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J-Zone Gator$ & Fur$: May 08

by Travis on May 7, 2008

GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow…May 2008: Hey Ladies!

May brings a lot of things. The spring semester ends, the NBA Playoffs finally get going (and Dirk Nowitzki goes fishing!), spring hormones have us men doin dumb sh*t we wouldn’t do any other time of the year and of course Mother’s Day. Well since 2 of the 4 have to do with the ladies, its only right we put this Gator$-n-Fur$ down for all the great and talented women in the world of music. No talent video ho’s and non-singin cluckaroos with cute faces gets no love in these parts. So from Queens of Soul to Stars of Pop to Divas of Rap, this is strictly for the ladies! And to all the good mothers, Happy Mothers Day! Ladies, here’s to you…
and I did a lil random current events blog on my myspace because I’ve been in deep thought for the last 3 weeks. Not for those who can’t take unpopular opinions…
J-Zone aka Mr. Don’t Holla aka $ir Charge aka Gargamel Jones aka The Fax Phone Giggolo aka Zone Loc aka….Sh*t I’m tired I Can’t Remember the rest


Chief Chinchilla aka The Onion Ring Pimp aka PETA’s Worst Nightmare
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