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DJ Mark The 45 King Appreciation Week

by Travis on April 28, 2008

When people think of all-time great producers, lots of names get tossed around. You have Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and a host of others that get mentioned before one of Jersey’s finest, DJ Mark The 45 King or simply The 45 King. I’m not the best person to speak on the history of The 45 King, who got the name from the ill 45′s he used to use for some of his classic break beats. My man Jaz at Cold Rock Da Spot did an excellent write up, so instead of parroting his write up, I’ll let you all just read what he had to write about him along with an interview with Mark himself on one of the greatest sites there is, unkut with Robbie.

Most of the older hip hop heads, the people who probably read this blog the most (I could be wrong on that), probably first heard of him from the popularity that the 900 Number garnered in the late 80′s. The Ed Lover Dance theme song. That was my first KNOWN introduction, although I had heard some of his stuff before that, without really knowing who he was. He gave us The Flavor Unit, no it wasn’t all Queen Latifah. He would then fall on some hard times, which probably really don’t need to be rehashed. He would pop up back on the scene producing Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life”, which admittedly, I’ve never really been a fan of, but it was good to see him back in the game. The ulta mega hit would come in the form of Eminem’s “Stan”, which I read an interesting story on how that beat came to be, which had to do with Dido as well, but seems that I’ve lost too many brain cells over the years to recall it. It wouldn’t be until the rise of the internet and people tossing up some of his work that I really came to appreciate his work and his mark (no pun intended, yeah, bad I know) on the history of the music. His list of artists he has worked with is long and distinguished, from Latee, to one of my personal favorites Markey Fresh.

I’m going to try to stay away from the stuff out there that is still for sale, you know how I roll. But I just want more people to be aware of what this man has done, in the form of breaks, production and work he has done with artists. Which brings to me, does anyone know if you can still buy stuff from the Tuff City site? I know they are offering to sell stuff, but I’m a little iffy about the site with their track record. There are a few 45 King CD’s and a bunch of the vinyl stuff that is supposedly for sale on there.

The 45 King – Breakapalooza Vol 1 (Tuff City, 1997)
No Track Listing:

The 45 King – Master Of The Game (Tuff City, 1988)

A1 The 900 Number Vocals – Lakim Shabazz
A2 The King Is Here! Vocals – Markey Fresh
A3 La Kim Theme Vocals – Lakim Shabazz
A4 Raw Dope Rhyme Vocals – Lakim Shabazz
A5 We Got The Funk Vocals – Lakim Shabazz
A6 Club Trax 1
B1 A Show Beat
B2 Movin’
Beat Suite II
B3a Fab Five
B3b Turn The Party Out
B3c Rock It Slow
B3d Another Club Trax

The 45 King & Louie Louie – Rhythmical Madness (Tuff City, 1989)

A1 Rhythmical Beatdown (3:33)
A2 Feel The Madness (2:31)
A3 Hazardous To Your Health (3:40)
A4 Deadly And Dangerous (4:45)
A5 Smooth Yet Hard (3:10)Featuring – Apache , Lakim Shabazz Producer – Apache
B1 Flavor Unit In Full Effect (2:52)
B2 Too Damn Funky (2:50)
B3 Jazz It Up (4:11)
B4 Latino (2:53)
B5 Style Is Free (3:05) Featuring – Lakim Shabazz Producer – Lakim Shabazz
B6 Checkmate You Lose (3:43) Producer – Ron Delite Vocals – Ron Delite

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