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The Soul Occs – finally united! Diary: Days 1 and 2

by DJSoulClap on April 15, 2008

Sunday, April 13th, 3.30pm, I’m waiting at the airport in Hamburg with my homie Claas, for my brother from another, that I’ve been knowing for over 2 years and who became a really close friend! We didn’t even had to wait that long cause the flight arrived early. It was a great feeling when he came out of that terminal. Finally we were united!

He came with 2 huuuuuge bags, one was weighting 60 pounds, but he was flirting with that girl at the airport so he didn’t have to pay any extra fee, haha. Plus he had a backpack, basically just for his fitted hats. So, with Tony and 2 huuge bags in my car I was much slower, but Tony was totally feeling the autobahn, cause we could go like 200mph, haha. At least that’s what he said.

Back home we were lucky to get a good parking lot, Tony was enjoying my crib, but we really needed to get something to eat, so it was time for his very first Döner!

The rest of the night we spent chilling out with Claas and Matt, listening to music, making beats, rapping, cutting and drinking beer! It was dope, but we went to bed early cause we were tired as hell.

Due to that we got up early and went to the studio at 10am to knock out a track and a hook for another one. On our way back we stopped at a computer store where I ordered a new pc, just for music. So when I get it next week it will be on, I will hook up m keyboard, install all the plugins and we will reach a whole new level of creativity!
As a special treat for the WYDU listeners I uploaded a short snippet of a new track, you can’t listen to it anywhere else, it’s ruff, not mixed, just really raw and exclusively for you!

Back home we ate something and Tony took a “nap”. I started making space in my wardrobe for his stuff, I got a lot of paperwork and shit in there, which I finally arranged and carried it down to the basement… I felt tired and got down on the bed, closed my eyes and I was gone, woke up 3 hours later, Tony was still “napping” lol. Then the doorbell rang, Matt arrived. I started to cook something… Rice with Beef and my special tomato-cream sauce, tomatoes, paprika and lot of cheese. A little later Claas arrived, too. We were watching that 70′s show while Tony was communication with his people back home on the messenger. After that we played some Crash Team Racing on the Play Station, the version for the PS1, this might be my favorite game ever! After Matt and Claas left we were just chilling, watching DVD’s. I showed him videos of some german rap classics, we were watching And1 mixtapes, Fade to black… So at around 4 am I got to bed. When I woke up at 9, I found Tony like this:

I think his “nap” gave him a littl extra energy. Anyway, instead of going to university I decided to go back to bed.

Those were the days 1 and 2, thanks for checking it out! We will keep you updated with new exclusie music, you will get some freestyles, new snippets, videos, funny stories and all kinds of stuff!

Much Love


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