that kind of thing. Whatever I guess. So my “stay away from the hipster shit” makes me not want to like this, but my personal tastes say…damn
, I’m a taste maker….haha.

Top 5 Spins For The Week

This list will probably change drastically next week, as I have a couple albums I have been playing non stop the last two days that didn’t make it on this weeks list. You’ll just have to wait and see what those were.

1. Kooley High – The Summer Sessions EP

It took me awhile to get this into the rotation. Not that I didn’t like when I first heard it (shout out to the guys from Kooley High for hooking me up with this gem) but with all the music being thrown at us these days, sometimes it takes awhile for things to get into the rotation. This defiantly got in the rotation last week. I’m able to listen to music at my boring ass job (thankfully or I would have went off the deep end by now) and this gets played every morning between 8am and 10am. I have more with this group coming up, so I won’t get too deep into them, but check the album if you are into that JL sound.

2. Archetype – Unfolding

This came out of nowhere for me. If you have visited this blog often, you know I pumped these cats up every chance I got last year. So you would think I would know when they had a “new” album dropping. I didn’t until I got a text from Eric asking me when Archetype dropped a new album. I knew nothing about it. Well, it’s not necessarily new, as it contains a good portion of last years rerelease of “Bleed For Them” but it also has a handful of new tracks as well. Nothing disappointing about this, especially if you haven’t heard of them before. I should mention that this is a Japanese only release.

3. The Camp – The Campaign
This was one of those albums I came in with very little expectations and came away being pleasantly surprised. Nothing really mind boggling here, just good quality hip hop from this Apathy affiliated crew.

4. Astonish – From Now Until Forever

The newest member of the Molemen crew shows a lot of potential with this release, to prove that, yes, Chicago does have some good music coming out of the area. The production is what you would expect from the Molemen (can we just go ahead and call them one of the more slept on production crews around?) and Astonish is covers a lot of different topics and styles on this introduction EP.

5. Fat Ray & Black Milk – The Set Up

And yes, I would say Detroit is simply killing it these days. I would even go as far as to say that it’s the hottest spot on the map. Black Milk continues his dope ways with this release. The production is on point, and even the lyrics aren’t all that bad. Worth checking out.

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