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It's Kanweezy!!!!

by Travis on June 12, 2008

The boys over at Metal Lungies did a beat drop this week. If you haven’t seen one of their beat drops before, give yourself a quick smack then head on over there. Their beat drops are one of those things I get envious of for not thinking of first. The crew of them get together and pick their favorite beats from a said producer (something that would never work here….) and then sometimes, they invite others to come along and contribute. Their J Dilla beat drop was near classic, which I was supposed to contribute to before I became deathly ill.

This time around it’s for Kanye West. Now, before you start getting your JanSports all in a bundle (and that’s not a dis, there is reason you read this blog, probably because I’m just as big of one) and start bitching about Kanye, dude deserves some respect. You can say what you want about him personally (like he is a pompus jackass), and that he couldn’t rhyme his way out of a wet paper sack, but he does make some good music and on occasion, some GREAT music. I was also a big fan of “Graduation” last year as well. Yours truly was invited again to contribute as I show up pitching my favorites, all though as simplistic as they may be. So for a good time, head over to Aaron M and crew and check it out.

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