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by Juice Mannen Hugo on June 3, 2008

Only time I’ve written for WYDU this year it was a ‘last year hits you may or may not have missed sort of thingy’. The lack of Hugo-posts doesn’t really matter though ‘cause Travis and the crew holds it down with quality posts daily. Daily as for real great posts every single day. That’s amazing. That’s knowledge people. WYDU is like the wikipedia for hip hop right now, only with a weaker search function. Anyways, I’ve been busy with real life, a couple of month’s vacation and too many parties. So, why I mention my last post is because this is sort of a follow up. I’ve been around the internet and checked a couple of blogs I didn’t know of before and found some music I didn’t know of before. I downloaded a bunch of to me totally unknown music from this site Rare NOLA Music (site disappeared?). So basically I got some last year New Orleans rap you might have missed to recommend. I’m so anti-hipstery ‘last year’ anyways…

Jay Dawg Da Menace – Going Hard ft. C-Murder

Jay Dawg Da Menace – N My Life Time ft. Threat

Bonus throwback, uses same piano tune as K-Def on Tragedy’s Grand Groove.
Jay Dawg – Tell Me (Do You Still Care) (1997)

If you don’t know of him, Jay Dawg Da Menace or just plain Jay Dawg is a New Orleans veteran who dropped his first record back in 1992 as part of the group Black Menace. He dropped his album I Could Hold My Own on Big Boy Records in December last year as sort of a comeback. He dropped a greatest hits record in 2004 and before that he hadn’t released any new music since 1999. More info to be found, of course, on his myspace. Having listened to the entire record I have to say what impresses me most is the how they managed to make a more then decent cohesive album out of a bunch of hit sounding beats. Not saying it’s a classic or anything. But it’s not often nowadays you can listen to an entire record without, well you know, just stop listening. And when I say you I mean me, obviously.

As a rapper, he can hold his own. He can really spit. I’m yet to find out any of the production credits. I will though, when or if I get the hard copy I ordered, CDUniverse had to backorder it so it’s really no telling how long it will be.

Heading on…

Nola Boys – Heard You Got That Fire

Nola Boys – You Aint Ready

Production duo Nola Boys dropped their debut album New Orleans Finest sometime last year. The album contains variety of different kinds of beats, most of decent or better quality. None of them are among the better rappers out right now, but some of the beats really goes and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll be seen on bigger artist production lists within soon.

Max Minelli – Move ft. C-Loc (2008)

Koch artist Max Minelli, whom I wrote a post on a bit back, dropped another mixtape a few months ago. Overall I consider it a disappointment. Actually none of the tracks really grabbed me. I guess he’s saving the better tracks for his awaited Koch debut.

That’s it. Peace.

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