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WYDU Classics April 08: I Must Dis You

by Travis on April 9, 2008

Hip hop was initially based on competition. It was about who could rock the party the livest, whether it be rival DJ’s, rival breakers and later, rival MC’s. You had to go for yours. If you didn’t, you were going to get dissed. In this day in age, people don’t understand it. Not the artists and not the fans. Artists are too thin skinned and forgot about settling beef on the mic and go for the guns or fists (which I’m sure happened in the old days as well, but it’s different now, more spotlight) and the fans either go nuts over it and don’t understand the history behind the batttle or they bitch because they still do it.

I hope beef never goes away. There is nothing I love more than a good dis song. With that in mind, I tried to compile a few of the more…..what’s the word for it….not obscure (that word has been played out too much lately), but less known. I tried to stay away from the more popular dis songs, although I couldn’t pass up “Fuck Compton”, just because its so hilarious, even if it isn’t meant to be. I also stayed away from the subliminal shit, I wanted cards being pulled and names being dropped. I wish I had more time to get into some of the stories behind some of these songs, but it’s already pushing 1 a.m. and I need to get my ass to bed. Any questions, feel free to ask, or discuss..that’s what that comment link is for……and remember, love thy neighbor…unless he is talking shit then settle it like men.

WYDU Classics April 08: I Must Dis You

1. MC Poet & Noel Rockwell – All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose

Dissing T-La Rock, Just Ice, Krs, Kool Moe Dee, LL, among a host of others. Good way to start off the collection.

2. Cool C – Juice Crew Dis (1987)

Dissing the Juice Crew, mainly MC Shan and Marley.

3. Steady B – I Took Your Radio (1985)

Dissing LL Cool J.

4. Butchy B – Beatin’ Down Krs (’87, ’88?)

Rather self explanatory

5. Incredible Two – Moe Dee Get Mad (1988)

Going at Moe Dee

6. LL Cool J – Blame It On Me (Jack Ripper Demo) (1989)

The original version of Jack The Ripper…same beat, different lyrics and hook

7. MC Poet & Noel Rockwell – Taking U Out (1989)
Dissing Krs One and dropping some scathing lines aimed at Ms. Melodie

8. Raheem – Death In The Arena (1992)

Just about everyone….

9. MC Lyte – 10% Dis

dissing Antoinette

10. Roxanne Shante – Big Mama

going at just about every female rapper out at that time

11. Choice – Payback
NWA, Geto Boys, Too Short and some others

12. Lord Finesse – Live at The Rocksteady Anniversary Dissing Lords Of The Underground

The Original Funky Man goes at LOTUG as he pulls no punches

13. Tim Dog – Fuck Compton
Going at Compton MC’s. I just laugh when I heard this, like the first time I heard it. I didn’t think he was serious at first.

14. Tweedy Bird Loc – Fuck The South Bronx
Tweed’s answer to Tim Dog

15. DJ Quik w/ 2nd II None and some other dude – Can’t Fuck Wit A N—a

Dissing Everlast from House of Pain

16. MC Eiht – Def Wish III

These were always great, going at DJ Quik

17. DJ Quik – Dollaz & Sense

The end all for the battle between Quik and Eiht

18. Ras Kass – Kiss Of Death (Original Version)
Ras not too happy at Alchemist for selling a beat from out underneath him to Jadakiss, so they both catch some heat.

19 Black Sheep – H.A.A.

“Here’s Another Asshole”, I know I just posted this not too long ago, but I die laughing hearing Black Sheep rip Hammer a new one.

20. Jeru The Damaja – Friend Or Foe
Jeru a little pissed at the Gang Starr Foundation

21. Company Flow – Linda Tripp

Some might say this is a little too nerdy, but one of my all-time favorite disses. You have NO comeback when some records you kissing their ass in a phone conversation. Sole of Anticon if you don’t know is the beneficiary of the verbal ass kicking.

22. Dilated Peoples – Search 4 Bobby Fisher

Dilated jumps into the fray after Eminem dissed them on the first Everlast dis song.

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