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It's on!!!!

by DJSoulClap on April 12, 2008

First and foremost, I wanna tell you about a new blog. The Blog of the one and only Punchline. If you are intersted in Hip Hop, women and shoes, basketball and life in genaral, that’s your adress to go, haha.

Next step, the Inverse interview will be coming soon, and it will be interesting!

The biggest news for me… Tony Tigerstyle will arrive iin Hamburg tomorrow and I will pick him up, so for all the Soul Occs fans out there, it’s on! We will record, shoot videos, do shows and go out, we will hustle hard cause we wanna bring you an album, that you will love!
We will make a diary, in text, video and audio form that I will always post on WYDU, I guess twice a week, I hope you will enjoy that.

I just got Soul Occs tracks and beats on my page for this week, so if you didn’t check on us yet, you won’t regret it. I still got the track with Punchline up, called “Dedicated to the B’s”, a track with Souleez called “When I’m gone” and the track “Umm umm umm” which is kinda serious and funny at the same time.



Oh yeah, I almost forgot! For those who didn’t check my American Gangster remix abum, I just uploaded a video for I know on youtube. A lot of people loved that joint!

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