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Old School Appreciation Week: Cold Crush Vs. Force MC's, Patterson NJ 1983

by Travis on May 13, 2008

Alright, so I’m already breaking one of my own rules I had originally put on this series, with pre-82 type of stuff. But I can’t pass putting this one out there. The Cold Crush set is pretty much up to their normal routines they did back in those days, as most of the crews had. First, let’s step back and talk about the Cold Crush. Cold Crush was one of the elite groups back in those days. Lead by arguably one of the best MC’s to ever pick up a mic (yes, even by today’s standards) in Grandmaster Caz, the Cold Crush knew how to rock a party, literally. The original group members would consist of Charlie Chase, Tony Tone, Easy A.D., Prince Whipper Whip, Mr. T, and Dotarock but they never recorded together. Whipper Whip and Dotarock would jump ship to the Fantastic Five, which lead to some great battles between the two crews, one most notably a battle at Harlem World in 1981, that can be found on CD, remastered by Charlie Chase himself.

The most recognized lineup would be Caz, A.D., Charlie Chase, Tone, JDL and Almighty KG. It would be this lineup that would make the most noise. It would be Cold Crush that would be seen as one of the first groups to develop routines and incorporate the costumes in the whole live get up. They were true performers in those days, truly one of the greatest groups to ever be associated with hip hop.

The Force MC’s would probably go on to garner more attention as The Force M.D.’s, with their “Tender Love” hit that appeared on Krush Groove back in the day. As MC’s they entertaining, even though they pulled a sucker move on this tape.

he Foundation.

This tape is really popular just cause everybody thinks it is a battle between Crush and Force but it really isn’t. Over years different guys like Dot, Caz, L.A. and others have told me how promoters would gas up flyers by saying there would be battles between different groups just to bring in the crowd, but promoters would tell groups it wasn’t a battle and they were told to just do there regular show. Well the Force m.c.s had other plans. The Cold Crush did a regular show. In between records you know they threw their 2 cents in. Caz got the crowd to say ho and repeating “I making money” well after they repeated that Caz says well act like it and stop wearin’ that old wild stuff you putting together and thinking its cool. You know, classic Caz humor. Towards the end J.D.L. says during a routine “if this were a battle were coming off were coming off.” Then they broke out. Caz told me when they were leaving the Force were coming in they said what up to each other and the Crush went back to the Bronx. Well the Force had other plans. Stevie Dee’s brother Jessie started with a Michael Jackson song “Billie Jean”. Then Merc says it clearly that he didn’t appreciate the flyer having the CC4 before the Force, because they ripped party’s more then the Crush did. God Bless his soul but obviously he was on some sort of medication that night to say that about the Crush. Well anyway the majority of the routines were about the Cold Crush. The show was fresh and new and with the set they did that night and what Cold Crush did they would have taken them out. I am sure after the Fantastic Battle the CC4 would have came very strong. There is more to this, you would have to read the rest about how the Crush handle this situation the next time they met. Stevie Dee begs to differ on how they met again but J.D.L. says that was how it went down so check the rest at. The Foundation.

Cold Cursh Vs. Force MC’s Patterson NJ, 1983


Cold Crush Brothers Live in Connecticut, 1982

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Anonymous November 18, 2009 at 7:09 am

Force MC's/MD's are one and the same.

chill will November 17, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Iwas at that battle, and yes it was a battle no matter what anyone says. I love the cold crush, they are from my era, but the force ripped them

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