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Daily News…..

by Travis on June 24, 2008

Okay, so I didn’t say I’d do this shit every night…..We catch up tonight one a few things, free music, news, I guess that’s why I call “Daily News”…..catching up on a few days worth of stuff, so have it boys and girls.


Culture VI feat Royce 5’9 – Never Had A Clue

Never had a clue who this is, but hey, it has Royce. The song itself is actually kinda nice. (Trav)

New music from Culture VI f/Royce 5’9 “Never Had A Clue” taken from Culture VI’s forthcoming sophomore LP, Ninety-Four, which will be released on 8-19-08.

DL link to Culture VI’s “Never Had A Clue” f/Royce 5’9:

Free Music

Dirty Water Jazz mix

DJ Nes

FREE shows in four areas, hell you can’t beat that to see Black Sheep and Nice & Smooth

Hip-Hop Lyricists Black Sheep and Nice & Smooth Headline
Scion’s “Live Metro” June Concert Tour
Performing Live With Orgone and J. Period
In Columbus, St. Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis

Scion’s “Live Metro” tour returns to the Midwest this month with dual hip-hop duos, Black Sheep and Nice & Smooth. Known for their unique rhythms and intelligent lyrics, both groups are set to deliver a truly unique concert experience. Each group will be backed by soulful funk band, Orgone, and mix tape master and DJ, J. Period, Scion’s June “Live Metro” series has a lineup that will keep audiences on their feet.

Fans and music lovers in Minneapolis, Columbus, St. Louis and Chicago are invited to check out the many sights and sounds of June’s “Live Metro” tour. Scion “Live Metro” concerts are free and open to the public, but attendees must be at least 21 years old and RSVP to gain entry at

“Live Metro” events signify Scion’s commitment to the urban music-minded community through live tours that travel to select markets nationwide. Each event brings artists together from different genres of music – hip-hop, funk, afrobeat and soul – to create a unique and complimentary experience for audiences, while supporting the innovative collaborations between music’s best emerging and established talents.

Upcoming Scion “Live Metro” dates and locations:

· 6/23, 9:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. – Columbus at Skully’s 1151 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201

· 6/24, 9:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. – St. Louis at Old Rock House 1200 S. 7th St. Louis, MO 63104

· 6/25, 9:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. – Chicago at The Metro 3730 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60613

· 6/26, 9:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. – Minneapolis at the Varsity Theater 1308 4th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Donny Goines Interview

Part One


Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play

Part Two

Koncept, JLOGIC & Soul Khan – Make Way

Some more new music from up and comers. I’m feeling this track, Mr. Porter has been putting out some bangers as of late. (Trav)

New track produced by Aftermath producer Mr. Porter titled “Make Way” feat KONCEPT,
JLOG1C & Soul Khan. This track has not been released yet and is off of my mixtape called KONVERSES-Chuck Taylor Edition which is dropping early August at Fatbeats NY. The Brown Bag AllStars mixtape is also dropping early August.
New Website that helps in credits, samples and more info

My man Kevin Nottingham takes his aim at a new website that could be a useful resource, be sure to check it out! (trav)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to pass along the launching of a new website called is a brand new web site that Thomas and I went in on together. We came up with the idea about a month ago and have been working hard to prepare it for today’s official launch. The site is a wiki for hip hop album credits. Yeah, there are a ton of sites out there that you all probably go to to find your production and sample credits for your favorite hip hop album. Well, we’re hoping in the future you’ll be able to visit for all of those needs. The idea is to have a site where every hip hop album is listed with production and sample credits in a familiar, easy to use format. Because it is a wiki, anyone can contribute. The site is still in its infant stages, but we have already put up most of the sample compilations that we have compiled over the months. So come check us out. If you’d like to contribute, just create an account and start wiki’ing!

This Is Hip Hop
Rap Credits
Crew54 – Therapy

I featured the Crew54 cats last week, with a joint they did with Donny Goines. They are back with a new track, “Therapy”. I’m kinda diggin’ these cats. It’s got that soul track that I’ve been kind of shying away from, but they prove that it’s still dope if done right.

Crew54 – Therapy

Revolutionary Rapper Immortal Technique Urges New York’s Hip-Hop Generation to Vote


Voter Registration Booth to be Included as Part of Record Release In-Store Event at Midnight on Day of Release

(Monday, June 23rd, 2008 New York, NY) Renowned rapper and activist Immortal Technique, in conjunction with Fat Beats Record Store, will be encouraging the hip-hop generation to register to vote at his record release party in New York for his third album, The 3rd World. The party will start at midnight on Monday, June 23rd at the New York location of Fat Beats Record Store.

Immortal Technique and Fat Beats owner and founder Joseph Abajian decided to include a voter registration booth at his record release party with the shared goal of getting the hip-hop generation involved in the presidential election. Says Mr. Abajian, “The original intent of hip-hop was to lead a more informed, righteous life by getting kids out of gangs and educating them. Back in the day, we had Melle Mel and Public Enemy to hold the torch, but nowadays, Tech is one of the last standing emcees who talks about politics in his rhymes. We need to wake up the hip-hop generation, who has been blinded by bling, money, and women.” Tech corroborated, “Even though democracy can be circumvented (and it traditionally has been) it is important for us to remember that voting is just one aspect of it, voting 25 times every century is only a part of democracy, what holds a society together are the institutions that it sets up. Those will outlast any regime and echo throughout history. Voting is important because all politics is local and what we do locally can be seen nationally, and then…globally.”

With the release of The 3rd World, Harlem-born Immortal Technique is breaking a five-year hiatus since his last LP. Featured artists include Chino XL, Ras Kass, Crooked I, and Poison Pen, as well as producer DJ Green Lantern.
The 3rd World
will be available nation-wide on Tuesday, June 23rd through Viper Records. The record release party will be held at midnight on Monday, June 23rd at Fat Beats Records, New York at 406 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor. For more information, please call 212.673.3883.

Immortal Technique MySpace:

Fat Beats:

Misc News from The Real Ish…. This was kind of an interesting email blast I got (fellow bloggers will understand the meaning of an “email blast”)….some good stuff in here including my man Praverb, who’ll be seeing more of here in the very near future….Be sure to check his track out at the very least. (trav)

First off a chest-thumping banger from Virginia’s Praverb the Wyse. Sampling Run DMC’s ‘King Of Rock’. The Admiral provides us with a banger of a beat, cuts supplied courtesy of Teddy Roxpin. With Praverb claiming he’s a King, or rather a KI—-I-I-I-I-I—N-N–I-I-N-N-N-N-NG-N–G!, what do y’all think?

“Call me John Obama or Barack McCain, either way, I claim both the black and white vote.”

Praverb – The King (Produced by The Admiral, Cuts by Teddy Roxpin)

You thought that was it? Nahh, we just getting started. Fresh outta Illinois, Master 3 presents us the with his first single off his debut album, ‘Women & Music’. Not a typical single though, a 60 bar doze of lyrical assault. Who knew that still existed?

“ED-Nezz man, this track is the shit, me & you, we got a passion for this, & these other dudes? It’s like they getting paid in chucks and dunks/What I mean to say by that is that they’re rapping for kicks… & I’m kicking the raps, Bruce Lee-ing these lyrics, like an 18-Wheeler, flow outta control, you can’t steer it, clearly, I’m the opposite of obsolete, you obstinate, stuck up like an obelisk.”

Master 3 – What Is Your Name (Produced by ED-Nezz, Mastered by Santo Angelo)

Last but not least, Teddy Roxpin again. Recently featured in The Source, Teddy hits us up with his latest mixtape. Remixing an array of memorable hip-hop joints he brings us ‘Supermailman’, the best remixtape of the year. Yes, you probably hear this in every press release but judge yourself

Teddy Roxpin – Supermailman



Sunz of Man members and deeply rooted affiliates of the legendary
Wu-Tang Clan, Hell Razah and Shabazz the Disciple are no strangers to
the game.

With the July 8th release of “T.H.U.G. Angelz: Welcome To Red Hook
Houses, Razah and Shabazz expose their personal journeys, from their
upbringings in the Red Hook housing projects and its significance as a
breeding ground for “golden age” hip-hop, to the meetings with RZA, the
ensuing Sunz of Man days, up to and through modern day.

Acting as tour guides, part 1 in this candid, multi-part webisode series
literally walks us through the projects that Razah & Shabazz called
home, rekindling the pain, struggle, ambition and solidarity of this
defining period in hip-hop history.

Watch Part 1 now. Part 2 coming soon:

2Fly Shirpas Free Music

2Fly Shirpas is made up of rapper UFP and beatsmith squiid
They are part of the Howardlife movement and have appeared on albums with -
-Olympic Gold Medalist Howard Davis Jnr
-Rabbi Darkside, from MTV’s Made
-Frequency Activism
-Mr Mayday, a former member of the Demigodz crew
-Hired Gun of 3rd Party
…rapper Statistics from Frequency Activism also appears on this new release

The new album:

2Fly Shirpas – “When 2Fly Met Howardlife…”
1. Jimtroduction
2. Neil Freds
3. All Types Of Todds
4. Everything In This Life Is Howard (Feat. Stat)
5. Robotic Jim
6. InterJude
7. Room With A Hugh (Feat. Stat)
8. Lunch Time Todd
9. All Types Of Todds (ReMitch)
10. 2 Sides 2 Every Todd (Feat. Stat)
11. OutJoe

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