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Used CD Shopping Trip Part Two (June 7th & 8th): The Daughter On the Road in Salt Lake City

by Travis on June 17, 2008

We jump back into part two of my used CD shopping trip that took place June 7th & 8th in the glorious and wondrous city of Salt Lake City (that’s only slight bullshit). After my trip to the F.Y.E. on Redwood Rd, I struck out at the next few places. As I mentioned last week, I hadn’t been around Salt Lake much after moving, only a few times over the past nine years. When I lived there in the late 90′s, I had my places that I would hit up, but a lot can change in nine years, as I’d soon find out. The F.Y.E. and Graywhale stores that I hit up first were on the west side of the city. The next few stores that I remembered and that were on my list were on the east side of the city, mainly around Highland and 21st South and 9th East area. On my way over I started looking on my list and realized that I remembered Orion Records, it was a cool little shop in the Highlands shops, a little strip store type place that had quirky little stores in them. After getting lost, I eventually found where I was looking for. One problem though, the strip of stores it was located was no longer standing. It was no longer there. In the same area, just a couple blocks over was The Record Collector. It was a nice day, so I went for a stroll. The Record Collector is nothing but vinyl, which is great, but they also had a very limited hip hip selection. It’s basically this little narrow room with rows of vinyl in the middle of them. I’m not much on the vinyl tip, especially if it’s not to do with hip hop, so after browsing a bit, I figured I’d the professional crate diggers have at it and jumped back in the car to find one of my favorite stores in Denver, Second Spin.

When I first moved to Denver, I lived pretty much right downtown. Of course, I looked in the phone book for CD/Record stores the first week I was living there, but for the first couple months I was there, I basically ended up going to three stores on the norm, a Sam Goody’s in the Temple Square mall (I can’t STAND Sam Goody’s these days and you couldn’t drag me into one of them, over priced fuckers), a Blockbuster store that also had a music section, which would be the store that I bought Redman’s Muddy Waters. The third place was right across the street from the Blockbuster, which was Second Spin. The Second Spin in Denver and I had a wonderful relationship while I lived there and the Second Spin in Salt Lake wasn’t quite on the same level as the one in Denver, but it still treated me right back in the day. I roll up to the parking lot in the strip mall it was in and the building was still standing…..BUT, the store was empty. No more Second Spin. Going really well. I noticed that right across the street was the Blockbuster, but it also had an F.Y.E. right next to it. “Might as well”, I thought to myself and proceed to go across the street.

FYE 21st South & 7th East

With the luck I had in the Redwood store, I figured I might as well check this one out. Right off the bat, it’s noticeably smaller than the “super” store that I had been to earlier. The hip hop section is ALOT smaller than what I had seen at the other store. But it was cleaner, more organized, and the racks didn’t kill your back while you went through the disks. But the selection was MUCH smaller in terms of used CDs. As I started thumbing through the stock, I had a couple important phone calls, so I kept having to go out and come back in (it was loud in the store) so my concentration and place lost numerous times. I only walked out with these two releases, and one of them was obviously a stretch.

First Star – My Grip is Like a Cobra (Ichiban/Wrap, 1991)

1. Explode
2. All I Want To Do
3. Ladies Night Out
4. Diss Is For The Suckas (Radio Version)
5. The Duce
6. My Grip Is Like A Cobra
7. Stop Jockin’
8. It’s On You
9. Diss Is For The Suckas
10. Why You Want To Talk About Me
11. Calling Shouts

This album contains a track entitled “Diss Is For The Suckas”, I guess that was aimed at anyone that bought this damn album. I didn’t know anything about First Star, but two things made me buy it. One, it was on Ichiban/Wrap, and they usually had at least some entertaining releases. Second, I can’t ever recall seeing this. It looked like something I’d run across on Bust The Facts, yet hadn’t. Listening to this later, I didn’t realize it was a solo female act. The cover makes it look like a group. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I would have known that (I’ve never been a big fan of early female MC’s except MC Lyte and Monie Love, sue me). This album is kind of a cross between house, R&B, and some attempt at hardcore for good measure. For $4.99, since I’ve never seen it, I guess it’s alright, but I doubt I’ll be playing this again anytime in the near future.

Nine – Whutcha Want (Maxi Single) (Profile, 1995)

1. Whutcha Want? (Album Version)
2. Whutcha Want? (Instrumental)
3. Red Rum
4. Me, Myself And My Microphone (Demo Mix)
5. Whutcha Want? (Street Remix)
6. Whutcha Want? (Radio Remix)

You know when you haven’t found anything for awhile when you are digging through a row of CD’s or vinyl? You start flipping through them rather fast then you skip over something that catches your eye and for a brief second, you think you’ve found something and it’s not what you think it is? That’s what happened with this maxi single. I’ve been looking long and hard for either of the Nine releases and for a brief second thought this was one of those. At least until my brain registered what it really was. None the less, this single is one of my favorites, and while I already have this on mp3, it’s always better to have th
e physical copy. For $3.99, what the hell, right?

CD Exchange

After hitting up the FYE and not finding anything all that good, I decided to head up on the hill to find the University Graywhale. This was the store that I used to go over to in between classes, if for nothing else to kill some time. It’s located right across the street from University of Utah. I found it fine, but parking was a bitch around the store, which was strictly street parking. After going around the block three or four times, and almost getting hit by a truck, I said “Fuck it” and drove back down the hill and decided to check out the three stores located on State Street. I drove past Uprok Records, but again, parking was a problem, I was running short on time and patience, so I drove by it. After talking to one of the readers who is from SLC, I guess I should have stopped as he had good reviews of the place. Oh well, maybe next time. I drove on to The CD Exchange, which was up the street a little ways. I drove by it on the first past, that’s how insignificant this place looks from the outside. I pull up right in front of the store on the street. If you have never been to Salt Lake City, State Street is the street every major city has. The one that has five pawn shops on every block, if you need some crack, you can probably find it on this street. A cheap hooker? You can also find one on State Street.

Walking into the store I wanted to immediately turn around and walk right back out. It just didn’t look like a place that I would find any rare hip hop CD’s. There were empty boxes, empty CD jewel cases, and DVDs stacked everywhere. There was a narrow bath around the CDs in the middle of the room (more like a tunnel) as well as some up against the wall. A guy was behind the counter and he looked up to say “hello”, then went back to examining DVDs. I walked around in this cluttered store, not seeing any hip hop. I was on my way out the door when I looked over at one of the racks up against the wall. Jackpot. He didn’t have the CDs in cases, but simply had the front booklet in a plastic cover. Now remember, this is a shady area, so I understand why he did this, and the good thing, there were LOTS of this plastic covers. Once again, it was on!

Little side note, while I was immersed in my CD digging, a dude came in with a friend, and his girl friend. The guy had a bunch of DVDs he was trying to sell to the owner. The two went back and forth before the guy behind the counter threatened to kick him out. You can tell this dude had to deal with this kind of thing often. The guy selling the DVDs smell liked cheap liquor and stale cigarettes. He would finally agree to the twenty bucks the dude was offering for the DVDs. The chick was off to my right side, just kind of staring at me. It was obvious she was on something, I would guess meth. She was your typical white trash tweaker. She was twitching and very nervous. Immediately I started to get out of my CD zone and started paying attention to my surroundings, something that I think you have to do in areas like this. I started trying to locate the third dude, who looked like he was Mexican and I saw him standing off to my left. He was eyeballing me as well. I’m starting feeling a little uneasy, when dude starts to approach me. I’m not really sure what to do, so I just kind of straighten up and face him. “Hey pal, hey pal, do you need a VCR?” I kind of just looked at him, “You need a VCR man? I got some good ones!” “Nah man, I don’t need a VCR”, as I kind of stare at him. “Twenty bucks man, this is a good one”, about that time the guy behind the counter tells him to go outside because he is disrupting his customers. It was just kind of an odd exchange with everyone involved….not sure why I told that story, it sounded cooler when I went over it in my head after it happened….hahaha.

KMC Kru – You Be The Judge (Curb Records, 1992)

1. Alphabet Rhyme
2. Nothin’ But a Party
3. You Be the Judge
4. It’ll Make You Dance
5. Back In the Day
6. Momma Had a Gangsta
7. No Money
8. Just Can’t Live Without You
9. Life Is Up and Down
10. Will You Be There for Me
11. Talk Dirty To Me
12. The Butcher Goes To Basstown
13. The Devil Came Up To Michigan

When I walked out with this, I originally thought this was their 1990 release, but come to find out, I was confused. I actually haven’t heard this one as of yet. I dug their sophomore release from 1990 (the one I thought this was) called “Gettin’ Smooth With It”, if for nothing else than the “Devil Came Up To Michigan” track. It was a remake of the Charlie Daniels “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, fiddle classic (don’t ask me how I know about it, I just do). It had been a long while since I hadn’t seen this CD, at least the mid 90′s, so I grabbed it since it was only $2.99. I was talking to the guy when I was paying for my stash and he said he had this CD for a “a long ass time”.

Daddy-O – You Can Be A Daddy, But Never Daddy-O (Island Records, 1993)

1. Intro Joint
2. Swung It, Blunted, Brung It
3. Brooklyn Bounce
4. Dat Vs DJ
5. Kid Capri
6. Come for Mine
7. Flowin in File
8. How to Beat a Bootleg/God Don’t Like Ugly
9. Ihatefonies (The Truck Drivers Song)
10. You Can Be a Daddy, But Never Daddy-O – Daddy O, YZ
11. Fanfare
12. Buc Buc Buk
13. East Coast Funk
14. Bass Knotts (Sunbathing on the Roof)
15. Nobody Move
16. Funky Worm Outro Joint – Daddy O, Funky Worm

I’ve always viewed this CD as a disappointment. It’s not really that good, but I’ve been on the look out for it for awhile now. It was fairly cheap, costing $3.99

Powerule – Volume 1 (Interscope, 1991)

1 Interview
2 Back
3 Ruff Neck Freestyle
4 5 Minutes 2 Showtime
5 Pass The Vibes
6 Interview
7 Premises
8 Rub Of The Wax
Rap [Featuring] – Leaders Of The New School
9 When The Rhythm Calls
10 Que Pasa? (What’s Going On)
11 Young Stars From Nowhere
Featuring – Johnny Jay
Rap [Featuring] – Kurious Jorge* , Rebel (7)
12 Interview
13 That’s The Way It Is
14 Smooth
15 Gots Ta Get This
Co-producer – Large Professor
Rap [Featuring] – Large Professor
16 Interview
17 Urbs Inda Suburbs
18 Whassup?

This Powerule joint was one of my crowing jewels of the trip. I’ve been looking for this album since it dropped back in 1991. Never could find the damn thing. I remember even asking the local record store to order it for me and they could never get it for me. Finally I tracked it down. It’s finds like this that get me excited looking for new CDs. The album is a good one and probably underrated. “Smooth” was the jam played on “Yo! MTV Raps” back in the day and the joint that got me searching for past seventeen years. It wasn’t cheap, costing me $9.99. The guy that owned the place did his homework, the only bad part about the place. There were some solo Ren CDs going for $20 bucks, a Mellow Man Ace debut album for $20, a Kid Sensation solo debut going for $20 and a few others around the price of new CDs, which I just didn’t want to pay for on this trip. I budgeted out $150 bucks, and I knew by the time I left the store, I was going to be right around that limit.

YZ – The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me (Livin’ Large Records, 1993)

1. Second to Nobody
2. Return Remix
3. Barber Shop
4. Drink at the Bar
5. (So Far) The Ghetto’s Been Good to Me
6. It’s Got to Stop
7. Newborn
8. Life Under Pressure
9. Acid Rain
10. Dead Love [Live]
11. Return of the Holy One – Terminata, YZ

Yes, this was THE crowning jewel of this trip. I’ve long wanted YZ’s “The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me” as well, with not much luck. Amazon has two sellers selling copies for no cheaper than $46 bucks. I bought mine for $7.99, so yeah, I got a deal. I’ve loved this album since first hearing it back in 1993 at the local Record Exchange in my hometown, but by the time I went back to by the CD, they had sold it and I never saw it again. The mp3′s have kept me satisfied for the past few years. This was the last CD I found, you know, “Y’s” are toward the end and when I found, I knew it was worth more than he was asking, but I would have bought it if it was only selling for a penny on amazon. When I was up waiting for him to pull the actual disk from behind the counter, he even mentioned that I was getting a deal on this album, he just wasn’t sure how much. He then mentioned he’d rather see a collector such as myself get than “one of those greedy record buyers”. I went home and saw the prices it was going for and said “daaayum”. This made the whole trip.

Other Purchases

Jesse Jaymes – Thirty Footer In Your Face (Delicious Vinyl, 1991) $3.99

Delicious Vinyls answer to Vanilla Ice. It sucks pretty bad, but I never have really seen it around much. I was trying to get the most for my $50 I had to spend here and chalk it up to nostalgia being a bitch once again.

Illegal – The Untold Truth (Rowdy Records, 1993) $6.99

I’ve always liked this album, which I had before it got jacked out of my SUV one time. I used to see this all the time in Denver at the Cheap-O Discs that I used to hit up all the time, but haven’t been able to find it since then and was bound and determined not to let it pass me up this time.

Das EFX – Hold It Down (East/West,

This is probably my favorite Das album, although I’d agree the debut album is a better album. There was just a lot more flavor and variety and this album. I had this at one time as well, until the infamous “loan out” to a friend resulted in me never seeing it again.

This was a good example of not judging a book by its cover. This store was easily the best one I went to in Salt Lake and one of the best ones I’ve ever been in to. I left plenty of rare things there, either because he wanted more than I wanted to spend or the simple fact I already owned it. The owner was a cool dude once we started talking while he was getting my CDs out for me. We talked about the business and my collecting. He even ended up giving me a sampler of Mark Ronson stuff, which I haven’t listened to yet, but it was a nice gesture. I’d highly recommend this store to anyone going through Salt Lake, just leave the good stuff for me…haha.

June 8th, Back at FYE on Redwood Rd.

I had spent a lot of time in the CD Exchange the day before and was supposed to meet up with a friend at 5:30, I didn’t get out of there until 5:30, then had to run to the other side of town. My day of shopping was done, but I was hoping to hit up a store or two before I left early Sunday afternoon. That didn’t quite happen as I had a little too much fun Saturday night and slept in until 11 in the morning. I got my shit together and packed up my car and got ready to meet a friend for lunch at noon. I called her at noon to no answer, so while I was waiting, I figured I’d go back to FYE on Redwood. There were a couple things that I passed over that I wanted to grab, mainly an Asamov CD that you don’t see around since they stopped printing them (sorry Therapy) and then my man CH Commish from the world famous Slushy Gutter Crew and my former Denver brethren had asked me while I lived in Denver to keep an eye out for Organized Konfusion’s “Stress: The Extinction Agenda”. I had for awhile, but never saw it much. Then I remember after seeing it, that CH wanted a copy of it. So I went back and grabbed those two copies, and figured I might as well find one more so I can get a freebie.

Poison Clan – Rufftown Behavior (Luke Records, 1993) $6.99

01 Intro (2:11)
02 Afraid Of The Flavor (4:15)
03 Come A Surprise (0:19)
04 Put Shit Pass No Ho (4:09)
05 Some More Shit (3:28)
06 Work For Free (0:23)
07 Peepin (4:09)
08 Pause For The Cause (0:58)
09 Game Recognize Game (4:30)
10 City Boy (3:21)
11 Burne One (0:08)
12 Check Out The Ave. Pt. I (3:15)
13 Let’s Get Serious (2:20)
14 Check Out The Ave. Pt. II (3:00)
15 Setting Up (0:30)
16 Sugarhill Style (4:23)
17 True Player Speaks (0:50)
18 Word From A Player (5:02)
19 Ho Stories Pt. II (3:03)
20 Madball Back (0:23)
21 Listen (5:19)
22 M.C. Sundance (1:35)
23 Ruff Town Behavior (4:03)
24 Comin Strap (1:14)
25 Goin’ All Out (4:16)

After their second album, “Poisonous Mentality”, I stopped paying attention or caring what Poison Clan released. The magic that was on the first album was gone when Debonaire left. The second album didn’t posses the humor the debut album did, but it was still a decent effort. I’ve listened to this album since then and it’s alright, but it was basically a fill in.

Other Purchases

Asamov – And Now…. (6Hole Records, 2005) $7.99

This one got shutdown after the whole Asamov/Issac Asamov ordeal that resulted them chaging their name to the AB’s. I found out about the crew right about the time the album was pulled from the shelves, so I never did pick it up. It’s a good album that I’ve always wanted a copy of, I was glad to find it.

Organized Konfusion – Stress: The Extinction Agenda (Hollywood Basic, 1994) $5.99

I’ve always considered
Stress my favorite OK release (potential This or That?) and I’ve had it for awhile. As I mentioned, CH Commish has asked me to look for this for him and I finally ran across it.

Born Jamericans – Kids From Foreign (Delicious Vinyl, 1994) Free (4th CD)

Eh, it was free…haha

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