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Top 10 Spins

by Travis on June 18, 2008

It’s time again for one of my bi monthly hip hop charts return. I’m really trying to keep with all the music dropping lately. I can’t say hip hop is as good as it used to be, but there is a lot of “good” music out there, more than I can my tabs on. While there is a lot of “good” music out there, I’ve been stuck in some of my favorite albums of late. Sometimes I get stuck on certain albums, just because I don’t feel like trying to digest something new. Ahhh the life of a hip hop head…..


10. (TIE) Abdominal – Pedal Pusher & Father Jah – 5 Fingers

Abdominal comes to me from my T.Dot connections. I remember this album from last year, but I’m not sure if I ever listened to it or not. I suppose I should pull it out and see if the rest of the album is good as this track. The subject matter is not your traditional hip hop fare, but it sounds good. The beat is done by Ugly Duckling’s Einstein, who I’ve always been a fan of.

Father Jah is one of those multi dimensional cats from the south. His music contains a little bit of everything, from the dirty south style, to straight up battle rap, to an almost NC sound. While I’m not as crazy about him as my man A-One, I do think the cat has extreme talent, although he might not always be my thing. This song, “5 Fingers” is my type of thing. Jah does his thing lyrically, as he flows along with a hard edged track that has a great electric guitar sample.

Father Jah


9. Rashid Hadee & Analogic – Explode

I’ve grown pretty tired of the whole “soul” sample movement, just because everyone and their dog is doing it. There are still some good “soul” productions out there, and this happens to be one of them. Rashid Hadee is one of those cats I keep waiting for to “blow up” on the underground scene, but just hasn’t gotten over that hump as of yet. Analogic is a producer that keeps gettting his name out there and sounds good everytime I’ve heard one of his beats. This track is just a great combination of both artists strengths.

Rashid Hadee


8. Yameen feat Maylay Sparks – The Atmosphere

My man Stinke aka Yameen has dropped an album that I would totally expect not too like, yet I’ve given it more than just a few spins this past week. I guess my older age has expanded my musical tastes a little more. With Maylay Sparks on the mic, it was the song that grabbed my attention before even listening to it. Maylay was down with Ill Advised back in the day, a group that I’m always on the look out for more music. This is something different, and that’s something I’ve been bitching about a lot lately, nothing is “different”. This is “different”.


7. Soul Occs feat Punchline – Dedicated to the B’s

WYDU’s on SoulClap graces the countdown with his rhyming partner, Tony Tigerstyle and special guest, Punchline on “Dedicated to the B’s”. I ain’t going to lie, I begged Clap for an mp3 of this track when I first heard it a couple months ago. Clap is at his best here and Tony does his thing as well. Very smooth track, that should be in the top 100 at the end of the year. If this didn’t make the album, then I can’t wait to see what did.

Soul Occs

6. Freddie Joachim feat Aloe Blacc – 24 Hours

My man Names from Brews Rhymes With Crews put me on to this cat, and it’s a good thing. I have to admit, this particular song sounds more like an Aloe Blacc track from his last album than anything else. That is alright by me, since I’ve always dug Aloe Blacc solo or as part of Emanon. Good track for those are into the light, mellow sounds of “adult contemporary” hip hop.

Freddie Joachim

5. Basic Weaponary – Lockem In

Basic Weaponary is my man Weapon X and his partner Basic. I’m a sucka for songs with angelic strings, and that’s exactly what this song has. They are crazy. The track actually reminds me a lot of something you’d hear from Jedi Mind Tricks, with that gruff tone and flow. They both hold their own on the mic, thankfully, but the beat is the highlight for me, and that’s not taking anything away from Weapon X and Basic.

Weapon X

4. Has-Lo & Small Professor – Molotov Cocktails

Has & Small Pro might as well become official spokesmen for this blog, or they should just hire me for their promotion team. I’m sure you’ll see more from both of these Philly cats in the very near future on WYDU. I’m not thru trying to convince my readers that both of these cats deserve the their valuable iPod space. Small Pro turns what was probably my least favorite from the original conception of “Fuck Has Day” and turns it into my favorite track found on the “Remixed But Still Fucked” version. Stay tuned, more to come from these two.

Small Professor

3. eMC – Leak it Out

I’m still playing this album almost four months after it was released in retail, and five months after the “leak”. I guess this album is just that good, or this year is that boring, or maybe a little of both, but my plays resurged after they released “Leak It Out” as a single. It was already one of my favorite tracks from The Show, but with a video, it made it come back some. Now if I could just figure out who the EXTREMELY hot chick is on their myspace default photo, I could die a happy man.


2. ST – Miss Beautiful

Myspace is good for something after all. Last week a group from Alabama of all places requested me as a friend. I don’t really turn anyone down, because really, why is that big of a deal? But I check their music just to see what it’s like. When I went to ST’s (pronounced Esss Teee), Miss Beautiful was the track playing and it immediately grabbed my attention. So much so, I went and bought the track off of their snocap store….and I don’t do that if it isn’t the Smile Rays or K-Def. I’m not going to say this is on some “next shit”, cause it’s not. It’s just good music and I’m a-ok with that.


1. Hip Hop – Mr. Green & Pacewon

I was a HUGE Outsidaz fan back in the day, with Young Zee and Pacewon being my two favorite members. I’ve enjoyed Pace’s solo material, although besides a couple 12 inches, not a lot of it made much noise. I’m hoping that changes with the release of his colabo album with Mr. Green. Yes, we’ve probably had our fair share of “hip hop” is great and reminiscing type of songs, but if it’s good, it’s good and this is….well, it’s great.

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