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Dedicated to The B's feat. Punch

by DJSoulClap on June 14, 2008

Whattup people.
Today I’m coming with a special gift!

We (The Soul Occs) finsihed recording our album yesterday! I know everybody is saying that about his alb um, but it really is something special. You might have heard some of my stuff, but that was nothing compared to, what will be on the album. I just can’t say more right now.
A song that won’t be on the album in that way, is “Dedicated to the B’s” featuring the one and only Punchline.
We give it away as a free download, this will be the only way you can get it!

I know everybody got some people in his life, that are always complaining or that always got a bad attitude and act like a B! This is a song for all of you. If you’re mad at someone, just listen to it, sing along, rap along or just listen to it because it’s good music!
I hope y’all enjoy it!


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