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by Travis on July 8, 2008

Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. I stayed on the DL for the most part, sneaking out to partake in a little game of poker Saturday Night. My Ace/Queen of spades all in against Ace King of clubs lead me on a roller coaster that saw me get rivered with the quickness then set me on tilt and get knocked out five hands later. I love poker. Trying to catch up on some of the daily news. The Life The Great promo thing looks to be interesting and some of the tracks I’ve heard bring that old school sound back (and not in the Cool Kids kind of way neither).

I was going to save it for the next time I do one of my “Spins” posts, but that might not be until next week, but I have to talk about the new Nas album. Nas never fails to disappoint me. Once again, we are greeted with an album with beats that sound like he got out of a dollar bin at the local Wal-Mart. Hip Hop Is Dead sounds like a masterpiece compared to this halfhearted release. I can’t say he has lost it lyrically, because it’s the same ole’ Nas. He has some important things to say, although I do have to say, from a hip hop fan perspective, I grew bored with the persistent rants and raves, or maybe they would have been easier to digest with some decent beats. I was diggin’ “Sly Fox” and “Fried Chicken”, but other than that, nothing really “grabbed” me in the least. Oh well… least we have Detox and Cuban Linx 2 to look forward to that drop next Nevuary the 32nd

Bill OReilly freestyling over MOP beats? Or is that crazy Willie Evans at it again? You be the judge. Funny shit none the less.

Life The Great 31 Days of JuLife

Life The Great….yeah, I’m late on this. I haven’t much of a chance to listen to much of his music as of yet, but what I have heard made me want to dig into this a little deeper. If you are an old school fan, Life The Great seems to be aiming for that demographic. I will say it’s an interesting promo thing they got going with the artist on this. Now if the music is up to par, they might have something. Give it a listen and see what dude is all about. (Trav)

Some people seem to think that the UltraSound (LINK) album was a piece of work to throw into the category of gimmick retro junk, but for those that actually listened then you know otherwise. Not one to try to convince people of who is is and why he does what he does Life The Great instead continues to move forward and hopes that those that are lost catch up. This brings us to where we are today……1 emcee, 31 days and 31 records (no gimmicks). I will let Life explain further in the video below, but we are asking for EVERYONE’S support on this one! Everyday starting Tuesday we will email the zshare link to the new record around noon est.

For all the new bloggers added to our mailing list that havent heard or seen anything from Life The Great check (for the Stupid Fresh video) and or for everything else including The UltraSound album.

JuLife 2008 ( – Life The Great

July 1st
The record is entitled “Ghetto Blaster” and it is produced, written and recorded by Life The Great.

title: Ghetto Blaster
artist: Life The Great
producer: Life The Great (2008)

July 2nd
title: G.A Hustler
artist: Life The Great
original artist: Ice-T
original song: New Jack Hustler

July 3rd
This record is called “Takin Out You Suckas” and in it I took the D-Nice “Call Me D-Nice” track and built on that, but aiming it at the people that think all this cars, jewels and women is new when we have been doing that on records. Also it’s for people that down these rappers that come out (mainly out of the south where im from) with dances and novelty records…that ain’t new. Like I said in the record “If they want to talk about ‘walkin out’, let ‘em walk it out cause we was wop’in out back in ’84″. If you’ve never listened to The UltraSound (my free album) then you might be wondering why am I rocking over these old school tracks. Well this is all part of my trilogy of albums that will explain where Life The Great came from, where he is at and where he is going. Just stick with me and I guarantee that you will be entertained and some will be educated on the origins of this thing we call Hip Hop.

title: Takin Out You Suckas
artist: Life The Great
original song: Call Me D-Nice
original artist: D-Nice a.k.a TR808


July 4th
Today being JuLife 4th, 2008 we wanted to make a “bar-b-que” record that took it back to that bar-b-que we had back in Grant Park 1989. back when Tone Starr had an S-Curl and all the pretty ladies used to call him Al B. Sure..oh yes they did. Anyway on this record I grabbed that Heavy D. and the Boys record “Somebody For Me” and gave it a little more Life. Anyway enjoy and Im back to work to finish another bar-b-que record for tomorrow so I can g et my fireworks on tonight.

title: Somebody
artist: Life The Great
original title: Somebody For Me
Original artist: Heavy D & The Boys (wasn’t ’89 the shit?)

July 5th
Oh yes, I think this one came out great especially since I had bar-b-que on the brain. “Me and my Dj” is the name of this joint and with this one I borrowed the timeless record “It takes two” by Rob Base and Dj E-Z Rock (another cook out classic) to pay homage to the dj….my dj. This one I just had fun with so run with it….ride with it and I will be right back here tomorrow. If you have oldschool instrumental send them joints to me…Im stockpiling instrumentals for inspiration.

title: Me and my Dj
artist: Life The Great
original title: It Takes Two
Original artist: Rob Base and Dj E-Z Rock (do you see the theme yet?)

July 6th
This is one of my favorite beats of all times so it was only right that I jump on it…N.W.A’s “Dopeman”. We are just having fun with these records trying to bring back the feeeling that I felt when listening to these records back in the late 80′s. Once again enjoy and I am working on a record for one of my own beats that will hopefully be ready for tomorrow.

title: DOPEMAN
artist: Life The Great
original title: DOPEMAN
Original artist: N.W.A

July 7th
Today’s record is another that is produced by Life The Great and after I finished it I thought “This should have been on The UltraSound” like right after “The Pager” this record should have been inserted. It’s called Trapper Keeper and yes it is about what you are thinking. I remember writing all of my rhymes in my old beat up Trapper Keeper in Jr. High and only wish that I could find it now because I swear I would open one of these 31 days for it.

title: Trapper Keeper
artist: Life The Great
Produced by: Life The Great
link: (don’t forget you can also click directly on the calendar dates to download)
The UltraSound album download:

Pete Rock Gives The Official Cosign To M-Phazes:

Check out Pete Rock judging M-Phazes at the

2nd annual iStandard “Beast of the Beats” battle that was held on Sunday, June 29th at Club Touch. M-Phazes, recent winner of Sha Money’s One Stop Producer’s Conference Beat Battle, has a big year planned with some high-profile placements in the works. Phazes is currently finishing up Coalmine Records compilation album where his beats are featured along with appearances from Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price, Emilio Rojas, Chaundon, Sha Stimuli & Termanology, CL Smooth, Skyzoo and more. Check out the latest M-Phazes produced track “Shine” featuring Skyzoo.

Embed Link:

Skyzoo track attached:
Title: I Shine
Producer: M-Phazes
Crooked I Fans, rejoice!!!


L.O.V. has teamed up with Crooked I for a limited collab t-shirt to go along with their debut summer line. Crooked I has been on fire the last year making his presence in the mixtape scene and in the industry known collaborating with Akon, Immortal Technique, Blue Sky Black Death, and Scott Storch to name a few. The t-shirt is a two color print, a mash-up of the dodgers logo and St. Ide’s “crooked i” logo, with a back print that says “Crooked I Is A Villain”. You can grab one at while they last and be on the look out for Crooked I’s “Block Obama” mixtape and debut solo LP “B.O.S.S.”
New Donny Goines Track!

This was a record I did originally for the album but I felt that it didn’t fit the overall theme of it. Nevertheless, this song has become one of my favorites and it’s strictly for the people who love innovative and creative rap.

Wordplay Prod. by DJ. Static
Tanya Morgan – How Low

The Song:

Tanya Morgan’s modern “Electric Slide” begs the question “How low can you go?” Like an old school jam playing at the roller rink, it’s hard not to break it down to the dance beat infused synths and rhythms of the new single, “How Low.” Tanya Morgan’s feel-good, infectious singsong hook “Roll bounce, Roller Skate / B Boys show ‘em how you break” sets the tone for the most fun song of the summer, bound to snap even the stiffest critics into limbo-like positions. While the beat sounds like an old favorite, Tanya Morgan puts a fresh spin on it with saucy rhymes like “When I roll by wit’ the glow they gotta close they eyes / But they can’t close they thighs” and playful lines like “Pretty biddies wanna be in my committee / if not then it’s a pity” keep you singing along. Warning: suppressing the urge to dance to this beat, and showing the boys of Tanya Morgan just how low you can go may lead to personal injury.

The Background:

In 2003, Brooklyn resident Von Pea teamed up with Cincinnati’s Donwill and Ilyas to form Tanya Morgan. Three years later, the group’s Moonlighting LP took the rap world by storm, receiving a 3.5 mic rating from The Source and high praise in XXL’s Chairman’s Choice column. Donwill describes the group’s uniqueness and appeal: “Instead of jam-packing our releases with different producers and guest emcees for attention, we carefully choose who we work with because we make it a priority to cultivate our own sound and identity. We look to groups like Eric B and Rakim, who honed their own sound and rarely collaborated with other artists.” After a brief hiatus from center stage, the crew is back in 2008 seeking the hip-hop triple crown: the release of a mixtape, EP, and LP, all in the same year. Tonya Morgan has performed with Ghostface Killah and has had videos featured on multiple MTV channels. The Bridge EP is available now on via Bay Area label Interdependent Media.

“How Low”

“Hip-Hop Is Dead 2″

“Be You” featuring Czelena



New exclusive remake of The Game’s track “Pain” by Hip Hop heavyweights Naughty By Nature (Treach, Vin Rock and Kay Gee) entitled “Hip Hop’s Pain” featuring vocals from Rene Neufville.
Lookout for Naughty By Nature’s brand new LP hittin stores real soon with original group member Kay Gee, along with their worldwide tour and new clothing line “Naughty Gear”. For more information hit up their official website and myspace page!


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