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Re-Ups: Beat Factory's Rap Essentials Vol One

by Travis on July 1, 2008

I’m going to be taking the week off so to say. It’s a shortened work week here in the U.S. with our Independence Day this Friday gives us a three day weekend. Then I have plans Wednesday night and Thursday night as well and I’m already behind on some things. That said, I’ll take this week to fill some requests and re-ups over the week. It’s easy to do and I haven’t done it for awhile. If there is anything anyone wants re-upped or if you have some kind of request, let me know and I’ll try to fill it. I’m not going to do more than two or three albums a day, anymore than that defeats the purpose of taking the week off. If no one wants anything, I’ll just toss up a couple out of print albums myself. I’ll still be answering emails and basically just trying to catch up on some of the new artist spotlights, interviews and a couple other ideas I have brewing.

That said, we jump into the first two. Someone requested the First Priority Family album which I’m going to have to hunt down in my collection.

Beat Factory Rap Essentials Volume 1 (Beat Factory Music, 1996)

A1 Rascalz – Fitnredi (4:29)
A2 Concrete Mob – Boiling Point (3:17)
A3 Down To Erf – Learn To Earn (3:25)
B1 Kardinal Offishall – Naughty Dread (4:24)
B2 Black-I – No Lawz (4:23)
B3 Wio-K – Sunlight (3:42)
C1 Red Life – Who’s Talking Weight (Remix) (3:46)
C2 Dan-E-O – Dear Hip Hop (3:24)
C3 Scales Empire – Bright Lights, Big City (4:00)
D1 Choclair – Twenty One Years (4:17)
D2 Citizen Kane – Structure, Foundation (What’s The Plan) (3:14)
D3 Ghetto Concept – U.L. (4:24)

This is a compilation filled with some classic north of the border jams from the mid 90′s. There is most definitely some nice jams to be found on here, including the classic Kardinal Offishall “Naughty Dread”, fan of classic mid 90′s hip hop should check this out if you don’t know what it is.

Superrappin (Groove Attack, 1999)

A1 Rasco – How Many X’s Featuring – Planet Asia
A2 El Da Sensei – Frontline Featuring – F.T. , Mike Zoot , Organized Konfusion
A3 Frankenstein – So I Featuring – Choclair
A4 High & Mighty – The Sun, Moon & Stars
B1 Walkin’ Large – Self
B2 Natrue -l Natruel On Top
B3 Network Reps – Games, Dames In Automobiles Featuring – Punch & Words
B4 Lootpack – New Year’s Resolution
C1 Eddie Brock – Relax, Relate, Release
C2 Brixx – If It’s Alright Y’all
C3 Da Grassroots – Price Of Livin’
C4 Consequence, Shabaam Sahdeeq , Mike Zoot , F.T. – Nobody
C5 Square One – Dayz To Come
D1 L-Fudge – Dimmin’ The Life
D2 Ed O.G – Let’s Be Realistic
D3 Jigmastas – Threat
D4 Matt Fingaz – Shoot Out
D5 Mathematik – Following Goals Featuring – Bahamadia

Another classic compilation that got a lot of play from me back in the day. I know this has been upped not too long ago, but I’ll be damned if I can find it on the blog.

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