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Hydra Beats Re-Ups…Part Two

by Travis on April 29, 2008

The Hydra collection was a great collection of instrumentals. It’s something to throw on while doing whatever it is you do, or if you are into freestyling, then you got yourself some cypher music. There are two Godfather Don volumes in these next batch of re-ups. A lot of the mid 90′s heads think of Don as one of the better producers during the time. He defiantly doesn’t get his just due by the masses when you think about it. The man is incredibly talented. A lot of people bitched about Ultramagnetic’s “Four Horsemen” LP, in which Don had a lot to do with, but I think you go back and listen to that album now and you’ll realize it’s not that bad of an album. Don would release two solo albums, Hazardous and Diabolique during his career. He also just released an EP and a compilation of last tracks the past year, well worth checking out.

Hydra Beats Vol 3: Godfather Don

A1 Buster
A2 Depressed
A3 Creepin
A4 Gastric Juices
A5 To The Bank
A6 She´s Gone
B1 Talk About
B2 Research
B3 Dark Church
B4 Combustible
B5 Culo Grande En La Calle Ocho
B6 For My Pa

The Beatnuts – Hydra Beats Vol 5 (Hydra Entertainment, 1997)

A1 Relax Yourself
A2 Throw Your Hands Up
A3 Purse Snacther
A4 The Chase
A5 Out Of State Case
A6 I Can’t Relate
B1 Bum Rush
B2 Highlyl Recongized
B3 Homo Victim
B4 Gonna Fly
B5 Jungle Gook
B6 Crab Niggas

Hydra Beats Vol 6: Ghetto Pros & DJ Fusion

A1 Ghetto Professionals – Yeah
A2 Ghetto Professionals – Strictly Ammo
A3 Ghetto Professionals – Hangman
A4 Ghetto Professionals – Gator
A5 Ghetto Professionals – The Hutchinson Joint
B1 DJ Fusion* – Stolen Moments
B2 DJ Fusion* – Sunday Diggin
B3 DJ Fusion* – Live
B4 DJ Fusion* – For Good & Forever
B5 DJ Fusion* – Electric Fusion

Hydra Beats Vol 7: Godfather Don 2

A1 Executive Technology
A2 Cream Of Corina
A3 Slick City Sick
A4 Hot Open
A5 Mi Vida Enfermo
B1 Remembering Ivy
B2 Fuck It Up
B3 The Heat
B4 Fist Full Of Pastelles
B5 The Wicked City
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