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Random Youtube Videos

by Travis on June 25, 2008

If you’ve been around the site, you all know that when Trav starts referring to himself in the third person and starts posting youtube videos, that is is either burned out a bit, busy as fuck, or just has other shit he’d rather be doing. Or in this case, all of the above. Yes, they are Youtube videos, which isn’t as good as the actual thing you can download. Soon enough though, I’m going to have a SHIT LOAD of videos, which I’ll not doubt share with the rest of you hip hop nerds. I’m just not sure when I’ll get them, I guess whenever I get off my ass and buy a hard drive and hit my boy Brian up. Until then, you have to live with me doing the searching and watch what I post. So enjoy!

De La Soul Feat Redman – Oooh

In celebration of De La week, or De La three weeks, I go with this video I found while looking at videos for “Me, Myself, & I”. I never knew they had a video for this track, which is one of my favorite De La songs. I’m not sure what to think of this video. One part of me thinks its great, the other part thinks its kind of corny and I can’t believe I’m watching Pos rap as the Scarecrow. None the less, they get a free pass no matter what.

Busta Rhymes feat Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Woo Ha (Remix)!

Was their ever a better pairing of artists? I bought this single just for this track back in the day. With the video and the slowed down track, you feel like you are on shrooms or some mind altering drug.

K9 Posse – This Beat is Military

Yes, I was a K9 Posse fan back in the day. The video version was different than the album version, and I think I like the video version better. A little comedy included, but what can you expect from Eddie Murphy’s brother?

K9 Posse – Ain’t Nothin’ To It

Can’t pass up their first single now can we?

Breeze – LA Posse

Wow, their are some faces in this joint. Bobcat, DJ Pooh, and a few others from the classic LA days. I loved this joint back in day. This was when videos were good.

No Face – Fake Hair Wearin’ feat 2 Live Crew

We can’t do videos without the influence for this blogs name. No Face, what a great group and combined with 2 Live Crew? Ahh, yeah, I played this after putting up with many a beeeyaaaatch.

Cash Money & Marvelous – Find an Ugly Woman

Ignore the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince comparisons, this was a dope jam on the light hearted tip. I had a bitch tracking down this album back in the day, but I did finally. This was when hip hop could be fun and you didn’t have to worry about it.

Everlast – I Got The Knack

Early Everlast, before the House of Pain days. He cleans up good, huh? I have to admit, I owned the Forever Lasting LP back in the day and this jam got a lot of play.

Joe Sinister – Under The Sun

My favorite artist that we’ve only heard on two songs. That track was freakin’ amazing. I always wonder, “what if?” Oh well. Enjoy this video.

Shadz of Lingo – Mad Flavaz

Another one of my personal favorites from back in the day. E Double makes an apperence, along with Dallas Austin. I miss the hip hop video.

Casual – That’s How It Is

I forgot how much I LOVED this joint. The production is just fuckin’ nuts and Casual simply kills it.

Mannish – Expect That

Another one of my favorite west coast groups back in the day. Shit was good.

Saafir – Light Sleeper

I slept on this joint when it first came out. No more, Saafir was the epitome of being different and creative. He had his own style and flavor

The Nonce – Mixtapes

How can you not like this joint? I have no clue. The west coast had more than just g-funk back then.

Pharcyde – Otha Fish

I’m probably the only person in the WORLD that likes “Otha Fish” more than “Passin’ Me By”….don’t get me wrong, they are both classics, but I have my own personal reasons for liking “Otha Fish”, it got me through a nasty break up. Great song, I still sing a long word for word when I hear it, hell I’m doing it right now as I type it.

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