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Unreleased Nuts – The Beatnuts

by Travis on April 14, 2008

Oddly enough, the Beatnuts have dropped a few projects that flew under the radars of hip hop consumers. Two of these are of the instrumental variety, which shouldn’t be a problem for those of you who love the ‘Nuts….(I’ll pretend that we are all mature and leave out the “No Homo”).

The first I got from “Strictly Beats”, so major props to them. It’s their “Psycho Beats” instrumental LP that was released on Opposition Records. Not much information on this one, all but one of the beats is new. It’s got that traditional Beatnuts flavor to them, so they are sure to please.

The Beatnuts – Psycho Beats (Opposition Records, Not Sure of Year mid 90′s ish)

A1 Intro
A2 What?
A3 That’s That Beat
A4 Northern Lights
A5 Buddah
B1 Shit’s Gonna Hit The Fan
B2 Raw Dog
B3 Ill Guitar
B4 Xirtanimod
B5 Drunken Gangster

The second instrumental is in the form of the Hydra Beats series, which has been posted numerous times on this site. They contributed to Hydra Beats Vol 5. Nothing but 12 classic ‘Nuts jams that makes you want to hear them spit over. Good shit.

The Beatnuts – Hydra Beats Vol 5 (Hydra Entertainment, 1997)

A1 Relax Yourself
A2 Throw Your Hands Up
A3 Purse Snacther
A4 The Chase
A5 Out Of State Case
A6 I Can’t Relate
B1 Bum Rush
B2 Highlyl Recongized
B3 Homo Victim
B4 Gonna Fly
B5 Jungle Gook
B6 Crab Niggas

Beatnuts – Unreleased Material EP (1996)

1. Fluid
2. 40 oz.
3. Sandwiches (Remix, extended version)
4. Hellraiser (remix)
5. We Came Here

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before (and I have, since I jacked this from a later post I did), but for those who have missed it the first time, have at it. The quality is suspect, but it is what it is…..

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