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"14 Deadly Secrets" (Primo's stories behind the classics)

by Eric on April 14, 2008

Thanks to DJ Derezon & Illfated Tre we now have gained some insight from DJ Premier on how he crafted just a few of the classics within his extensive discography. Man, this is a real dope compilation, listening to Primo recall the moment he became aware of Big L’s shooting is spine-tingling.  Primo does a masterful job of keying in the listener, revisiting how he nearly tossed away the record that soon became “Nas Is Like” the same morning he gave birth to the beat. However, what I found most interesting was Primo describing Nas’ opening words to “N.Y. State Of Mind”. When Nas uttered the ad-lib to the opening of the classic cut, “yo, I don’t know how to start this sh*t”, Nas truly didn’t have the rhyme pattern down pat. All this going on while Primo was counting Nas in (“1,2,3″), long story short, the first verse you hear on “N.Y. State Of Mind” is basically Nas in one take…straight to wax…timeless! Sorry folks, unfortunately, this is a long MP3 track with no breaks between tracks. Still, at slightly over 33 minutes long, “14 Secrets of Primo” is a definite “must have”!

“14 Secrets Of DJ Premier” (click to DL)

1. “Words I Manifest”-Gang Starr
2. “Tha ? Remainz”-Gang Starr
3. “Nas Is Like”-Nas
4. “N.Y. State Of Mind”-Nas
5. “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know”-Krs One
6. “A Million and One Questions”-Jay Z
7. “New Jack City”-M.O.P.
8. “Full Clip”-Gang Starr
9. “You Know My Steez”-Gang Starr
10. “Come Clean”-Jeru The Damaja
11. “Livin’ Proof”-Gang Starr
12. “Defeat”-Afu Ra
13. “When I Be On The Mic”-Rakim
14. “Step In The Arena”-Gang Starr

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Enig April 15, 2008 at 3:16 pm

I love shit like this; more liner notes in Hip-Hop!

chris April 19, 2008 at 7:37 am

thanks for this nice post man, premo should definitely think about releasing a book or something

Letisha December 13, 2008 at 8:54 am

I love the entire 14 deadly secrets series

u can complety download it on illfated tre´s blog and much more

please enjoy

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