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Waaay Back In 1983…

by Travis on April 16, 2008

Been busy trying to catch up on somethings this week, mainly a couple interviews that I’ve been sitting on for awhile and a couple other projects. Still have a full slate of things for the rest of the week….until now, enjoy the sounds of 1983 once again.

This little mix comes from DJ Scientist and his label Equinox Records.

Free Download: Rap History 1983 Mix

28 Minutes About Money & Hard Times In 1983

10 nice tracks solely out of the year 1983 to keep you grooving. Obscure lyrics like those of an M.C. called January 20 (a scarce record out of Ohio) and Mr. Supa-Rap’s “Bills” will definitely put a smile on your face. On the other hand, kid rapper Ken “C” complains about the school system, the Hit And Run crew (with a rare track featured on the German label Metrovynil) worries about getting jailed, and Run-D.M.C. provides us with their classic joint “Hard Times”.

- DJ Scientist

Money & Hard Times Intro (Jimmy Spicer “Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)”)
Supa-Rap “Bills” (Night Hawk 1983)
January 20 “Too Much Money” (Chaminade 1983)
Jocko “Everybody’s Up Tight (Trying To Get Their Money Right)” (Sugar Hill 1983)
Ken “C” “Get Outta My Face” (Telestar Cassettes 1983)
CD III “Get Tough” (Prelude 1983)
Rich Cason And The Galatic Orchestra “Year 2001 Boogie” (Saturn 1983)
Captain Rapp “Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)” (Saturn 1983)
Hit And Run “Hard Times (Getting Jailed)” (Metrovynil 1983)
Run-D.M.C. “Hard Times” (Profile 1983)

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