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Daily News: "Fuck All Bloggers"

by Travis on July 3, 2008

Alright, so I can’t stay away. I had a ton of shit in the inbox, and I forgot about my plans that I had until I got home. Too fuckin’ far to drive back. Oh well. Here is some of it from the last few days. I have more that’ll try to toss up tomorrow, if I get the time and feel like it.

Seems like the blogs are catching some heat lately. First you had Kidz in The Hall bringing up Robbie & I have nothing against Kidz in the Hall, I like the album a lot more than I thought I would and that’s not a diss either.

I like Robbie, I’ve spoken to him via myspace a couple times and he seems down to earth, and of course I think Unkut is one of the best blogs out there. I’m don’t totally agree with his “biggest douche bag” thing, but his choice. I’m not really the biggest fan of that whole “hipster” fad, but then again, I’m over thirty, so I guess it’s not for me.

Then, courtesy of Unkut again, you have one of my all-time favorite MC’s (pre Mr.Smith), in LL Cool J taking shots at blogs. The same LL that hasn’t dropped a “hip hop” album in how long? Like I said, I won’t deny LL is one of the legends in the game and one of my favorites, but he’s going to take shots at what gets said about him on blogs because they talk the truth? Really? We are just saying what most of his past fans are thinking, nothing more Uncle L, nothing more. I haven’t bought an LL Cool J album since Mr. Smith. Yes, he still drops jams that proves he still has it, but not on a whole album. As far as I’m concerned he alienated his hip hop fan base and started catering to the Hot 97 crowd. That’s his prerogative, but don’t get pissed when those same fans call you out for it. My two cents.

Then you have J-Love the mixtape DJ dropping a scathing rant on “all” blogs. At first I went the “A Bitch is a Bitch” way and figured”if your feelings get hurt then I’m probably talking about you”, but then I started thinking a bit. I have no desire to beef with artists, I’ve always taken the route when dealing with moron visitors, fellow bloggers, or artists that if they go to name calling, then fuck ‘em, let them call their little names. They wouldn’t act that way in person, cause after all, real bad boys move in silence. Sure, I don’t fall into the realm of blogs he is speaking on, but I still found it unnecessary. J-Love has always kind of rubbed me the wrong way in the past. He always came off as a cat as “I’m more hip hop than all y’all” white people, and maybe he is, but what’s the fuckin’ point of declaring it all the time? A little insecure? Then he drops the cut and is dropping the N-word all over it. The last time I checked, J-Love was as white as me. Whatever, I guess, I’m not sure if the dude woke up on the wrong side of the bed or feels threatened or just thinks he is more hip hop than anyone else that is white. That being said, I thought his “10 Codes of Ethics for White People” was almost dead on. Still, I think he is trying a bit to hard himself, he should re-read his “rule #9″ and try to follow it himself. And yeah, I would say it to your face if I met you. You could try and be a bad ass or discuss the topic like grown folk, but if the truth hurts, say ouch. But for now, don’t worry, I won’t mention your little DJ gig and projects on my “gay” blog.

Jay Z weighs in on Shaq/Kobe beef

A little mix from AB’s man, Willie Evans Jr


“Down by the schoolyard with the Don Julio”

The Song:

Exercising his deviant mental muscle over intoxicating chords, Opio draws another fresh single and video from his bottomless brown paper bag with “Don Julio.” A hilarious twist of Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard,” “Don Julio” finds Mr. Opio at the same location, swigging from the bottle. The combination of wit and hypnotic production may create drowsiness in the listener as well- prepare to cut your head nodding to 1⁄2 time.

In the video, Opio floats in and out of the two realms where he holds the throne: hip-hop (“mostly clockin’ shows or I’m in the damn studio”) and party (“down by the school yard with the Don Julio”). In a true slice of life, Don Julio sees Opio hit the stage and the blunts with equal passion. With 4 videos complete on an album yet to be released, Opio shows no signs of weakness as the buzz builds over Vulture’s Wisdom Vol. 1.

The Background:

As a teen, Opio hooked up with local rappers Tajai and A-Plus, whom he met through Casual, another emcee who was Opio’s classmate and neighbor. The three instantly clicked and began recording together, soon adding fourth emcee Phesto Dee, to form the group Souls of Mischief. Together with Del the Funky Homosapien, Casual, Domino, and Pep Love, the legendary crew Hieroglyphics was born. Opio has always done double duty for Hiero as both an emcee and producer. Opio’s recent production credits include the track “Naked Fonk” from Del’s recent 11th Hour. Opio’s first solo effort, 2005′s Triangulation Station, moved over 20,000 units. Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume 1 is the first chapter of a forthcoming trilogy from Opio. All three albums are produced by Oakland-based The Architect and will be released on Hiero Imperium records.

Opio will be touring this summer and fall in support of the album with Hieroglyphics. Dates available here.

“Don Julio”

“Some Superfly Sh

“Stop The Press”


Hiero MySpace:


The Legendary Hieroglyphics Announce Added Dates For “Freshly Dipped Tour”


Tour expands to forty-five dates in North America

Hiero Imperium Achievments:

Rolling Stone Magazine named Hieroglyphic’s Third-Eye Vision logo as the #3 most recognizeable band logo in history

The Source Magazine named Souls of Mischief’s ’93 Til Infinity single & album to their Top 100 Rap Songs Of All Time and Top 100 Rap Albums Of All Time lists

Hieroglyphics members Del The Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Domino, & Pep Love have sold over 1,000,000 units independently

(June 27, 2008 – Brooklyn, NY) To ring in their 10th anniversary as an independent label and hip-hop collective, Hieroglyphics announced details for the second leg of their massive North American fashion and music expo that will span from mid-summer into fall. Twelve dates have been added to the 3-month long tour. The Freshly Dipped Tour celebrates Hiero Imperium’s prolific past ten years as indie hip-hop trailblazers and looks ahead to their expansion into the fashion industry and their continuing role of bringing both classic and new West Coast hip-hop artists to the masses.

Combining elements of fashion and music, The Freshly Dipped Tour will feature Hiero Imperium’s stable of artists as well as their brand-new lifestyle line ( Available at the shows will be a selection of Hiero Jeans denim and shirts as well a copies of Souls of Mischief emcee Opio’s new album, Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume One, and a limited edition Freshly Dipped Tour 7″.

The Lineup:
Hieroglyphics: Souls of Mischief (Tajai, A Plus, Phesto, Opio), Casual, Pep Love, and Domino. Opio’s new album Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume One in stores in July

Blue Scholars: MassLine/ Rawkus. New album to be released June 2007, new EP Butter & Gun$ out now. Video and single for “Loyalty” in rotation on MTVu

Prince Ali: Eye 5/Hiero Imperium. New album Curb Side Service in stores now. Video for “The Majors feat. Casual, Planet Asia and Keith Murray” in rotation on MTV and BET

Musab: Rhymesayers Entertainment Founder, Hiero Imperium. New album Slicks Box in stores now

Knobody: Bumpin Muzic, Hiero Imperium. Album Tha Clean-Up in stores now

Fri-Jul-11 Pomona, CA Glasshous
Sat-Jul-12 Los Angeles, CA El Rey
Sun-Jul-13 San Diego, CA Belly Up
Tue-Jul-15 Tempe, AZ Clubhouse
Wed-Jul-16 Flagstaff, AZ Orpheum
Thu-Jul-17 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine
Fri-Jul-18 Dallas, TX Granada
Sat-Jul-19 Austin, TX Emo’s
Sun-Jul-20 New Orleans, LA Parrish
Tue-Jul-22 Orlando, FL Social-Late Show
Wed-Jul-23 Atlanta, GA Masq
Thu-Jul-24 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle
Fri-Jul-25 Charleston, SC The Music Farm
Sat-Jul-26 Wilmington, NC Soapbox
Sun-Jul-27 Virginia Beach, VA Steppin Out
Tue-Jul-29 Baltimore, MD Bedrock
Wed-Jul-30 West Chester, PA The Note
Thu-Jul-31 New York City, NY Highline
Sun-Aug-03 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
Tue-Aug-05 Ottawa, ON Babylon
Wed-Aug-06 Toronto, ON Mod Club
Thu-Aug-07 London, ON The Salt Lounge
Fri-Aug-08 Ann Arbor, MI Blind Pig
Sat-Aug-09 Columbus, OH Skullys
Sun-Aug-10 Chicago, IL Abbey Pub
Tue-Aug-12 Madison, WI High Noon
Wed-Aug-13 Minneapolis, MN First Ave-Early Show
Thu-Aug-14 Omaha, NE Waiting Room
Fri-Aug-15 Boulder, CO Fox Theater
Sat-Aug-16 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
Thu-Sep-18 San Francisco, CA Fillmore Theater
Fri-Sep-19 Chico, CA Senator Theatre
Sat-Sep-20 Sacramento, CA Colonial Theatre
Mon-Sep-22 Bend, OR Midtown
Tue-Sep-23 Eugene, OR Mcdonald Theatre
Wed-Sep-24 Portland, OR Roseland
Fri-Sep-26 Seattle, WA Showbox Market
Sat-Sep-27 Seattle, WA Showbox Market
Sun-Sep-28 Vancouver, BC CanadaRichard’s on Richards
Mon-Sep-29 Victoria, MB Element
Wed-Oct-01Reno, NV New Oasis
Thu-Oct-02 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst

New Juice Track feat Crooked I – I Do It

West Coast Battle Documentary Trailer

Trailer for the Fresh Coast Battle Documentary DVD due out September 2008. DVD includes interviews and unreleased battles/freestyles from all the west coast battle heavyweights including: Illmaculate, The Saurus, Nocando, Franco, Okwerdz, Passwurdz, Lush One, Bo-Rat, Ex-I, Tantrum, and many more.

for more information please contact


New NOTORIOUS Video Diary From Wayne Barrow!

Check out Wayne Barrow’s latest video diary covering the production design
of NOTORIOUS. Here you’ll find out how the filmmakers decided to portray the
overall look and feel of the film — from the ’90s/hip-hop style of Biggie
and his crew to the streets of Brooklyn and beyond. Watch it now on Wayne’s
blog ““:


Rebel Muzik Media Presents The Release Of The First Single “So Ghetto” off of the Highly Anticipated MIC Legacy album “FEED YO KIDS!”

Produced by Grammy Winner NOTTZ and UBC (United Black Colonies,) featuring Rapper POOH from Little Brother

VA/DC- Rebel Muzik Media announced today the release of the single So Ghetto from the latest project from Mic Legacy titled FEED YO KIDS.

So Ghetto is produced by Grammy Award winner and Virginia native, NOTTZ, and features a cameo by Rapper Pooh from the group Little Brother.

“The So Ghetto collaboration between Nottz, Rebel Muzik, Legacy and Rapper Pooh is historic and is sure to be a classic,” says Grail “Ruc” Hodges, CEO of Rebel Muzik Media. “This entire album pays homage to the days when true MC’s and beat makers would come together in somebody’s basement and set the standard for the other albums of that year to follow.”

Feed Yo Kids boasts a list of today’s hottest producers and underground messengers such as the already mentioned Nottz and Rapper Pooh. It also features ILLMIND, KELPH, JCLYDE, BRAINSTORM, DIGITAL DAMAGE, NY OIL, BIGSHOT& KHIZMAN(DMP), LATOYA WILLIAMS AND JON BIBBS.

Members of the media and true hip-hop enthusiasts are also treated to a mix tape titled “Sumthin To Snack On,” by logging on to

Watch Out for So Ghetto, the video, featuring Rapper Pooh, MIC Legacy and the VA Hoods. Watch for it on,, youtube and international and national video shows in the near future.

Help Torae bring home the Best Lyricist award in the 2008 UMAs by voting daily at (July 1-31st)


Kidz In The Hall’s road trip began in New Jersey as producer Double O devised a bass-heavy instrumental and decided he and rapper Naledge were going to travel the USA putting their favorite artists on the record. The duo paid a visit to Masta Ace in Brooklyn, NY and then made a quick pit stop in the Bronx to say what up to Pusha T from The Clipse. The journey continued on to Chi Town where the group linked up with the Cool Kids. From there it was on to Port Arthur, TX to visit Bun B. Their final destination, like so many road trips, was California, where Kidz In The Hall met up with Pac Division, Tyga, Glasses Malone and Mistah F.A.B.

Check the West Coast Remix to Kidz In the Hall’s hit single “Drivin Down The Block”:

N.Y.OIL, notorious for pressing hip-hop’s hot-button issues via such
tracks as “Y’all Should All Get Lynched” & “What Up My Wigger Wigger,”
weighs in on the recent conflict surrounding Ice-T and Soulja Boy.

Examining both sides of the beef, N.Y. drops some knowledge regarding
the responsibilities of both the youngsters AND the elders and their
respective roles in shaping hip-hop?s past, present and invariably,
its future.


“Soldier” feat. Chuck D. (of Public Enemy)


More Blu & Exile Concert Footage

Blu – The Narrow Path

Blu – Dancing In The Rain

Blu – Blu Collar Worker



The Wu-Tang affiliated supergroup (Almighty) consisting of Bronze Nazareth, M-80,
Killah Priest, C-Rayz Walz, Son One & 5-Star officially announce the
first single off their forthcoming album “Original S.I.N. (Strength in
Numbers).” With blog-buzz burgeoning around this underground
collective, and anticipation of their debut album reaching a
fever-pitch, the group offers “Obey (The Statesmen)” the first single
off of the forthcoming release, featuring Planet Aisa, Killah Priest,
Son One & C-Rayz Walz.

1) Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Son One & C-Rayz Walz – Obey (The Statesmen) (Produced By: Davey D) – NEW ALBUM ‘Almighty – Original S.I.N (Strength in Numbers)’ IN-STORES JULY 22nd!

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