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Hydra Beats Re-Ups…Part Four

by Travis on May 1, 2008

These are the last of the batch. I’m missing Volume 2, or at least the whole thing. Thanks to the visitor who threw me a link for Volume 9. This final batch consists Nick Wiz, who just recently produced a track for Rakim, A Kid Called Roots and the fourth chapter of the Godfather Don Hydra volumes. I would have to say The Kid Called Roots is my favorite out of the three. It’s just something different.

Hydra Beats Vol 12: Nick Wiz

A1 Black Path
A2 Starite
A3 Mind Crusher
A4 For Da Mental
A5 Four Elements
B1 Over Drive
B2 Slate
B3 Lockness
B4 Slizza
B5 Finally

Hydra Beats Vol 13: A Kid Called Roots

No Track Listing

Hydra Beats Vol 14: Godfather Don

A1 Unreliable
A2 No Free Shows
A3 Hey! Why Show Up?
A4 Call Me A Cab
A5 Boning
B1 Just Mix It Yourself
B2 My Drivers Downstairs
B3 Video Taping
B4 Beep Lance
B5 Porno’s My Game
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