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Hydra Beats Re-Ups…Part Three

by Travis on April 30, 2008

More of the Hydra Beat series. I suppose I should be much more informational on these releases, but truth is, these are fairly new to me. I don’t know much about them other than what I’ve dug up, which is not a lot. I do know that most of these are nice instrumentals to kick back to while playing some Madden or some MLB ’08. This time around, you have the double LP Vol 8, which was, obviously, some kind of Anniversary Edition of the series. I’m missing volume 9, which I was sure I had, and I know it’s out there, so if someone wants to kick me a link, it’d be much appreciated. Ghetto Pro’s drop the knowledge on volume 10. The Ghetto Pros for those of you not in the know are V.I.C. and Mike Heron, and they drop some slammin’ beats on this ditty. The last one is the third from Godfather Don, so you know what to expect with it.

Hydra Beats Vol 8: The Anniversary Edition

A1 Godfather Don Do My Thing
A2 Godfather Don Depressed
A3 Godfather Don One In Your Ass
A4 Godfather Don Cus Mania
A5 Godfather Don Liquid Love
B1 Ghetto Pros* Sex
B2 Ghetto Pros* The Range
B3 Ghetto Pros* Nobody
B4 Ghetto Pros* Where The Cash At
C1 Beatnuts, The Head Nodder
C2 Beatnuts, The Original
C3 Beatnuts, The Hip Smasher
C4 Beatnuts, The I Want It With You
C5 Beatnuts, The Who Want It With Me
D1 Sean C* Organized Crime
D2 Sean C* Smoky Mirrors
D3 Sean C* Snake In The Basket
D4 Sean C* Keep It Reala
D5 Sean C* Across 110th

Hydra Beats Vol 10: The Ghetto Pros

A1 Angie’s Cookin’
A2 Joey & Ann
A3 Ithaca Street Muzack
A4 Thinkin’ Of Vic
A5 DB’s Again?!! (Interlude)
A6 Adam’s Summer Camp
B1 Pseudo Roots
B2 Beefsteak With Rice & Beans
B3 Skinfade
B4 Ego Trippin’
B5 Half Dollar Nigga

Hydra Beats Vol 11: Godfather Don 3

A1 Mental Liks
A2 Pure Elevation
A3 As The World Burns
A4 Wilson Ave.
A5 Getaway
B1 Feel Me
B2 Pay Back
B3 Where I’m Coming From
B4 Twisted
B5 I’ll Be Back!
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