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New Video from eMC, The Smile Rays Winner, and an Interview with some blogger dude

by Travis on May 31, 2008

Happy Saturday all, I’m breaking my rule of not posting on the weekends, but rest assured I’m not putting all that much effort into it…

EMCLeak It Out Video

The next single from eMC’s The Show is out along with the video. “Leak It Out”, one of my favorites from the album, has a video out.

The Winner of Smile Rays remix……

We have a winner for the Smile Rays “Chicken” remix. Before I announce it, I had NO input and I offered NO opinions. So if you have beef, or errrrr, chicken, take it up with the complaint department (good luck finding it).

From the Smile Rays myspace:

Big up to the WINNER of the Smile Rays ‘Chicken’ Remix contest that was held on Wake Your Daughter Up (, in conjunction with our latest CD release, (on 6hole/Rawkus). We got over 20 remixes, so you know if was tuff to decide. The winner’s name is Smilin On YouSmall Pro, an illy Philly cat…and I like his name as much as his beat, makes me smile every time. I keep imagining the run-in between him and Large Pro…

We’re posting his remix for yer listening pleasure…I know you’ll dig it. Be sure to peep his page as well ( …dude’s
got fuego for sure.

We will be doing a feature on Small Pro in the very near future. If you read the page often, you have undoubtedly heard of him.

Small Pro & The Smile Rays – Chicken (Small Pro Remix)

And finally…..

If you are a stalker of mine and just can’t get enough of me, head over to Brews Rhymes With Crews and peep the interview I did with Names. Yeah, I get long winded…..

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