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by Travis on June 27, 2008

The days are heating up, unless you live in SoCal then the days have done already been heated up since May at least. In the summer time, people spend less time indoors reading blogs and I spend less time inside doing blogs. What I’m saying is you might not see the same volume from WYDU as you have in the past. Remarkably, I do have some sort of a life…barely. Have some good times planned this weekend, my man Dino’s b-day next week along with the American Independence Day then a trip planned in July, August, and September. By that time, shit will start cooling off and I’ll be back on the daily grind. Until then, just enjoy less of me for the next few months. On to the news.

Ras Kass to drop ANOTHER mixtape?

I like Ras Kass more than the average old school head, but damn dude, can we get an album finally? (trav)


One of the most critically acclaimed West Coast emcees of all time,
Ras Kass is renowned for his complex lyricism, sharp battle rhymes and
witty punchlines.

1996′s debut “Soul On Ice” established Ras as one of the front-runners
of the post West Coast gangsta rap movement pioneered by seminal acts
such as N.W.A. and nationally popularized by modern day icons Dr. Dre,
Snoop Dogg & more.

Marrying a hardcore street sensibility with his signature witty
wordplay, Ras built a loyal underground core with subsequent albums
including 1998′s “Rasassination,” featuring guest appearances by Dr.
Dre, Xzibit, Twista & RZA (of Wu-Tang) as well as multiple mixtape

Currently serving time, Ras Kass’ ambition in the face of adversity is
on full display with the August 5th bow of “Institutionalized Vol. II.”

Sure to satisfy Ras‘ loyal constituency and beyond, “Institutionalized
Vol. 2″ is a testament to both Ras’ resilience and the raw skill that
underlies his longevity within the ever-changing hip-hop landscape.

For more information and to sample some tracks, please visit:

Ras Kass
“Institutionalized Vol. 2″
In stores August 5th!


Tanya Morgan – “Hip-Hop Is Dead 2″


“They keep sayin’ hip-hop is dead but I just can’t believe it, I just can’t see it.”

The Song:

Instead of arguing or preaching, Tanya Morgan disproves the “Hip-Hop Is Dead” argument with a simple song that demonstrates the existence of good, living hip-hop in 2008. “Hip-Hop Is Dead 2″ features fun rhymes and a beat that samples the smile itself… yet many think the art form is dead? That’s pretty incongruous, if you ask Tanya Morgan: “They keep sayin’ hip-hop is dead but I just can’t believe it, I just can’t see it.” In other words, so long as heartfelt, playful hip-hop tracks by Tanya Morgan pop up, hip-hop cannot be dead.

The Background:

In 2003, Brooklyn resident Von Pea teamed up with Cincinnati’s Donwill and Ilyas to form Tanya Morgan. Three years later, the group’s Moonlighting LP took the rap world by storm, receiving a 3.5 mic rating from The Source and high praise in XXL’s Chairman’s Choice column. Donwill describes the group’s uniqueness and appeal: “Instead of jam-packing our releases with different producers and guest emcees for attention, we carefully choose who we work with because we make it a priority to cultivate our own sound and identity. We look to groups like Eric B and Rakim, who honed their own sound and rarely collaborated with other artists.” After a brief hiatus from center stage, the crew is back in 2008 seeking the hip-hop triple crown: the release of a mixtape, EP, and LP, all in the same year. Tonya Morgan has performed with Ghostface Killah and has had videos featured on multiple MTV channels. The Bridge EP is available now on via Bay Area label Interdependent Media.

“Hip-Hop Is Dead 2″

“Be You” featuring Czelena

ScholarMan Mi

Download ScholarMan’s “The Pull Forward EP Vol. 1 today if you enjoy dope b eats and rhymes!!

The Pull Forward Series pays tribute to artists and tracks made famous during the golden era of hip-hop!

Download volume one today!


New ScholarMan album coming January 2009!!! His latest album “Soul Purpose” now available at online retail outlets!

More info at:




Long Range, featuring Little Brother, Mr.Lif, Army of the Pharaohs, Boot Camp Clik, Planet Asia , Souls of Mischief and m

ore hits stores July 22nd on Greenstreets Entertainment

New York, NY – Although most of the details are sketchy, the one thing that’s certain is that the once highly influential underground hip-hop DJ/Producer and Perceptionist member, Fakts One, one day, simply disappeared. Some blame problems with his record label that folded right before the scheduled release of his debut solo album. Others say the stresses of the unstable music industry led Fakts to turn his back on hip-hop as a profession. Whatever the reason, he decided to make a clean break from the music and many of his closest friends in the industry haven’t heard from him since.

DJ Fakts One was a key figure in the Boston Hip-Hop scene for many years. He got his start djing parties and breaking local acts on WERS radio in the late ’90′s, through t he popular “89.9 at Night” show. He dropped one of his first mix tapes (yes, on cassette) on the famed Brick Records titled “Heavy Hitters” and instantly started making noise throughout the state. Lending production to many releases by Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, it was inevitable that these three long-time friends would form a trio that was 100% pure hip-hop called The Perceptionists.

Their album “Black Dialogue” was released in 2005 on Definitive Jux to critical claim. With great sales, and a tour that was ready to kick off, this powerhouse of a rap group was about to start taking things over! At the same time Fakts was waiting on his solo record debut to be released, but the label continued to stall, delay and eventually folded into the industry abyss. Then, in a sudden turn of events, Fakts up and left his partners “Lif and Ak” stranded with no DJ at the start of their tour and vanished off the hip-hop map altogether.

Although Fakts One’s departure left fans and friends both frustrated and confused, no one could deny his musical talents. Most just assumed that his highly anticipated debut opus “ Long Range ” would just become another victim of industry politics. It would be yet another rumored release that nobody would ever hear or could prove actually existed…unt il now. Finally, five years after its completion, “ Long Range ” will be released EXACTLY how he had intended before quitting the business. The album has some of the best MC’s around (Little Brother, Planet Asia, Boot Camp Clik as well as his brothers in The Perceptionists; Mr. Lif and Akrobatik) and as one would expect, the beats are that classic boombap sound, drenched with his own blood, sweat and tears.

It’s a shame it took so long for this to happen but as they say good things come to those who wait. Hopefully when Fakts hears all his years of hard work finally coming to light, he can sit back (wherever he is), smile and realize it was well worth the journey.

Tracklisting and credits for Fakts One’s Long Range :
1.) Ridin’ Dirty
2.) Grown Folks f/ Little Brother
3.) Life Music f/ Rocklyn & Maya Azucena
4.) OK f/ Kingsize & Outerspace
5.) Born For This f/Chan
6.) Don’t Stop f/Boot Camp Clik
7.) The Showstarter f/ The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik)
8.) Audiovisual f/ J Live
9) U From The Q f/ Universal
10.) Set The Mood f/ Grayskul
11.) Moments Matter f/ Tajai (of Souls Of Mischief)
12.) Selfish f/ Akrobatik & Iyadonna
13.) Longevity f/ Rasco, Planet Asia & Shakes Da Mayor
14.) The Showstarter (Walkman Remix) f/ The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik)

“Grown Folks” and it features Little Brother. Fakts produced the track and Phonte and Big Pooh also added some additional arrangement as well.

DL link to Fakts One “Grown Folks” f/Little Brother:



(Gravel Records)

“…it’s the construction of the songs that keep Alltruisms solidly grounded in hip-hop instead of wandering off into the land of open mic night at the coffeehouse. K-Kruz gives Alltruisms the sword and shield musically to be a ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ with the kind of track Vinnie Paz or Esoteric would be proud to rip…The real question about Alltruisms’ first major album is not WHETHER he’ll be a star in the underground, but how long it will take before people catch on to his steelo. Somewhere between the overdone hype and the understandable skepticism of the new and unproven MC is the chance for one of the Clusterbombs that Alltruisms drops to make a big impact on hip-hop.” – Rap Reviews (8/10) (LINK)

“One day, I was walking with Kong Keo through a UXO (unexploded ordinance) field in Phonsavan, Laos, when the metaphor came to me: Cluster bombs are like rappers – we drop, we get spins, some blow on contact, while others… So I titled my debut solo album Clusterbombs, and filled it with stories of Southeast Asian bomb craters and bar girls, political anthems, and funny bone-tickling rants about jobs, cars an d sex lives. This record speaks not only of rap’s place in my life, but of the globally limitless reach of the culture I’m a part of.” – Ari Shapiro, Alltruisms

Clusterbombs is the debut solo LP from Gravel Records recording artist and Giraffe Nuts member Alltruisms. The album distills 16 fully-realized tracks into a 45-minute journey, guided by a man of our times, who is most of all a traveler. He is like the rest of us. Politically aware, but faced with more immediate job problems, car problems, girl problems, and mostly getting by with a dark sense of humor. He is a bit different from the rest of us. Writing songs in a Laotian bomb crater, building houses after the tsunami in Thailand, four-day hikes in New Zealand, staying with a Fijian village minister’s family. Prone to travel solo for months at a time, return and leave again, he brings this dichotomy and unsettled motion to his songs. Clusterbombs is an innovative hip-hop release that is sure to please fans of artists such as Sage Francis, Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, and Atmosphere. Clusterbombs drops July 1st via Gravel Records.

Clusterbombs features production by underground legend J-Zone (Dangermouse, Devin The Dude), and Chicago staples Maker (Glue), Kaz1 (Ill Bill, Sean Price), and K-Kruz (Modill), along with appearances by my Giraffe Nuts crew-mates Verbal Kent (Molemen Records) and Rusty Chains. Kaz 1’s “Nine-Digit Number” and Maker’s “Rockets Red Glare” are the anthems, calls for change in a time when we convince ourselves that, “Rome’s burning but don’t worry, forget it / Nero’s fiddle solos is the number 1 record.” Watch the brutally honest and remarkably high quality music video to “Nine Digit Number” HERE. “Blindfolded” is Alltruisms’ second single and has been included in XLR8R Magazine’s next sampler CD. Listen to “Blindfolded” (MP3), and sample a more light-hearted side to Alltruisms on “The Birds & The Bees (MP3).”

On “Dry-spell,” Alltruisms is looking for love in his own, brutally honest way. On he and Giraffe Nuts declare war on anyone who didn’t buy “Eat Them.” “Jalopy” and “Hire Me” satirize two cornerstones of our culture, cars and jobs. And on “Nutcamp,”“Dear Hip Hop,” he and Verbal Kent examine their histories and experiences with their art. And there it might have ended, but Alltruisms thought his title track metaphor was important enough to warrant a remix. The story of a deserted dusty field becomes a meditation on pop cultur e as the defining weapon of our age, in the hands of a “freedom fighter for a new recorded world order / four corners of the globe spread the message to your borders.” The production by J-Zone, DJ PRZM, Maker, Kaz1, Earmint, Overflo and 5th Element, provides ample aviation fuel to guide the bomber to his targets throughout. Clusterbombs is a shiny object in this quiet, dusty field we call hip-hop, waiting to get picked up and hear


Alltruisms – “Nine Digit Number”
Uploaded by FanaticNewMedia

Black Element
You’ll be seeing more of this cat in the very near future. He is an up and coming MC, about to drop his free album “A Major Minority” and is getting some love from some of the DJ’s I respect, like DJ Hyphen out of Seattle. None the less, here is a track he sent me t hat was produced by another WYDU fav, 6th Sense.

Be Sure to check his blog to get the full story behind this track or just to check his other stuff if you feel this.

Black ELement – The Itis (Produced by 6th Sense)

Peace Family
Technicali Sound and Gutter Water Music would like to invite you
to pick up a copy of the new project by Ariano and Castor Pollux, entitled “In The Name Of The Father” for FREE

To begin the Download

Get The New Single “Searching” feat. Oddity
B/W “Misunderstood” feat. The Lost Art
(includes clean, dirty, and instrumentals)


Babe of the Day……
Okay, she’s not exactly a “rare” find, but she’s hot. Stacey Dash has been around for awhile and is the sister(?) of Dame Dash. Not only does she have a killer body, but those eyes give me that warm fuzzy feeling in my special place.

Video Of The Day

Johnson&Jonson – Bout It Bout It

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