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Old School Appreciation Week: 6th Zulu Nation Anniversary – Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy five MCs, Cold Crush 4, Lil Ikey C

by Travis on May 15, 2008

For whatever reason, this tape is one of my favorites. Maybe it was the fact it was one of the first old school tapes I ever bought from the back of The Source back in the day along with the famous Harlem World Christmas battle. The Sixth Anniversary of the Zulu Nation is part of a tradition that still goes down. Every year, the mighty Universal Zulu Nation celebrates it’s beginnings, and they are always packed with a great festival of TRUE hip hop music. No HOT 106 in the Park or that nonsense, the Zulu Nation Anniversary shows are always representing the culture in the highest regard.

The history of the Universal Zulu Nation, which also has chapters all across Europe, was born out of the hard times of New York City. Many of the early leaders of the Zulu’s were former gang members, most notably the Black Spades. New York City went through a time of despair and hopelessness in it’s inner cities, which is truly what spawned the birth of hip hop as well. They would become a focal point for Afrika Bambaataa and others to enforce positivity and put young African Americans on a path that helped instill self worth and righteousness. The Zulu’s also carried a lot of clot in those days, they were somewhat the policing force of the ghettos, the block and park parties and later up in the clubs as hip hop began to spread past the Bronx. To this day, the Zulu’s are instrumental in preserving the true culture of what the hip hop movement meant and should still mean to all the true b-boys and b-girls.

This particular tape, like previously mentioned, is from the 6th anniversary of the Zulu Nation that took place in 1991. I have two different sources that list the venue in two different places. One was the Bronx Rec Center, I’ve also seen the T-Connection. The tape is 60+ Minutes that contains the who’s who of the hip hop movement. I found it great to just plug this in and listen to the days when hip hop was a culture and nothing more. No multi-million dollar recording tracks, no charts, no bling, no shoe contracts, just artists doing what they love for a culture that they lived.

6th Zulu Nation Anniversary part 1-Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy five MCs, Cold Crush 4, Lil Ikey C

6th Zulu Nation Anniversary part 2-Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy five MCs, Cold Crush 4, Lil Ikey C

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