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New Artist Spotlight: Praverb The Wyse

by Travis on July 6, 2008

Today, we have another quality artist coming out of the “mid-coast”, Virgina to be exact. Praverb is one of a long list of talented MC’s coming out of the region. Those of you on the blog-circuit have probably seen him popping around the many c-boxes and commenting on blogs. Hopefully by now, you’ve taken in his talented and well constructed free mixtape, “The Gospel Is Free”. He’s an MC’s MC, coming with a steady flow, tight rhymes and clarity that will have you hanging on every line. And not only is Praverb a dope MC, he’s a cool person as well. Yeah, shouldn’t have anything to do with talent, but I’m always willing to support the artists who are good people overall.

Praverb recently dropped his album, “Center Of Attention” to critical acclaim across the blogs. WYDU had the chance to sit down with Praverb and talk about the new album, being a positive MC, his roll of using the internet to get his music heard, his dope new “The King” track and more…..

Praverb the Wyse

PraverbThe King

WYDU: Thanks for your time man and your support of WYDU over the last year or so….Why don’t you drop a little background info for all of those who might now know who you are…

Praverb: The name is Praverb, I reside in Northern Virginia, I rap and my name is derived from the biblical book of Proverbs. I am not on a quest to purify hip hop by presenting myself as the messiah on a high pedestal. I leave you with a choice, listen to the music or listen to another artist, you either like it or you do not.

W: What drew you to hip hop when you first started out? What were some of your earlier influences?

P: Poetry is my first love and it was my fondness of poetry that drew me into the hip hop realm. Tupac, Mac Dre, The Luniz, Yukmouth, etc were some of my earlier influences because I was exposed to hip hop when my father was stationed in San Diego, California. I continued to study the culture and I was influenced by Rakim, KRS One, Mobb Deep, Mc Juice, Big Pun, Big L and more.

W: Your album is one of the few albums I can blast while my mom is in my office. You pride yourself on being a positive MC by producing music that is filled with positivity and inspiration. Hip hop isn’t a music that isn’t the most positive in nature, why do you make conscious effort at going the positive route?

P: I tend to make positive music because I feel that the world is full of negativity and that our media outlets focus solely on negativity. I also feel that some people in the world need something to lift their spirits and I believe I deliver that message within my rhymes. I understand that life is full of uncertainties but hopefully the message will allow the listeners to meditate on joyous moments that we take for granted.

W: You have a fairly strong presence on the internet and the blogging community, how has the internet changed the way music business is handled?

P: The Internet is a double edged sword and it can be both beneficial and bad. The music business benefits from the Internet because it provides another avenue to market and promote artists and material. Blogging gives individuals a chance at self expression through a variety of means, some may include bashing people, praising people, and leaking material. The leaking part is inevitable due people wanting things, most notably, music for free. Most of the blogs that I frequent are organized, packed with content, and aren’t afraid to BREAK new artists. The Internet has been beneficial to me because I am not able to do a lot of shows (due to work obligations) so one of the avenues that I have to tackle aggressively are blogs and online communities. The Internet has also given me a way to connect with artists and producers from other states and countries.

W: I hear that man. Let’s talk about your new album, “The Center of Attention”, what were some of the things you were hoping to accomplish with making this album, as far as the final product? Do you think you succeeded in doing so?

P: “Center of Attention” is something that I recorded awhile ago and I was just anxious to get the material out. I had a deal in place to release the album but that fell through. D.J. Fisher, Domination Recordings founder, decided to take a gamble on the myself and the album and released it digitally. In all honesty I just want my music to reach the masses whether that be downloadable mix tapes, EP’s or LP’s it does not matter. This project is a stepping stone for other projects that are currently being recorded. I am never satisfied, I believe that I can make better material and I will strive to do that.

W: I have to say my favorite track from the album is “Freedom To Prevail”, which track gets your “favorite child” award?

P: That is a difficult question but I think “Rain” is one of my favorites tracks from the album. “Rain”, which is produced by Destro, sums up my current ideology of hip hop and how the game will one day revolve.

W: You find a genie lamp on the street one day, you give that bad boy a rub and a b-boy genie comes out doing the b-boy stance and says he’ll give you three hip hop related wishes…
.what does the man Praverb wish for?

P: I would wish for prosperity, patience, and empathy. I pray that the man above will bless me with the desires of my heart, with good health, patience in situational combat, and empathy for others in this world.

W: And man, “The King” is soooo DOPE!!! WHY, WHY WHY is it so short???? hahaha

P: I would have to blame that on the beatmaker The Admiral haha, I attacked the beat with the idea of spitting two verses since the track that he sent was about two and a half minutes long. I have received a lot of love for the track but I have to thank The Admiral, Teddy Roxpin, Dirty Treats and Trinidad for keeping me interested in recording and music in general. I went into a cocoon for about three months and I was contemplating quitting due to built up frustration and too many rappers. But the people that I mentioned believed in me even when I showed a lack of interest and kept me motivated. I am working on being more productive and that will come with time, I have to be patient and not force things.

W: What big plans you got for the future?

P: No big plans for me I just want to record and keep on recording. Hopefully one day I will be able to tour the states or overseas.

W: Any last words for the kiddies out there in blog land?

P: My mission is not to get you to convert to a specific religion or bring back boom bap, my mission is to spread the joy or story of a man who has experienced a roller coaster of emotions. I hope and pray that you take time to listen to the music, let the words rest on your ears and vibe with my life story, some joy, some pain but in the end it is 100% P. I would like to thank all the people who I work with, the blogs that show continuous love, and the people in my circle who keep me vibrant. We need to break out of the slave mentality that we are stuck in and become open minded, stop the intake of garbage, replace it with truth because the truth will set you free.

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