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The 45 King Appreciation Week, Day Four

by Travis on May 2, 2008

As we come to the end of The 45 King appreciation week, Mark is still doing his thing. Still shopping beats and is rumored to be doing projects with some prominent artists in the near future. I think it would be great to see someone let him do an album to let him shine. The man is most worthy of being included in the upper echelon of legendary producers.

The Cat Jams is a newer compilation put out by Tuff City, and supposedly had The 45 King’s blessing on it as well. In an interview I read with him though, he later said it didn’t come out the way he wanted it to. There are some newer joints on this by the likes of Lakim Shabazz and Chill Rob G.

The 45 King – Cat Jams (Tuff City, 2005)

A1 Flow Motion Rap [Featuring] – Lakim Shabazz
A2 Go Off RocRap [Featuring] – Chill Rob G
A3 Taking Them Back Rap [Featuring] – Chill Rob G
A4 Really Don’t Want It Rap [Featuring] – Lakim Shabazz
A5 Big Ballers Rap [Featuring] – Double J (2)
A6 Still The One Rap [Featuring] – Big Poo , Champaign*
A7 Jaguar Jam
A8 Lion’s Lounge
A9 Puma Prowl
A10 Lynx Labyrinth
B1 Flow Motion (Instrumental)
B2 Go Off Roc (Instrumental)
B3 Taking Them Back (Instrumental)
B4 Really Don’t Want It (Instrumental)
B5 Big Ballers (Instrumental)
B6 Tiger’s Tale
B7 Cougar Creep
B8 Panther Pounce
B9 Wildcat Walk
B10 Ocelot’s Orchestra

Not real sure of the history concerning this EP/Album. Features Lakim Shabazz doing his thing.

The 45 King – The Red, The Black, The Green (Tuff City, 1989)

A1 The Red The Black The Green (4:04)
Vocals – Lakim Shabazz
A2 Simply Dope, Part 1 (3:28)
A3 Simply Dope, Part 2 (2:28)
B1 Dance, Dance, Dance (4:09)
B2 First Choice (3:26)

Mark has a large collection of “Lost Break Beats” that are broke up by colors. It’s one of the things I’ve been looking for as these are seperated out into many different “colors”. Here, I offer up the Brown Album and the Yellow Album. There is supposed to be a Grey, White and Pink Lost Breaks as well, which I have yet to see. If anyone has them, toss ‘dem bitches up.

The 45 King – The Lost Break Beats: The Brown Album

A1 Harlem Shuffle
A2 The Storm
A3 Southern Comfort
A4 Walkin’
B1 Hit Me One Time
B2 Uptown Saturday Night
B3 Vibeology
B4 Days End

The 45 King – The Lost Break Beats: The Yellow Album

A1 Popcorn
A2 Cold Got 2 Be
A3 Mo’ Action
A4 How U Doin’
A5 Here I Go
A6 Hip Hop Music
A7 Funk Box
B1 Block Party
B2 Blow Up The Spot
B3 Get Funky
B4 Better Things
B5 1, 2, 3, Hit It
B6 The Ave.
B7 Musical Music

And last, but not least, the single that started it all off. The 900 Number is probably one of, if not the most popular break in hip hop. It’s been used in numerous songs, The Ed Lover Dance, movie soundtracks and I’m sure I’ve seen it show up on some car commercials in the past. The slowed down James Brown horn is universally recognized by anyone that remotely knows anything about the hip hop culture. Thanks to Chris for upping this

The 45 King – The 900 Number

01 – The 900 Number [Original Mix]
02 – The 900 Number [45 King Remix]
03 – Lakim Shabazz Acappella Vocal
04 – The 900 Number [Ced Gee Remix 1] Featuring Lakim Shabazz
05 – The 900 Number [Ced Gee Remix 2]
06 – The 900 Number [Ced Gee Remix 3]
07 – YZ Acappella Vocal

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