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by Travis on June 17, 2008

I’ve been wrestling on how to deal with a lot of the “news” I get from various sources, which in all reality is the same everyone else gets that runs a blog. I can’t sit on the email and the blog and put up “the newest Joe Schmoe single” as soon as it graces my inbox, nor do I want to. My solution to this? Sometime in the evening each day, I’ll toss up anything I have received throughout that day that I find somewhat relevant to what WYDU stands for. That way, the pub and media people are happy, anyone that graces the site and runs into something useful and/or entertaining are happy, and I’m happy that I’m still keeping the blog the way I want to for the most part.

Royce Da 5’9



Brand new exclusive freestyle from Royce Da 5’9″ over the Lil Wayne beat for “I’m Me” off his highly anticipated new mixtape “The Bar Exam 2″ coming soon!

Lookout for Royce’s up coming official mixtape “The Bar Exam Vol. 2″ coming soon, along with his new studio album “Street Hop” executive produced by Hip Hop legend DJ Premier!

Amalgam Entertainment Re-Releases “Classics” & Tame One Podcast

Amalgam continues their frenzy of activity the last past few months as they re-release the a couple Naughty By Nature albums along with Cam’Ron. They also give out a free “Best of Tame One” Podcast.(Trav)


Independent Hip Hop Distributor Amalgam Entertainment promises to make it hot this July by striking again with an onslaught of specialty titles and classic Hip Hop Reissues.

This time around teaming up with Sony BMG to bring Dipset general Cam’Ron back into the light with “Harlem’s Greatest” due out July 8th.

The following week of July 15th Amalgam will be releasing two classic re-issues courtesy of Rhino/WEA: Naughty by Nature “19NaughtyIII” and Naughty By Nature “Poverty’s Paradise”!

Hip Hop Hooray!

Tracklist for Cam’Ron “Harlem’s Greatest”:
01. 357
02. Horse & Carriage Ft. Mase
03. What Means The World To You
04. That’s Me
05. Glory Ft. Noreaga
06. Let Me Know
07. Do It Again Ft. Destiny’s Child & Jim Jones
08. Losin’ Weight Ft. Prodigy
09. Whatever
10. Fuck You
11. My Hood
12. A Pimp’s A Pimp Ft. Jermaine Dupri
13. Confessions

Tracklisting for Naughty By Nature “19NaughtyIII”:
01. 19NaughtyIII
02. Hip Hop Hooray
03. Ready For Dem
04. Take It to Ya Face
05. Daddy Was A Street Corner
06. The Hood Comes First
07. The Only Ones
08. It’s On
09. Cruddy Clique
10. Knock Em Out Da Box
11. Hot Potato
12. Sleepin’ On Jersey
13. Written on Your Kitten
14. Sleep Walkin II/Shout Outs

Tracklisting for Naughty By Nature “Poverty’s Paradise”:
01. Intro Skit
02. Poverty’s Paradise
03. Clap Yo Hands
04. City of Ci-Lo
05. Hang Out and Hustle ft Road Dawgs & Cruddy Click
06. It’s Workin’ ft. Rottin Razkals
07. Holdin’ Fort
08. Chain Remains
09. Feel Me Flow
10. Craziest
11. Radio Skit
12. Sunshine
13. Webber Skit ft. Chris Webber
14. Respect Due
15. World Go Round
16. Klickow-Klickow ft Rottin Razkals, Cruddy Click and Road Dawgs
17. Double I Skit
18. Slang Bang
19. Shout Out ft Gordon Chambers
20. Outro
21. Connections

For more information on these releases or Amalgam Entertainment please visit:

Make sure to check out the brand new BEST OF TAME ONE podcast available for free exclusively at

Download it here:

Tame One’s new album Da Ol’ Jersey Bastard in stores and on the streets July 29, 2008.

Some International Flava

Not much came with this one, it’s most European hip hop. (Trav)

Check the latest free download mixtape on With features from famous german artists like sido, kool savas, b-tight, prinz pi and so on.

Tracklist “This is the Remix Vol. 1″:

01. Cutcannibalz – Intro
02. Prinze Low ft. Inferno 79 – Blockpartyshit – Remix by Mikosbeatz und DJ s.R.
03. Adi – Bis meine Faust bricht – Remix by Mikosbeatz und 12bitphil
04. Sido – Bergab – Remix by Peet und Foxx
05. Ercandize ft. Kool Savas & Mo – Wer ich bin – Remix by DSP und Mobeat
06. Joe Rilla – Junge aus der Platte – Remix by Mantra und Dewinko
07. Tony D und B-Tight – Pump mich – Remix by CR Easy und Kimnotize
08. Beep – What I do – Remix by Stiffman und Efate
09. Maeckes und Plan B – Zur Zeit – Remix by 12bitphil und 3st Rmx
10. Prinz Pi – Extravaganz – Remix by Geraet und 12bitphil
11. Bastian Fleig – Ja oder nein – Remix by Hiobs und Rimebeats
12. Franky Kubrick – Was sie hören wollen – Remix by LuckyLoop und AJPro
13. Sinuhe – Du bist Deutschland – Remix by Motekbeatz und DJ s.R
14. Caput – Caputalismus Anthem – Remix by Cellsen
15. Tony D – Betonkanacke – Remix by King K und BirdyBeats
16. Favorite – So wie Fav bis du doch nicht – Remix by Krizz Dallas und Rimebeats und wieder Krizz Dallas
17. König Quasi – Hurensohnliste – Remix by Motekbeatz und JokerStyleZ


Domination Recordings Artist: Saint

Free Download: Saint “Do You Remember?” MP3

Now available is the free download of Saint’s new single “Do You Remember?” featuring Verses. This is the second single from Saint’s upcoming album “About Time” due in stores late June on Pro Se | Domination Recordings.

More about the release:
A few years after his debut solo album “Grown Folk Music” and a couple of releases with his group The Good People, Saint returned to the drawing board and emerged with “About Time” on Pro Se / Domination Recordings. He is joined on the mic by El da Sensei, Cadence (Raw Produce), Dumi Right (Zimbabwe Legit) NYOIL, Mr. Man (Da Bush Babees) Eternia, Emskee (The Good People), Muneshine, Anti-, Mr. Complex, Honey Larochelle, Verses and Dr. Becket. With a mix of Hip Hop, R&B and Soul, Saint brings audiences a taste of New York hip hop from its pinnacle point, providing a unique vibe, but with a sense of familiarity. For listeners who have been awaiting the return of hip hop with substance, it’s “About Time.”
- Free Download:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

- For more info, please check out:

Domination Recordings


Pugs Atomz new single “All Right”

Pugs might end up getting my “Rip Van Winkle” award for 2008 for albums I slept on the previous year only to discover them the next and really like them. Pugs’ Conversations with a Chamelion is an album that has consistantly gotten more and more play as the year has gone on. (Trav)

Pugs Atomz presents to you “ALL Right” Produced by Grant Parks.


New Hell Razah Music

Hell Razah has been rather consistent lately with a dope solo album last year along with a great album released with Blue Sky Black Death later in the year. His is forming with Shabazz The Disciple as Thug Angels. Not sure about the name, but if his current “hitting” streak continues, this could be dope as well. (Trav)

Hell Razah is a respected lyricist and Sunz of Man (Prodigal Sunn, Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Shabazz The Disciple, 60 Second Assassin) member who has been involved in countless projects in the field of underground hip-hop. Currently, Hell Razah has teamed up with Shabazz The Disciple to form T.H.U.G Angelz and will release the duo CD under the Babygrande label and it will be titled ‘Welcome to Red Hook Houses’. In the meantime, while that album drops soon, Hell Razah has released two CD’s with NEW & UNRELEASED material. The cd’s are titled ‘Hell Hop Vol. 1′ & ‘Hell Hop Vol. 2′. Below the cd cover’s, I have attached 3 NEW & UNRELEASED songs.

Hell Razah presents Hell-Hop, Volume 1Hell Razah presents Hell-Hop, Volume 2
Hell Razah – Iron Gorillaz (CD available at
Hell Razah f/ Killah Priest – Under The Vatican (CD available at
Hell Razah f/ Beretta 9 & Lord Superb – Grey Goose (CD available at

Shabazz the Disciple is one of the originating members of the Sunz of Man (Prodigal Sunn, Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Shabazz The Disciple, 60 Second Assassin), and was a featured Wu-Tang affiliate during the Wu’s greatest years in the mid nineties. His lyrical style has influenced countless emcees including the late Big Pun. Currently, Shabazz has teamed up with Hell Razah to form T.H.U.G Angelz and will release the duo CD under the Babygrande label and it will be titled ‘Welcome to Red Hook Houses’. In the meantime, while that album drops soon, Shabazz has released two CD’s with NEW & UNRELEASED material. The cd’s are titled ‘The Becoming of the Disciple’ & ‘The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz)’. Below the cd cover’s I have attached 3 NEW & UNRELEASED songs.

Shabazz The Disciple - The Becoming of the DiscipleShabazz The Disciple - The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz)
Shabazz The Disciple f/ Dead Prez - Scattered People (CD available at
Shabazz The Disciple f/ RZA & Beretta 9 – Wrath of The Lamb (CD available at
Shabazz The Disciple – Thy Enemies (Over GZA’s ‘Destruction of a Guard beat) (CD available at


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