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The Soul Occs, Live with eMC

by DJSoulClap on June 4, 2008

On may 26th, we had our first show together. The legendary first Soul Occs show. We had some technical difficulties in the beginning cause our Torq system wasn’t working right, then it didn’t work at all. Good that I had a backup, I brought some blank cd’s and the guy at the show had a cd turntable, which disgusted me a little, but it was cool. Better than nothing.
I started putting on some records before the show started, a little Rakim, some Pitch Black, Slum Village, De La, Common etc… some people already started dancing, which usually doesn’t happen before the show, so that was cool. The people were coming in slowly… when there was a decent amount of people, we started. I just had a record on the table when Tony started talking, he was still backstage, upstairs, but he had a wireless mic… The people started to scream… he was talking for a while before he came down. Then we started with our Intro, you oldschool heads will know the track, haha…

We continued with our MT Hip Hop Open joint, a joint we did for a contest where we could be on stage in front of 13000 people, a banger where Tony explains why we should be on that show… After that we really started with the first joint from our album called The Raw, just the first erse though, you could tell that the people were feeling it.

Next on the menu was a joint most of y’all already know, Up again, with Souleez who came from Berlin to join us at the show!

We continued with Umm Umm Umm and another new album joint called “The Hate That Made me” that I just put on our Soul Occs myspace as a preview. The Chappelle fans will love it, you can bet on that!

Next up we did some of our mixtape stuff. Y’all know on the Perverted Monks “Desperados” beat and “Where’s your money” plus 2 freestyles.

After that we started with our Summer banger called “Swing through”

Then Souleez came back on stage to perform “When I’m gone” before we ended the show with “Most Real”
I will post some other videos from our 2nd show later so it’s not too much for you to watch at once.

After us Marco Polo and Torae rocked the crowd and of course eMC as usual. I had a special Hip Hop moment too when I was standing in the 2nd row during the eMC show and Words was doing one of his famous freestyles and he mentioned me, too bad nobody caught it on camera, I can’t even remember what he said… but the people went crazy when he said my name… of course it was a home game for us, but I was overwhelmed by the props we got. Strick was standing by the stage and watched almost our whole show, we got mad props from Torae and Marco too.
I was spinning at the aftershow party and eMC and the crew were dancing and partying with us till the end… A great night that I will never forget!

I hope you enjoyed the videos.



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