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Ill Poetic Presents: "MM3rd"-Joe Budden meets Portishead

by Eric on May 5, 2008

If you’re a frequent visitor of “W.T.R.” you already know what a huge Ill Poetic “Stan” I am. Not only did I proclaim Ill’s “The World Is Ours” as my favorite release of ’07 (sh*t, of the last five years or so even!), but had his 2005 album “Illumination” actually been released last year as well (being that I didn’t even know it existed until mid-way thru the Summer), it probably would have found itself in the Top 10 releases of the year as well. In an odd and somewhat coincidental turn of events, (please see my take on Joe Budden’s “Mood Muzik 3″ in my “Most Played For The Week” for more), Ill has taken on the task of pairing Joe Budden’s “MM3″ with the unlikely duo of Portishead and their latest offering “Third”. Now, what I have from the album I’m sharing with you as the remainder of “MM3″ will be a free download (a la “Blueprint vs. Funkadelic”) that I should have by tomorrow. However, in the meantime here is “Ventilation” (click to DL) to hold you over until I receive the album. Who knew that Joey B over some Portishead ‘ish would sound soo dope?? Especially after hearing all the lackluster beats on the original “MM3″. I have no doubt that Ill Poetic will do for “MM3″ what Small Pro did for “American Gangster” with his remix album, “Crooklyn Gangster”.

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