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One Be Lo the Young & Restless when They Come In All Colors with Something To Get You Hyped

by Travis on May 28, 2008

Nothing really extravagant happening today other than some re-ups and requests. There are probably more, but these are just a couple from the past couple days. If you have a request or something you want re-upped, hit me up on the c-box or my email and I’ll be glad to see what I can do.

Young & RestlessSomething To Get You Hyped (Pandisc, 1990)

1 Something To Get You Hyped (3:58)
2 It Just Wasn’t Our Day (5:53)
3 B Girls (4:00)
4 Cold Get Ill (3:30)
5 Gimme Them Guts (3:24)
6 Funky Az Bass Line (4:17)
7 Louie, Louie (5:07)
8 Poison Ivy (Remix) (3:56)

This album from the Young & Restless is probably in my top five all-time bass albums (hmmm, 1. MC ADE – How Much Can You Take 2. DJ Magic Mike & MC Madness – Ain’t No Doubt About It 3. Gucci Crew – So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid 4. Young & Restless – Something To Get You Hyped 5. MC Shy D – Comin’ Correct in ’88, off the top of my head of course) and when long time WYDU and former Cocaine Blunts affiliate, Tommy B of the newly reopened and remodeled Miscreant Productions, requested it, I had to make sure my man got his rip. Shit, I probably originally got it from him. This is one of those discs though, I’m on the prowl for, I need this back in my life. Check it out if you are trying to catch up on the bass game from back in the day or need to hear what a good bass album sounded like.

L.A. Posse – The Come In All Colors (Atlantic, 1991)

1. L.A.L.A. Intro
2. Ignorance Comes in All Colors
3. Niggas Come in All Colors
4. Countdown
5. Father to M.C.’s
6. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
7. 1-900 L.A. Posse #1
8. One Night Stand
9. 1-900 L.A. Posse #2
10. L.A.’s Rulin’
11. Winds Too Def to Die
12. Danger Zone
13. Up on Everything & Down With Nuthin’
14. 1-900 L.A. Posse #3
15. Total Chaos
16. 1-900 L.A. Posse #4

These cats were much better at producing than they were at making albums, but I guess that isn’t important. The LA Posse were mainly known for producing a majority of LL Cool J’s “Bigger & Deffer” album, and not this album, but it’s still something to add to the collection. I could have sworn I upped this during one of my used CD shopping trips, but I couldn’t find in the archives, so here it is once again.

One Man Army – S.T.I.L.L.B.O.R.N. (Subterranous Records, 2005)

1. Dick Head Tracy
2. What You Know
3. Ben Frank
4. Lrictricity
5. Timelines
6. The Genesis
7. Make Believe
8. The Host
9. The Hood
10. Whatupdoe
11. Pressure’s On
12. You Can Tell
13. Deceptacons (Remix)
14. Unparalleled
15. Set It Off
16. War Report
17. Ya Neva Know
18. Lost In The Shuffle
19. Behind The Music
20. The Bomb
21. The Fever
22. World Wide (Remix)
23. Get Some
24. Rhetorical
25. Rocketship (Remix)
26. Cold World
27. Wake Up

I did some digging around before posting this up, to the best of my knowledge, this isn’t being sold anywhere. They had it listed on UGHH still, but it was sold out. It was a mixtape before SONOGRAM dropped, with some of his guest appearances and the such. A must for any One Be Lo fans.

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Anonymous February 16, 2010 at 9:08 am

The Young & Restless Something To Get You Hyped is incredible… Thanks!!

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