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WYDU Classics May 08

by Travis on May 22, 2008

I realized tonight that I hadn’t yet posted up a WYDU Classics for the month of May. I haven’t missed a month for two years, can’t start now. I had originally meant to go with some kind of theme similar to last months dis tracks, but I got kind of side tracked in the early part of the month and didn’t feel like hammering out some kind of theme and piece together tracks tonight. So what you get was some tracks that I jotted down over the past month and a half that I enjoyed while having the winamp on random. Now I know that sounds like some halved ass attempt of some crappy compilation, but there is some rather obscure joints that are really dope. Stuff like L The Head Toucha, Homeliss Derlix, Da Fat Cat Clique, Polecat and others are really dope tracks that I’m guessing a large chunk of our visitors haven’t heard before, of if they have, they haven’t heard them in awhile. So what I’m trying to say here is don’t sleep on this month’s WYDU Classics. To top it off, there are also remixes of classics, such as Boogie Down Productions Numero Uno remix of “I’m Still Number One” and D-Nice’s “Call Me D-Nice” 40th Street remix that give a different flair to a couple original classics. You also have the one of the first tracks from Steady B who is known as MC Boob on the track “Do The Fila & The Peewee Dance”, which were basically touching on two fads at the moment, the Peewee Dance and The Fila. I’ve long been a Steady B fan, so this is a must for anyone else that enjoys Stead. Also a rare recording of a 1994 Jay-Z track. It’s shitty quality, but worth a listen none the less. There is even an old Gregory D & Mannie Fresh track….yeah, THAT Mannie Fresh, recorded in 1989. I can remember my boy buying the tape just because the cover looked cool back in the day.

WYDU Classics May 08

01 KRS-One – I’m Still #1(Numero-Uno Remix)
02 D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice (40th Street Remix)
03 Neek The Exotic feat. Large Professor – Exotic’s Raw
04 L Da Head Toucher – Too Complex
05 Polecat- R.I.P. (Wu-Doo mix)
06 Broadway – Will To Survive
07 Da Fat Cat Clique – Da Flow
08 Funkmaster Flex & 9 Double M – F.A.L.L.I.N
09 Dark Skinned Assassin – Unholy
10 Dead Poetz Society – Lick A Shot (remix)
11 Del The Funky Homosapien – Catch A Bad One (remix)
12 Ras T – Ill Nig
13 AZ – Gimme Yours (remix)
14 Homeliss Derilex – I’m Swayze (Aint No Thang 2)
15 Gregory D & Mannie Fresh – Clap To This
16 LeJuan Love – My Hardcore Rhymes
17 MC Boob – Do The Fila And The Peewee Dance
18 Jay-Z – Whats In A Name

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