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Let's Talk About…."Hello! The Beat Tape"-Dave Notti

by Eric on June 8, 2008


Literally…This is it, the new Beat Tape from Dave Notti! The second release from his very own collection of beats, and one of many more to come (hopefully!). If you downloaded and enjoyed Notti’s first offering, “Beats For Sale: Vol.” then you’ll like this one alot! Not more so much geared towards “for sale”, although the option is there, this project dives deep into the new era of Dave if you will. Having relocated to Portland, Oregon…Dave’s been able to coexist with a wide array of music listeners, thus broadening his horizon of music.  “Hello..” drove Dave to try out different styles and tap new fields, almost like that of a re-introduction if you will. Hense, Hello! And how are you? Hopefully well, and downloading The new “Hello! Beat Tape!” This time around, Notti’s calmed down a bit and have been working on polishing his already ill production techniques even more so. You’ll notice some beats sound smoother then others, especially in comparison to the “BFS: Vol. 1 Beat Tape”.  I just checked this out this morning, and while I may be partial to the “soulful” sound that is ever so prevelant in Hip Hop nowadays…I’m not afraid to say that Notti sounds like a “harder” version of 9th Wonder or M-Phazes (hurry up with the new Emilio Rojas album already!!) if you will.  Tracks like “Boom Sauce” make me wish I could spit, due to the heavy bass knocks and neck snappin’ drum kicks.  Oh, and one more thing, your speaker game better be up to par ’cause “Hello! The Beat Tape” bangs for blocks!!  Good sh*t Notti!!  Can’t wait to hear more from this talented producer.  Plus, I pride myself on my ear for talent (i.e, I don’t post every piece of “review” material I receive) and this cat’s got the “IT” factor.

From Dave:  “I’d like to thank all the people who have checked for me and having given me some sort of help and/or guidance over the past couple of months, and you the listener for still being here! Credits to all vocal samples and voice tags/sound tags go to each proprietary creator of such. Thank You All And Enjoy!”

One Time 4′ Ya Mind,

“Boom Sauce”

Download “Hello! The Beat Tape (Zshare) or (RapidShare)

Also, if you missed it be sure to download “Beats For Sale Vol. I” (Zshare) or (RapidShare)

Notti’s MySpace

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SOTC June 8, 2008 at 1:37 pm

a must download for 08

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