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Thirty Must Hear Tracks for the First Half of 2008: Part One

by Travis on July 10, 2008

There has been some great songs cranked out this year so far. In this era of short attention spans, iPods, and the shuffle button, having a hot song could be just as important for getting your name out there as anything else. Personally myself, I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with the sheer volume of albums being cranked out there, I haven’t had the kind of opportunity I’d like to just listen to some classic raps songs. The next three days, I’d like to post up some songs that you might have missed the first time around, or you might not have heard at all. These are NOT the thirty best songs. I tried to stick with songs that come from albums that might not have been heard by the masses, or just single tracks that weren’t included on albums. Then of course, I did sneak in a couple songs from albums that I’m really diggin. I’m not going to get too crazy in writing about each track, I’ll let the music do the talking. So this is your chance to do your homework, or catch up on some quality music and maybe find something you haven’t heard yet.

Part One: 1-10

1773 - Sounds of Life (from “Constant Motion”)

Amanda Diva feat Q-Tip40 MC’s (from “Life Experiences”)

Basic Weaponary - Lock’em In (from “Sleepless Sessions“)

Braile feat Rob SwiftThe IV (from “The IV”)

DaghaScat (from “The Divorce”)

EdreysI Like It (single)

Hot Box feat Mischif & Sampson - Squeal Snaps (from “Boxploitation EP”)

Mighty Joesph feat MursThe Dark Ages (from “Empire State”)

Little Brother, Masta Ace, Joe Scudda, WordsworthBring Y’all Back (?)

Presto feat BluPour Another Glass (from “State Of The Art”)

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