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Sample Sample volume four

by Staff on May 29, 2008

It’s been some time now since I’ve hit you for the last time with the sample sample series, I took a quick look at the first compilation and wondered why I didn’t include “the funky miracle” since back then this was the first track I was talking about…

So here’s part 4, again including some “obscure” joints and some better known stuff but everything is pretty much classic be it the original source or the final rap tracks. The first track “Synthetic Substitution” I heard during the Hard Sell set by DJ Shadow & Cutchemist, I knew this track but didn’t get it until some research (now it’s obvious why it sounds familiar), “I got” by Labi Siffre who’s featured twice on this compilation (props to the souledon blog for “my song”) includes the great tune of Slim Shadys “My Name Is” on the second part of the track.

As I already explained before I sometimes approach the compilation differently, meaning I’ll pick a favourite non hip hop track of mine and look up if it got sampled, so I can add it, Street Life is a perfect example of this, in my books being an all time favourite which I first heard watching Jackie Brown (sounds familiar doesn’t it) and I do think Murs’ DJ flipped it on the short movie “Walk Like A Man” during the “it ain’t struggle if it’s love” sequence, but you could only hear the first two seconds of the track being played.
The funky miracle I already explained before, The Meters being featured also twice on this compilation with the track “Cissy Strut” which you can hear several times getting play in Jackie Brown (!) though the track isn’t featured on the original soundtrack.

We have the Incredible Bongo Band with the track In A Gadda Da Vida from the classic Bongo Rock album which Nas used both for the Thief’s Theme and Hip Hop Is Dead, as a bonus I also included the original track by Iron Butterfly from 1968, the single version though since the lp version lasts like 17 minutes. Depends on where you read about it, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda should have been originally “In The Garden Of Eden” due to reportedly a) being to drunk or b) being intoxicated they wrote down the words that way; but there’s a couple of different stories about that.
“Chase The Devil” by Max Romeo & the Upsetters is also a famous track which I had on constant replay a few years back while playing GTA San Andreas driving around listening to Radio K-JAH West.

The next track comes from Otis Redding, it’s Hard to Handle, which doesn’t need any introduction, I think everybody will recognize why after the first 3 seconds being the heart of the beat from the now legendary posse cut “The Symphony” by the Juice Crew or Nas’ Affirmative Action aside others using this classic.

You got to love funky Roger Troutman & Zapp with their talk box machines which is why they are featured both with the classics “More Bounce To the Ounce” and “Computer Love”, this is definitely for the G-Funk heads out there. Both track 11 and 12 have already been featured on the Ultimate Breaks Compilations and “You Sexy Thing” and “My Jamaican Guy” should be easily recognized too being sampled for ATCQ’s “Can I kick It” and LL’s “Doin’ it”.

1. Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution (see here)

2. Labi Siffre – I Got The Blues(eminem-my name is,wutang-can it all be so simple,foxy brown-hot spot, etc..)

3. Randy Crawford – Streetlife (la the darkman-streetlife)

4.The Meters – Funky Miracle (gangstarr-take a rest,digital underground-dflo shuffle)

5. Incredible Bongo Band – In A Gadda Da Vida (nas-thief’s theme & hiphop is dead)

6. Max Romeo & The Upsetters – Chase The Devil (prodigy-out of space,jayz-lucifer)

7. The Meters – Cissy Strut (del tha funky-same ol thing,kingt-the coolest,rundmc-bob your head, etc..)

8. Otis Redding – Hard To Handle (marleymarl-the symphony,nas-affirmative action,grand puba-ya know how it goes, etc..)

9. Roger & Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce (see here)

10. Roger & Zapp – Computer Love

11. 7th Wonder – Daisey Love (oc-dangerous,mc shawn-down by law,sugar hil gang-8th wonder)

12. Funkadelic – You’ll Like It Too (salt n peppa-let’s talk bout sex, ericb&rakim-I know you got soul, etc…)

13. Bobby Womack – And I Love Her (little brother-speed,black starr-bright as stars)

14. Labi Siffre – My Song (kanye west-I wonder)

15. Hot Chocolate – My Sexy Thing (a tribe called quest-can I kick it, del tha funky-sunny meadowz)

16. Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy(ll cool j-doin’ it)

17.BONUS: Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda (single version) (slug-heart,chino xl-ghetto vampire, leaders of the new school-classic material)

sample sample 4 (rapidshare)
UPDATE: Megaupload link

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