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The 45 King Appreciation Week, Day 3

by Travis on April 30, 2008

What’s good party people, welcome to day three of the almighty The 45 King Appreciation week. Not only did Mark come up with more break beats than a hooker turns tricks, dude did his magic for artists to paint their soundscapes to as well. One of his first albums he would produce would be for Lakim Shabazz and his “Pure Righteousness”. Lakim was one of the original Afrocentric artists in the late 80′s and one of the original members of the Flavor Unit. The 45 King drops beats that are sample based and quite frankly right up there with the best of the time.

Lakim Shabazz – Pure Righteousness (Tuff City, 1988)

A1 Pure Righteousness (4:30)
A2 Black Is Back (3:40)
A3 All True And Living (2:25)
A4 Adding On (Club Track) (4:21)
B1 First In Existence (3:28)
B2 Sample The Dope Noise (2:49)
B3 The Posse Is Large (Remix) (3:28)
B4 Don’t Try Us (2:59)
B5 Getting Fierce (3:21)

The first release of the Flavor Unit was released in 1990, and has a very different look than the 1993 release, Roll Wit The Flava. It has been said in past interviews with Mark that a lot of these tracks were just demos and the such they had laying around. The roster on this consisted of Lakim Shabazz, Lord Alibaski, Queen Latifah, Apache, and Double J. Lots of delicious 45 King beats and the MC’s were on point as well. Despite the some what, umm, “questionable” album cover, this project is a personal favorite of mine.

The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit (Tuff City, 1990)

01 Flavor Unit, The Flavor Unit Assassination Squad
Featuring – Apache , Double J (2) , Lakim Shabazz , Lord Alibaski , Queen Latifah
Producer – 45 King, The

02 Lord Alibaski Lyrics In Motion
Producer – 45 King, The

03 Apache I Feel Like Flowing
Producer – 45 King, The

04 Lord Alibaski Top Gun
Producer – 45 King, The

05 Lakim Shabazz & Apache Passin’ The Mike
Producer – 45 King, The

06 Lord Alibaski What It Takes To Be A Rapper
Co-producer – Mighty Maestro, The
Producer – 45 King, The

07 Lakim Shabazz Hands Of Fate
Producer – Lakim Shabazz

08 Lord Alibaski Crunch Time
Producer – Mighty Maestro, The

09 Apache Smooth Yet Hard
Producer – 45 King, The

It’s unfortunate the thing that Chill Rob G and this album are most well known for is the whole “Power” controversy, which actually wasn’t produced by The 45 King. The greatness this album possesses is lost in the muck of the controversy. And this really is a near classic album in my humble opinion.

Chill Rob G – Ride The Rhythm (Wild Pitch, 1990)

1 Future Shock (4:18)
2 Bad Dreams (3:24)
3 Court Is Now In Session (4:22)
4 Motivation (3:55)
5 Dope Rhymes (3:42)
6 The Power (6:07)
7 Ride The Rhythm (3:56)
8 Make It (4:10)
9 Let The Words Flow (4:18)
10 Let Me Show You (4:14)

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