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Random Rumblings

by Travis on May 9, 2008

One thing I haven’t done much of lately is out and out writing, and I kind of miss it. The main reason I started doing this blog was to write down what ever crazy thought I may have as well to talk about the music I’ve been posting. I was always about quality over quantity and in some ways I’ve turned this into one of things I was against. Since starting this new job, 11 of my daily hours is spent either at work or in commute, Monday through Friday. When I get home, I take a couple hours to unwind, play softball, jog or ride my bike, and usually get something to eat. By the time I sit down at the computer to type something out, it’s 9:00 or 10:00 pm and often I’ve stayed up past midnight or even as late as 2:00 AM typing something so I can post it the next morning before going to work. And for some reason, I’ve gotten this crazy idea that I need to post something everyday and lately it’s been twice a day. Of course, I’ve been taking the weekends off, simply so I can do something other than working on a blog….but then of course, I end up trying to stockpile posts, typing up interviews, conducting interviews or trying to conjure up some kind of idea. Then of course lately, I’ve gotten this bright idea to have a post at night AND one in the morning. Then to top it off, I have some other side projects, working with other artists and just simply trying to make this into something bigger, whatever that might be. Just like tonight, I told myself I was going to sit down and play some MLB2008 and go to bed at a decent time, yet here I am, yammering on about who the fuck knows what

I’m kind of torn whether to do posts three times a week or so, with more write ups, or continue the way I’m going. It might come off as I’m some kind of work-aholic, which anyone that really knows me knows that isn’t the case. I actually lean toward the lazy side, even if I have to say so myself. I guess that I have a lot of love toward this blog and toward the music. I haven’t really been this motivated toward something in….well, probably ever. Regardless, I’m got somethings that involve more writing coming in the near future. It just takes some time, so if you want your old WYDU back, there will be some fall backs here and there. I tell people I’d get burnt out….if I had the time. Alright, enough of the pointless dribble. Actually this post doesn’t contain a lot, at least not yet, but somehow I bet by the time I get done, I’ll have posted this and that.

Random Ramblings…….

Peak Street Magazine

One thing that happened recently, WYDU with Polarity and myself are writing a monthly article for new Australian hip hop magazine, Peak Street.

We are writing our own monthly column entitled appropriately “Wake Your Daughter Up”. The debut issue was on the Knucklehedz, which will probably look REAL familiar to the heads that have been with us for awhile, since we jacked it from what we wrote here almost two years ago and built on that. I also have my first published interview with…..well I won’t say who just yet, but I’ll just say it’s someone from the indie boom of the mid/late 90′s that should be in the newest issue of Peak Street that should be hitting news stands soon. If you are the Southern hemisphere, be sure to check out Peak Street. It’s a real nice mag, one of the better ones I’ve seen in a LOOOOONG while, and I’m not just saying that because I’m associated with it.

Kidz In The Hall – Drivin’ Down The Block Video

I’m not sure what to think of this. First off, I’m wasn’t a big fan of the Kidz debut album. It wasn’t horrible, but I never got into it. Secondly, haven’t I heard this before? First the Clipse, then the Cool Kids and now Kidz In The Hall… this the new thing? I kind of dig the vibe, but I don’t need this to take off into the next fad, which it kind of looks like its doing. BUT, the positives, I think, is that MTV has apparently latched on to this video as it debuted at the #6 slog on TRL. I guess that counts for something since I’ve heard a lot worse….and I mean A LOT worse on TRL before. It’s also another reason that leads me to think this isn’t the last we see of this simplistic, neo-Miami Bass, hipster music.

Did They Finally Get a Clue?

I don’t know how much some of you pay attention to the the industry shenanigans, but Clive Davis , the head dude at SonyBMG got ass canned this week. Why am I mentioning this? Well, simply put, Clive, what to be fair was great at what he did at one time, was a “good ole boy” in the music industry. He was an example of how things USED to be done. Anyone that buys music, owns an iPod or surf’s the internet knows that the recording industry hasn’t been the same for at least three or four years. What worked in the 70′s to sell albums and artists does NOT work now. The major labels, such as Sony has been fighting this tooth and nail since it all started happening, but I see this as a sign that they finally figured out that it’s never going to be the same and are going to try to adapt. We’ll see, but the fact is the industry will shift with or without them.

New Killarmy Related Music



(New Collabo Album by Islord (Killarmy) & Zu – Coming Soon!!)
Islord if a member of the hip-hop group Killarmy (pronounced Killa-Army), best-known through its affiliation with the Wu-Tang Clan. It is one of the earliest and most successful of the many Wu-Tang affiliates that emerged in the mid-to-late 1990′s. Originally consisting of New York emcees 9th Prince (RZA’s younger brother), Islord, Dom Pachino, Killa Sin, and Ohio-based producer 4th Disciple, it added Beretta 9 and ShoGun Assasson to its membership in 1996, also from Ohio. It distinguishes itself from the other affiliates with gritty subject matter, differing from the standard subject matter of martial arts common to Wu-Tang and their affiliates and focusing on themes of military and combat�but with a heavy dose of the Five-percenter philosophy prevalent in everything related to Wu-Tang Clan. Killarmy released numerous singles from 1995 to 1997, including “Swinging Swords” and “Camouflage Ninjas” as well as the Sunz Of Man collaborations “Wake Up” and “Soldiers of Darkness.” The album Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was released in 1997 just after the release of Wu-Tang Clan‘s second album, as well as a 12-inch single containing two tracks from the album, which were “Wu-Renegades” and “Clash of the Titans.” Killarmy‘s first album sold over 300,000 copies, despite their success there was the unfortunate incarceration of one of their members, Islord a.k.a. Thief of Bagdad. Due to his incarceration, the group continued recording and toured without him.

Although, Islord has participated on all 3 Killarmy albums and several Wu compilation projects he has turned to a new page in his life. Which means he will be working on his solo material as well as his group album with Queens native Zu. They have already recorded a series of songs for this project and will be releasing a mixtape of original tracks and freestyles. The mixtape will include appearances by Zu, Hell Razah, Smiff N Wessun, and Killa Sha (25 to life). The group will have its most recent release when they host a mixtape for a Canada native DJ Flatline, which will be distributed worldwide and has been nominated for honorary Justo’s mixtape awards. Be on the look out for Islord who has already appeared on many internet and college radio stations and his music will be in full rotation later this year, A true artist who has stood the test of time.!

Zu, who is of Pakistani decent, has seemed to accomplish a lot in his short time with music. Born and raised in Flushing, Queens, Zu took the raw style of street music and began to develop a style of his own. His music first hit the airways in fall of 2006, where 90.3 True School Radio hosted by the legendary Afrika Bambaattaa broadcasted “Anti-Friendly.” At the same time, he appeared on DJ Emmo’s “Crunchtime” mixtape. With production by Big Diz, Zu began collaborating with various people, those of which include Queenbridge’s own Killa Sha. In April 2007, both took the stage in a performance. Soon after, “Stronghold” featuring Killa Sha was released on DJ Emmo’s Thundaground Army Vol.1. Recently the two have made guest appearances on WNYU’s 89.1FM Halftime Radio Show, hosted by the world renowned DJ Eclipse. More recently, he has collaborated with Hell Razah from Sunz of Man, and Islord from Killarmy, an affiliation with the Wu-Tang Clan, as well as a track with Tek from Smif n Wessun. His music was most recently heard on the Real Hip Hop Radio Show, and brocasted internationally on 95.9FM radio in France.

All this is only a small part of what Zu has in store for us. Set to drop later this year, his “Demon the Dark Sense” mixtape includes a combination of hard hitting lyrics over loops. Its theme is a personal outlook on everyday events, conflicting issues in society, as well as a gritty outlook on the streets, all presented in a raw modern poetic sense. His artistic integrity and innovative lyrics are a reflection of the raw urban reality that we live in. Expect to see more of Zu, and hear his music on full rotation.


Atmosphere in Da House….or On The TV

I’m a big fan of the new Atmosphere album, so it’s good to see that Slug and Ant are getting some of the national attention that the deserve. I’m a few days late on this, but in case anyone sits around this weekend watching TV, check them out on MTV as well.


Who: Atmosphere formed in Minneapolis , Minnesota in 1993. Members include Slug (Sean Daley), the rhymer, and Ant (Anthony Davis), the producer. The duo has received much critical acclaim throughout the years, with Rolling Stone commenting, “One can feel Atmosphere loosening modern hip-hop from its moorings and yanking it into some weirder and far more interesting place.”

Atmosphere’s most recent album, When L if e Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, was released on April 22. The album sold 36,000 copies in its first week and landed at number five on the U.S. Billboard 200. Atmosphere is currently on a US tour throughout the end of May, and will play a number of European dates in June.

What: Atmosphere is MTV’s “52 Bands/52 Weeks” featured artist for the week of May 5. Atmosphere will receive 11-hours of exposure on MTV through a series of video promotions, a few of which feature a lemonade stand—a play on the group’s newly-released album title. The video clips can also be seen on, and an exclusive clip
of Atmosphere performing “You” is available here.

When: Atmosphere on-air promotions will run on MTV throughout the week of May 5.


The task is quite simple, remix the Smile Rays track “Chicken”. The contest is aimed at some of those trying to get their name out there. Sorry no MPC’s or new tables, but we do have a few things hopefully worth competing for.

The rules are as follows…..

Any kind of equipment can be used.
Must be for the FULL song…need more than just one verse with a beat.
Submit all beats by MIDNIGHT EST the morning of May 18th (Friday/Saturday).
Send all beats to, include your name (what you go by), what equipment you used to make the beat and the email address you’d like to be reached by if you are not already using it.
Try to make beats be between 256kpbs and 128kpbs.

Prizes Include:

Winning remix will be played on both the Smile Rays myspace page and website (exposure).
A feature piece on WYDU in the future (more exposure).
A Smile Rays prize pack which would include a CD, shirt, Vinyl, and stickers.

Chicken Accapella

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