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The 45 King Appreciation Week Day 2

by Travis on April 29, 2008

The man the 45 King is world renown, yet highly underrated. Both a legend and a forgotten hero. Truth is, the man should be more highly recognized than he is. It is somewhat unfortunate that while he did garner some fame for the “Stan” and “Hard Knock Life” beats, not many people outside us old fogey hip hop heads truly understand the stamp he has left on the hip hop history. He is responsible for one of the illest collection of artists in the original Flavor Unit. He has produced unheralded classics for the likes of Lakim Shabazz and others. The dude has put in work like some of the masters.

Today, we have some compilations that were compiled by people other than myself. My thoughts on this is there are better people out there to cover this kind of thing. As I mentioned yesterday, I myself slept on The 45 King until about two years ago, and if I was sleeping on him and I have the kind of history I do listening to hip hop, there are sure to be others out there as well.

The first batch of these are his “Greatest Breaks” type of things, compiled by Philaflava’s Roy Johnson for Strictly Beats, I believe, that long time blog meister Andyman posted up for that site back in December. Some truly classic breaks, that if you don’t want to try to collect all the parts and pieces that come to put one of these together, then this is your best bet. For those the slept the first time around, don’t past these up this time. And thanks to Andyman and Strictly Beats for posting them and Roy Johnson for putting them together on Philaflava the first time.

Mark The 45 King – Breaks Compilation (Volume 1)
1. Take Me To The 45 King (Breakmania 1)
2. Forty Dog (45 Kingdom)
3. Hoein’ (45 Kingdom)
4. Word To Snow Bird (Breakmania 2)
5. Roach Clip (45 Kingdom)
6. Simply Dope Part 1 (The Red The Black The Green)
7. The 900 Number (45 Kingdom)
8. F: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
9. Breakin’ Night (Breakmania 2)
10. Funky Drummer (45 Kingdom)
11. Strong Beats From A Strong Man (45 Kingdom)
12. Mark’s Revenge (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Bust The Break (Breakmania 1)
14. Too Smooth (Breakmania 1)
15. E: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
16. Kick The Ballistics (45 Kingdom)
17. High Top Fade (Breakmania 2)
18. Simply Dope Part 2 (The Red The Black The Green)
19. Savage (45 Kingdom)
20. Extra Crispy (Breakmania 2)
21. Catchin’ A Tude (Breakmania 3)

Mark The 45 King – Breaks Compilation (Volume 2)
1. Get Funky (45 Kingdom)
2. Flip Da Script (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
3. Playin’ Bellevue (Breakmania 2)
4. Flavor Unit In Full Effect (Rhythmical Madness)
5. Straight Out Da Crate (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
6. Groove To Get Down (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
7. Got It Goin’ On (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
8. Puffin’ Bizunts (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
9. Hard Damage (Breakmania 2)
10. The Squad Back In Effect (Breakmania 2)
11. Flipshot (Universal Beat Generation 3)
12. Is It Live (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Joint 8 (Straight Out Da Crate 5)
14. Armed And Extremely Funky (Breakmania 2)
15. Big Willie (Beats Of The Month)
16. Fly Decision (Universal Beat Generation 3)
17. Jazz Break #5 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
18. Jazz Break #8 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
19. Jazz Break #1 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
20. Jazz Break #11 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
21. Jazz Break #3 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
22. Jazz Break #10 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
23. Groove Me (Unidentified Source)

Mark The 45 King – Breaks Compilation (Volume 3)
1. Jazz Break #2 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
2. Jazz Break #6 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
3. Who What (Beats Of The Month)
4. Bullet Proof (Universal Beat Generation 3)
5. Channel 9 (Universal Beat Generation 3)
6. Standing Start (Universal Beat Generation 3)
7. Blue Street (Universal Beat Generation 3)
8. No Problem (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
9. Magic Beans (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
10. Side Dish (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
11. It’s On Son (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
12. Medium Rare (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
13. Short Fuse (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
14. Meganizm (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
15. Kaboom (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)

Next is from the KING of homemade compilations, Jaz from Cold Rock Da Spot. Dude made two brilliant compilations of some of the artists Mark has produced for. There are some true classics littered in the two volumes of “A King’s Creation“, especially the Markey Fresh jam, which I can’t get over. Lots of stuff I hadn’t heard of or just didn’t have. Once again, Jaz did it right

The 45 King-A Kings Creation Vol 1

1. chill rob g – chillin (1988)
2. queen latifah – wrath of my madness (1988)
3. grandmaster caz – a girl named kim (45 king remix)
4. mc lyte – kamikaze (1991)
5. latee – brainstorm (1987)
6. lord alibaski – top gun (1990)
7. markey fresh-the king is here-(extended version) (1988)
8. 45 king ft lakim shabazz-the red, the black, the green(1989)
9. gangstarr – knowledge (1989)
10. 45 king ft- kid capri-put the funk out (2001)
11. the original flavor unit (double j, queen latifah,apache,lord alibaski-) flavor
unit assassination squad (45 king remix) (1990)
12. king sun- fat tape (1989)
13. double j-double j’z tantrum (1991)
14. 45 king ft diamond d- double dare (2001)
15. apache – do fa self (1993)
16. cold crush brothers – heartbreakers (45 king remix)
17. eric b and rakim-let the rhythm hit em mark (45 king remix) (1990)
18. peanut butter wolf ft rasco-run the line (45 king remix) (1999)
19. sugar ray & stranger d – knock em out (45 king remix) (1989)
20. chill rob g- wild pitch (original 12” version) (1988)

The 45 King-A Kings Creation Vol 2

1. chill rob g – court is now In session(very rare promo-the 45 king remix)
2. lord alibaski – lyrics in motion
3. latee – no tricks
4. the 45 king feat-wildchild-two-five
5. chill rob g – let me know (the 45 king remix)
6. maestro fresh wes – drop the needle (the 45 king remix)
7-too nice – cold facts (the 45 king remix)
8-cold crush brothers – we reserve the right to rock (the 45 king remix)
9-lakim shabazz-raw dope rhyme
10-diamond d-best kept secret (the 45 king remix)
11-double j- cannibal town
12-queen latifah- jersey state of mind
13-common-car horn
14-markey fresh- mack of rap (extended mix)
15-the 45 king – strong beats from a strong man
gital underground-packet man (the 45 king extended mix)
17-latee – wake up
18-eric b & rakim – microphone fiend (extended remix)

Big up’s to Jaz, Roy, and Strictly Beats

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