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Hump Day Freeness

by Travis on April 10, 2008

You know you aren’t exactly thrilled with your jobby job when you are counting down the days left in the week. Or in my case, counting every two hours that go by until the next break. Yes, I love my job.

So, while you await the GRAND finale of the Philaflava Obscure tracks, with the posting of my own ten or twenty favorite “obscure” choices, I figured I’d toss up some FREE (I know, everything is free on the net, but this is guilty conscious free) material. Enjoy your hump day.

Poorly Drawn People – Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling

1. WDPD In Cincinnati (Intro
2. PDP – Hooked on Symphonics
3. Reason & Storm Davis – Life On the C-List
4. Reason – Damn Kid
5. Storm Davis feat Prolyphic – Fortune Favors the Bold
6. Reason feat Cas Uno & Esh – Cops & Crooks
7. Storm Davis – Each One Teach One
8. Reason – Let The People
9. Storm Davis feat Ams Uno & Prolyphic
10. Reason – Blue Collar Bird
11. Reason & Storm Davis – Fool
12. Storm Davis – The Fight
13. @ The PDP Mansion Pt. 1
14. PDP – No Interruptions
15. @ The PDP Mansion Pt. 2
16. Reason – Sexxx Smells
17. Storm Davis – Bring The Beat Back
18. Reason & Dox – Poison Propaganda
19. Poorly Drawn Intelligence (Cas Uno, Storm Davis, Reason, Esh, Dox, Al Bums – Out of Order Border Patrol
20. Storm Davis – Storm Davis Fucks Like A Puma
21. Reason – The Vaccine ReDox
22. Storm Davis – Spartan ReDox
23. Reason – These People
24. Dox feat Smokey Robinson – This Masquerade

For those of you that are “veterans” of this blog, I feel sorry for you. You should also recognize the name Storm Davis. Storm was one of the first artists that I really started pushing on the blog every chance I got, late last summer. Storm hails out of Providence, Rhode Island and is down with the Poorly Drawn People, which consists of artists like Reason, Dox, Symmetry among others. They dropped a rather dope mixtape last fall entitled “Nothing Stays Gold” that got some play in my “ghetto iPod” at the time and was tied for “Best Free Album” in the WYDU Year End Awards. They are back again with another mixtape (I haven’t had the chance to listen to it as of yet), which hopefully will hold the fans over until Storm releases his own solo album later this year.

Decay of the Molemen – The Unlikely Villain

1. It Begins
2. Anti-Hero
3. No Joes Alive
4. Commercial #1
5. Liqour
6. Faster Lane
7. Bullet Proof Bros.
8. Self Centered (Interlude)
9. Will Line
10. Commercial #2
11. Wild Lavendar
12. He Came From
13. Bent Halo
14. Super Friends
15. Reign Blood
16. Rap Bitches
17. Beef Wrap
18. Lousy Bum
19. Commercial #3
20. Green Llama Backs
21. The End

More Molemen goodness. It’s a prelude to his Unlikely Hero LP which is Decay’s new album coming out in July on Molemen Records.

Here’s Decay’s myspace page

Billy Danze Interview

Part One

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