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WakeYourDaughterUp TLD

by Staff on April 11, 2008

So finally the Daughter has it’s very own top level domain and is now available under a new address in the big blogosphere that it is part of, however the site is still available under it’s old one, meaning as are the old articles and in fact, the new ones..

You can now access the site via typing in either or simply, both ways should work for you, off course best way to get here is to configure the site as your own start page, haha.

I would invite anybody to update their links to the new address, but that’s up to you, since the old links are still working. (or a chance for those who are still not linking us back..)

Please let us know if there are any problems reaching the site, thanks.

PS: And for those who care, our myspace page has also been updated and is still under construction so leave some feedback here.

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