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Philaflava's 100 Greatest Obscure Tracks :The Bonus Tracks aka Trav's Picks Part III

by Travis on April 23, 2008

It’s time for more “hard-to-find” goodies from my arsenal of tracks that I’ve managed to find in my visits to records stores, back of magazines, and of course the world wide internet. I honestly didn’t intend to do more than 10-20 tracks for the “Bonus” tracks of my “Obscure” Philaflava post, but people seem to dig it plus I haven’t had the time to move onto the next project I have in mind, at least not yet. So if you don’t like them, tell everyone else to shut up, or if you do like them, keep the comments coming. Easy enough.


Beastie Boys – Scenario (Grand Royal, on the “Drum Machine”, “Scenario”, “I’m Down” 12 inch, 2002)

At first you might see the Beastie Boys listed and think “Is anything the Beasties done actually “hard to find”? And my answer to that would be, actually, yeah….The Beasties have lots of b-sides, unreleased and remix joints out there. “Scenario” happens to be one such track. I don’t know much about the origins of the cut. I’m sure some Beastie aficionados can probably fill in the history better than I can, but I’m venturing out on a limb here and will say it was probably done before “Licensed To Ill”, so don’t let the year fool you, that would be when it was released to wax by the Beasties. Movie buffs might remember it being in the Christian Slater movie “Pump Up The Volume” about a pirate radio DJ and this would be a track he would play. It was also that movie that sent me on a 15-year search for “Scenario”, finally finding it when my man Tommy B from Miscreant Productions hooked it up. Needless to say, it was a great day. Song wise, it’s pretty much a rip off of another personal favorite artist in Schoolly D and his classic “PSK”. The drum effects are there along with the other sounds present on “PSK”, but what the hell, I can look past that in this day in age. If you are fan of the Beasties such as I am, especially their earlier work, then you have to check this track out.

Da Bush Babees – Love Song Remix feat De La Soul & Mos Def (Warner Bros. from the “Love Song Remix” 12 inch, 1996)

Another example of a song that isn’t horribly “obscure”, but one that is need of mention just in case some kids are sleeping on it. The remix for the Bush Babee’s “Love Song” track has long been one of my favorites, mainly because it contains De La Soul and Mos Def when he was still focused on making music. The remix is actually done by Da Bush Babee’s Mr. Man, which is a nice twist on the original beatwise. Mos really does his thing on the hook, reminding us older heads why we thought he would be the next Chuck D or the first Kanye West. Of course since I would probably consider De La Soul my favorite hip hop group of all-time, I’m on this tracks proverbial jock because of their shining appearance that almost makes this song sound like a De La song. In fact when I first heard it, I thought it was a De La track (I didn’t fuck with the Bush Babee’s back in the day), it’s got that De La flavor to it. Nothing wrong with that!

Constant Deviants – Can’t Stop (Brooklyn Pipeline, from the “Can’t Stop” b/w “Fed Up” 12 inch, 1998)

A couple of weeks ago I kind of clowned the whole Indie boom that happened toward the end of the 90′s decade. It made many kid go out and buy a Jansport back pack, some big ass Kross headphones and bitch about the mainstream. While they had a point about the mainstream around that time (shiny suits anyone?), the whole genre would soon grind down to boring, monotonous, and straight up garbage type of hip hop and these little hipster nerds would become just as condescending as their mainstream thug counterparts. BUT, some of the early Indie stuff was pretty tight. This is one such little gem that I know next to nothing about, but I LOVE this track. I can’t even remember what caused me to download this track from the almighty Audiogalaxy (anyone remember that shit?) back in the day. I’m glad I did, but I’ve never been able to find much out about them. This track was released in ’98 on some small label. The beat is some fly jazz shit with dope piano keys and a nice string rift, horns, shit it’s got everything. I couldn’t even tell you the name of the MC, but he does a nice job talking about the old days. The hook is nice as well, it’s basic but sticks in your mind and it actually has one of those DJ fellas and he is making squiggy squiggy sounds….weird…don’t hear those anymore. Anyone have any material by these cats, hit me up.

Alright, so I’m cheating a bit here, this was something I posted up a year ago when I first posted this track. Since then, I’ve managed to track down all their 12 inch singles and there was also someone close to M.I.C. and DJ Cutt (who produced this track) educated us as well:

“lead rapper M.I.C is now solo and DJ CUTT does remixes and produced
a gang of stuff for NORE (In House Production Team for Thugged Out Militainment), RICK ROSS, and he was a former producer for Crazy Cat Catalogue(Derik”D.Dot” Angelettie) – Notorious B.I.G, Black Rob, 50 Cent, Lil Kim..etc,
They still grind together with Impact Music Group a multimedia entertainment Co”

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 – Renagades (Original Version) (Never officially released?)
As far as I’m concerned, this version shits all over the one with Jay that appeared on “The Blueprint”, and I actually liked that version. Royce and Em share great chemistry on everything I’ve ever heard them on, so it’s only natural that they killed this. Their work as “Bad Me
ets Evil” and the 12″ they dropped made me hope they would release something back when they were both hungry.

I’ve heard multiple reasons for Jay ending up on the final version, all from Royce’s label wouldn’t allow it, to Jay paying more money for the beat, to it was part of the fall out with Dre and Royce. I’m not going to venture which one is true, although I would go with the label issues. I hope they can work together again in the future, maybe working with Royce will make Em hungry again. Excuse fuckin’ Kay Slay screaming all over the damn track.

Ghostface feat Raekwon & Slick Rick – The Sun (Never officially released)

This is my favorite Ghostface track. I’ve seen this on some of those “unofficial” Ghostface releases, but I think it was left off of “Bulletproof Wallets” due to sample clearances. I looked up to see where he got the sample from, but no dice. Ghost is typical Ghost, while Rae comes off and adds to their obvious chemistry. Slick Rick bats cleanup and this sounds like this was made for him, even the chorus sounds like something rick would come up with. This is a great song to wake up to on an early spring morning…who said we didn’t have feelings??

Kid Sensation – Ride The Rhythm Cruise Control Mix (Nastymix, from the “Ride The Rhythm” 12 inch, 1992)

I’ve always liked the remix for Kid Sensation’s lead off single, “Ride The Rhythm”, so much that I had to include in my “bonus” picks. I can remember picking up this bad boy on the cassette single back in the day. I was shocked that the remix was just as good as the original version. To this day, I’m still not sure which I prefer more, although I think this remix might have a slight edge over the original. I remember this track having a killer bassline in a decent car studio, with it’s stuttering drum break laying underneath it, it was something for the trunk ‘o funk for sure.

Lord Digga - My Flow Is Tight (Game Recordings, from the “My Flow Is Tight” b/w “Sacks 5th Ave” 12 inch, 1998)

As big of a Masta Ace fan as I am, I was surprisingly never that big of a Digga fan. I thought he made for a decent hype man, but I always kind of cringed when he did full verses on the Inc albums. Yeah, I know, some of you will call me crazy, I just thought he was never that good of a lyricists. I still don’t, but this solo single he dropped in ’98 did prove to me he could at least carry a song on his own. Even if the track is almost a novelty in its approach. If you haven’t heard this track before, Digga flips the “Price Is Right” theme from the legendary game show and makes it his own. I can never argue against the fact that Digga was a extremely talented producer and he does his thing with this track and keeps it from just being a corny disaster, which could have happened rather easily. On the mic, Digga is still Digga, but he is easier to handle in the smaller dose of one track. Also include the fact he is a little more mellow on the track, which also helps me enjoy the track more as well.

Erick Sermon – Rock Da House (Rush Associated Labels, from the “Stay Real” 12 inch as a b-side, 1993)

Being a big fan of Erick Sermon during those early 90′s days, with both his production on the first two Redman albums along with Keith Murray’s debut and then combine both his production and mic duties on “No Pressure”, I thought E Double could do no wrong. This track came from the “Stay Real” 12 inch which I once again bought as a cassingle back in the day. For some reason, I lost it fairly quick, so I wasn’t able to enjoy “Rock Da House” as much as I would have liked back in the day. My man Jaz over at Cold Rock Da Spot went on a hunt to find this, which I think finally popped up at Dr. OK’s blog about a year ago. The track is full of the funk, something that I love to this day. It’s all about the dirty bottom and only E Double, Redman or Keith can do a track this sloppy justice. Great stuff.

Nice & Smooth – No Bones In Ice Cream Original Version (Fresh Records, on the “Funky For You” b/w “No Bones In Ice Cream” 12 inch, 1990)

This original version of “No Bones In Ice Cream” took awhile to track down. I’ve always thought the original version was head and shoulders above the “No Bones” (Remix) that is found on the Jewel of the Nile LP. Nice & Smooth excelled in making non sense rhymes, concepts and ideas sound dope as fuck, probably more so than anyone else. The beat takes a familiar piano loop and lays it over another familiar sample (I’m horrible with naming samples) all over a simple drum break, but in true Nice & Smooth fashion, the shit is nice. It’s nothing new from the duo, but true fans of their work should appreciate hearing when they were on top of their game and a track that could have easily been on any of their albums and still been one of the better tracks.

Zhigge – Rakin’ In The Dough Uptown Bounce Mix (PolyGram, from the “Rakin’ In The Dough” 12 inch single, 1992)

There are always tracks that hold some special memory and this happens to be one of them for me. I bought a DJ Red Alert tape out of the back of the Source magazine back in the day. The Uptown Bounce Mix for Rakin’ In The Dough happ
ened to be one that Red played on that show. I never heard the version before and spent the next 15 plus years (yes, again) trying to track down the version. Thankfully for the internet, I once again have it in my collection. I wasn’t big on Zhigge back in those days, but I’ve learned to like them since then. The beat and the bangin’ drums, both supplied by Salaam Remi, or the true treat found on this album.

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