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(Somewhat) Daily News

by Travis on July 12, 2008

I should be working on other things like more interviews…(anyone reading those?) and finishing up the first half posts and finally get my shit together for two rather large series of posts that I’ve been fuckin’ around with for the past 6 months as well.

I said I wouldn’t get political on this blog, but I can’t pass this up

Nuff said

Donny Goines – Playin’ In The Rain (Prod By Remot)

Here is a video I shot for a song titled “Play out in the rain” Prod. by Remot. This was a record on The Non Fiction EP I did with Shake and HipHopDX. I also included the Director’s Commentary with myself and Don Hankins speaking on the thoughts behind it. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Much love and God Bless.

Play out in the Rain
Prod. by Remot
Directed by Don Hankins


**New Music**

Tame One ft. Sean Price - “HaHa Da Rah Rah”

Produced by Parallel Thought
New Tame One album Da Ol’ Jersey Bastard out July 29, 2008 on Amalgam Digital

Wu Related Material

Lot’s of Wu type stuff coming in the this week, enough to make the average Wu fan weep with joy…or just download the shit.

Hell-Razah & Shabazz the Disciple - Gang Love (produced by Shawneci) – Album In Stores Now!

from the new LP T.H.U.G. Angelz – Welcome To Red Hook Houses – Babygrande Records 2008
featuring production from Shawneci, Bronze Nazareth, Blue Sky Black Death, Godz Wrath & more.

Vendetta Kingz f/ Killah Priest – Infinite Chapters

Saz-One (Team Guap) – Aliens

Chi-King – Icy (Over the ‘Hi Hater’ beat)

REMIX by Cno Evil of RZA’s f/ “DRAMA” featuring GZA, Monk of The Black Knights & Thea

Bronze Nazareth f/ The Wisemen – Detroit Taliban

Bronze Nazareth f/ The Wisemen - Detroit Taliban (Thought For Food: Vol. 2 – Coming in September!)

Bronze Nazareth is the Wu-Tang MC/Producer out of Detroit who has been critically acclaimed for many of his works to date such as:

Bronze Nazareth – ‘The Great Migration’ (Debut Album)
Think Differently Music Presents: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture (Produced Entire Album)
Bronze Nazareth & Think Differently Music Presents The Wisemen: Wisemen Approaching (Debut Group Album)
Bronze Nazareth – “Thought For Food: Vol 1′. (Debut Street Mixtape Album) Interviews Method Man(interviewed by Omar)

Method Man talks about his feature in the movie “The Wackness”(In Theaters Now). Method Man also speaks on his upcoming comic book(July 23), his role in “The Wire”, Wu-Tang Clan Status, Wu-Affiliates as well as his next album with Redman around 3rd Quarter 08. Featured producers from the upcoming album are Kwame, Pete Rock, and more.

Method Man Interview (LINK)


A few months ago, I gave everyone a RZA track from the Belvedere Vodka campaign ad he is a part of. However, as of today there is a FULL song with 3 RZA verses on it. It features Thea and Vincent Gallo doing the vocals together on the track. Pretty sick….

RZA f/ Thea & Vincent Gallo – Something For Real (Belvedere Vodka)FULL UNRELEASED VERSION!!!

Life The Great
The UltraSound album download:

July 11th
So I’m in the studio with my homegirl Robinicole last night working on a few records for her to shop and it put me in a space where I haven’t been in awhile. You know where y ou start to think about your position in life/career etc… Well the time is about 4:18am Friday juLife 11th, 2008 and my iPod is on shuffle when I come upon Phil Collins singing to me from years ago. I’m about to make a track right now and speak to adversity because though he/she is a nuisance and sometimes bares down on me I refuse to lose. This record is dedicated to Kanye, No-Id, Busta Rhymes and LA Reid because little did they know that adversity stop them from really absorbing who I am, but just like that time there will be other opportunities to hear me….I’m good now. 6:45am and this record is called “Don’t Listen” and it means just that “Turn it off if you want to…”. This song should be on my next album, but I running it because someone else needs to hear it today I’m sure of it.

title: Don’t Listen
artist: Life The Great ft Phil Collins
Produced by: Life The Great

July 10th
Ok people today is day 10 of the 31 Songs in 31 Days campaign and we are seeing a lot of new people being added to the list most by request and best of all they are talking about Life The Great and his NEVER before done promotion….A new song everyday for the whole month of July? You gotta love that! Anyway here is Life The Great speaking on today’s track….(P.S we finally got the Calendar to function on his myspace)

Ok I will not bore you with an extensive email explaining this record because really the lyrics speak for themselves. Some people don’t/didn’t know that I am on my ghost writing hustle very hard! You already know what I do for me, but you probably didn’t know that I do that for others too. Hooks, Tracks, Arrangement and sometimes whole records (Scooter holla at me I have a single for Asher!). It’s really nothing for m e to do what I do because I am a “Microphone Fiend” which means of course I have a “Mic Addiction”.

“If You looking for the flow homie you ain’t know? I got it for the low low homie you ain’t know…” – Life The Great

title: Mic Addiction
artist: Life The Great
original title: Microphone Fiend
original artist: Eric B. & Rakim

July 9th
When I wrote this record it was a first for me. I had ideas that I wanted to get out but I had no pen lastnite in the studio. So I did it in my head 8 bars at a time what a nite it was eazy though. I was just riding (the beat) off of the excitement that “Young Gifted and Black” brought to me…really I was kind of mad that I overlooked it for this long. The 55 bars that I spit on this pretty much sums up my passion for this music we call Hip Hop. “I’m so Atlanta the mayor gave me immunity…I’m so Africa Chaka Zulu he knew of me” . You have to listen to this entire record (several times actually) especially the end where I just spoke what I felt at that time. This ain’t a diss song it’s a real song.

Life The Great

Title: No PEN Behind 55 Bars
artist: Life The Great
original title: Young Gifted and Black
original artist: Big Daddy Kane (I hope those that do not know run get these records and study up)

July 8th
Remember when the two man emcee group used to go back and fourth with their rhymes? Remember the chill bumps you would get when listening to RUN DMC kick “Here We Go”? Well that’s exactly what I was listening to as a youngin as well as this weekend. This record is almost like a megamix being that I took 3 different instrumentals and kicked my rhymes (ha). Salute to Jam Master Jay and Terminator X! Oh yeah the record is called “LifeDMC like ChuckD” that’s another thing, I miss the crazy and sometimes abstract titles of songs. Anyway I’m sure most of you have heard two of the records in this megamix but raise your hand if you remember “Mind Terrorist”.

Life The Great

title: LifeDMC like ChuckD
artist: Life The Great
Original title(s): King Of Rock (RUN DMC), Public Enemy #1 & Mind Terrorist (Public Enemy)

Spectac & 9th Wonder/Khrysis Tracks….

We got an exclusive for you all… two new joints from North Carolina’s Spectac. One produced by 9th Wonder and the other produced by Khrysis. They are both off the the unreleased album “Spectac Starring as Superman for a Day, Clark Kent for Life”. These came directly from Spec himself and are legit! Please post for widest dissemination… thanks!

More infomation and download links here…


Please take the time out to view Rob Swift & Ill Insanity’s latest tour schedule:
- July, 10 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
– *Rob Swift solo date
- July, 15 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
– *Rob Swift solo date
- July, 20 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
York – *Rob Swift solo date
- July, 26 2008 – (Supreme Trading) 213 N 8th St, Williamsburg, New York
- *Rob Swift solo date
- July, 31 2008 – (Moto) 1080 19th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -
*Rob Swift solo date
- August, 2 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
York – *Rob Swift solo date
- August, 2 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
York – *Rob Swift solo date
- August, 2 2008 – (The 1896) 592 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York -
*Ill Insanity
- August, 3 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
York – *Rob Swift solo date
- August, 3 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
York – *Rob Swift solo date
- August, 4 2008 – (Scratch DJ Academy) – 434 6th Avenue, New York, New
York – *Rob Swift solo date
- August, 7 2008 – (Blunt Club) – 2155 E. University, Tempe, Arizona -
*Ill Insanity
- August, 13 2008 – (The Delancey) 168 Delancey Street, New York, New
*Rob Swift solo date

In stores now – Rob Swift “Dust to Dust”!

Rob Swift continues his relentless pursuit of fresh directions, expanding his pa lette into the stratosphere. He recently released “As the Tables Turn”, a full length documentary DVD about his career from the past to the present. And after 4 years of finding himself as a solo artist, Rob Swift is once again joining forces with old X comrades Total Eclipse and Precision. They’ve formed a new DJ super group called ILL INSANITY and they’re currently working on their debut album. One would think Rob Swift has enough on his plate but it doesn’t stop there. His latest project, “Dust To Dust”, is a full length CD that pays homage to the B-Boy movement of the 1970′s. According to Rob Swift, “Dust To Dust” is his way of “bringing YOU back to the purest form of Hip Hop.”

For more info, please check out:


The Beatmakerz of Sampleur-Samplé ( ) did a
remix of AZ album: A.W.O.L

Better than the original,
You can dl the album here:

And if you are not convinced,
you can hear just one track on youtube:


New Murs Video Footage


Opio – “Stop The Press” / MySpace Album Preview

“Pencil neck geeks and pip squeaks is mince meat, hacky sack and frisbee now you wanna MC?”

Alert! Drop by MySpace this week and you can listen to an exclusive full album stream of Opio’s Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume 1!

The Song & Video:
Spooky, funky, and psychedelic – producer Architect crafts the perfect beat for Opio’s lyrics on “Stop the Press.” True to his classic, time-tested style, the verse is a laid-back testament to the true emcees that have been standouts of the underground for years. “Pencil neck geeks and pip squeaks is mince meat / hacky sack and frisbee now you wanna MC? / You ain’t halfway creative, a sideshow oddity / the math I relay keep ya mind blown constantly,” he rhymes. For the video, masks and shadowy effects add to the beat’s disorienting dark vibes and intimidating tone, while still continuing the wisdom of experience that after all these years can still craft the highest quality rhymes.

Opio will be touring this summer and fall in support of the album with Hieroglyphics. Dates available here.

Check the video.

“Stop The Press”

“Don Julio”

“Some Su
perfly Sh!t”


Common Market Poised to Unleash Powerful Follow Up to Self-Titled Debut

The Seattle Hip Hop duo preps full-length follow up to the “Black Patch War” EP and rises to the occasion. ‘Tobacco Road’ out 9/9/08 on Hyena/Massline.

MP3 download: Tobacco Road

And as ever, his flow is one step ahead of itself without ever getting tripped up, never losing sight of concise articulation, so the listener can glean inspiration from his message. – Spin

Common Market have created a work that’s brought them closer to the region of hiphop greatness. This is no exaggeration.The Stanger

In the wake of critical acclaim for their fervid spring release of the Black Patch War EP, Common Market and HYENA/ MassLine (RA Scion and Sabzi [Blue Scholars]) present the new Common Market Full Length Tobacco Road, available September 9th 2008.

Tobacco Road showcases a more lyrically engaged RA Scion over Sabzi’s most creative and melodic compositions to-date. It is laden with heavy introspection and RA Scion’s staunch personal convictions on life, love and art with meaning, but is noticeably absent of the feeling of pseudo-evangelical idealism. Where Common Market carried youthful directives such as “liquor stores [should be] raised to make way for art galleries,” the more mature Tobacco Road is circumspect in its approach: “…planted seven rows – will it ever grow? Heaven only knows… Set it deep into the earth, work and serve, all the rest – let it come or not?”

The album begins by setting the scene in rural Kentucky where the audience attends a fiery Southern Baptist sermon pertaining to honest labor. The intensity of the pastor’s delivery coupled with the implication of his assertion “NO FREE RIDES!” adequately prepares the listener for what is to come on “Trouble Is,” the album’s cornerstone track, craftily establishing the proverbial farmer as the LP’s central character.

The struggle of the farmer continues on tracks such as “Gol’Dust” and “Slow Cure,” as it becomes evident to the discerning listener that he and the emcee are, in fact, one in the same. Tobacco Road, from beginning to end, is an allegorical tale of service to the community from the perspective of an active participant; it touches freely on the good, the bad, and often times the ugly.

The album is not an “easy read,” however, and was not fashioned to be fully digested in a single sitting. Tobacco Road is comprised of 18 tracks, within which lie hidden gems which the listener will appreciate with dedicated discovery. Upon closer examination, you’ll find the incorporation of seasonal progression in reference to the album’s

agricultural influence. But as important to this album is it’s groove and fantastic production. Sabzi has prepared a masterpiece complete with hard-hitting drums, soul-drenched samples and authentic piano compositions; the album’s outro, a 90-second impromptu display of Sabzi’s command over the ivories, serves as an expert auditory summation of all the emotion packed into Tobacco Road.

Track Listing for Common Market’s Tobacco Road:

1) Service
2) Trouble Is
3) Gol’Dust
4) Slow Cure
5) Back Home (The Return)
6) 40 Furrows
7) House
8) Winter Takes All
9) Weather Vane
10) 40 Acres
11) Nina Sing feat. Funklove
12) Certitude feat. Chev
13) The Crucible feat. Geologic of Blue Scholars
14) 40 Thieves
15) Spits (inst.)
16) Nothin’ At All
17) Swell
18) Tobacco Road**New Music**


After a successful run in the Midwest, Scion’s “Live Metro” tour returns for one last time in July with hardcore rap duo, M.O.P. aka Mash Out Posse. With fierce rhymes and heavy beats, the Brooklyn duo is set to get audiences on their feet with help from multi-instrumentalist funk band Connie Price and the Keystones, soul vocalist Noelle Scaggs, and DJ Hier.

Scion presents this crowd-moving, adrenaline-pumping line up free of charge to audiences in Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus and St. Louis. Attendees must be 21 or older and must RSVP at

“Live Metro” events signify Scion’s commitment to the urban music-minded community through live tours that travels nationwide to select markets. Each event brings artists together from different genres of music – hip-hop, funk, afrobeat, soul and live remixes – to create a unique and complementary experience for audiences, while supporting the innovative collaborations between music’s best emerging and established talents.

Upcoming Scion “Live Metro” dates and locations:

  • July 20, 9:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.: Minneapolis at the Varsity Theater 1308 4th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
  • July 21, 9:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.: Chicago at The Metro 3730 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 6063
  • July 22, 9:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.: Columbus at Skully’s 1151 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201
  • July 23, 9:00 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.: St. Louis at Old Rock House 1200 S. 7th St. Louis, MO


Chubb Rock & Wordsmith’s “Bridging the Gap” Album Coming Soon!!! (CHUBB ROCK SIGHTING….That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!)


(Baltimore, MD, JuLY 8th, 2008) My name is Shannon Smith from Nu Revolution Entertainment and I wanted to inform you of an upcoming project that will fill the lack of creativity in Hip-Hop at the moment. The legendary “Chubb Rock” & up and coming artist “Wordsmith” have teamed up to release an album called “Bridging the Gap.” The project will fuse the old school Hip-Hop of the 90′s with the new school Hip-Hop of today. Everything from Jazz, Blues, Step Music, Underground Hip-Hop, and Mainstream singles will accompany this album. Chubb and Word even have a two part story called “Chocolate City” that is similar to R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” series. The bulk of the production is being handled by Nu Revolution Camp producer Strada with outside production from Daren Joseph & DL Swift. Mr. Joseph produced Juelz Santana’s biggest hit “The Whistle Song” last year and DL Swift is a long time in house producer of Chubb Rock. Before I continue, I would like to give you a little info on Chubb Rock & Wordsmith individually as they both are very talented.

Chubb Rock is regarded as one of the East Coast’s most dexterous rappers and his stage name fits his ample height and girth (“6 foot 4 and maybe a quarter of an inch bigger/than last year but still a unique figure” – from “Treat ‘Em Right”). He often evokes images of a Hip-Hop Barry White since their duet on Chubb’s “And the Winner Is” album. Born May 28, 1968 in Jamaica, Chubb Rock released several commercially successful hip hop albums dating back to 1988. His 1991 release, “The One,” reached number 13 on Billboard’s “Top Hip-Hop/R&B” chart in ’91. Three singles from that release made it to number 1 on Billboard’s “Top Rap Single” chart as well. The following year Chubb released “I Gotta Get Mine Yo,” which featured guest appearances from Grand Puba (Brand Nubian), Maxwell, Poke, and Rob Swinga. This was the album that helped push up and coming music producers Trakmasterz to prominence, as they handled the bulk of the production duties on the album. Fast Forward to 1995 and you would of caught Chubb Rock rocking with O.C. and Jeru tha Damaja as an re-incarnation of the Crooklyn Dodgers. Overall, Chubb is widely known for his hit singles “Ya Bad Chubbs,” “Treat ‘Em Right” and “Just the Two of Us.”

The Chubb Rock of today is still musically motivated to prove he still has a place in the rap game. In May of 2007 Chubb Rock released the lead single, “Ole’ Flava” from his impending new album, The Grown and Sexy Theory, and it garnered heavy rotation on Steve Harvey’s Morning Show, The Michael Baisden Show, and XM Satellite Radio’s “The City”. Still, even with Chubb doing some promotion on his new album, he has taken up and coming artist Wordsmith underneath his wings for an even bigger project. I truly believe Chubb sees the future of Hip-Hop in Wordsmith, so it was a logical choice for the two to do an album.
In April of 2007, Wordsmith booked a Pre-Bridging the Gap Concert Series at Pinnacle Nightclub (Philadelphia, PA), 10 West Bar & Lounge (Atlantic City), Fletchers (Baltimore, MD) and Eden’s Lounge (Baltimore, MD) Jay-Z’s mentor, Jaz-O, was also included in the following shows and it marked the first time Word booked, promoted, and performed a show from scratch. With all of these things in place, the future looks bright for Chubb Rock and Wordsmith’s album, so let’s all get ready to Bridge the gap in Hip-Hop.

Wordsmith can claim many areas around the globe as his home. The son of a former Full Colonel in the Army, he has resided in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, Texas, Kansas and even Germany to name a few. After moving around so much, Word found rap as an outlet when he started saving his lunch money each week throughout high school to buy classic tapes from Redman, Big L, Nas, Eric B. and Rakim, Jeru the Damaja, A tribe called Quest, Da Bush Babees, Krs One, Gangstarr, Das Efx, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and his cousin Roc Marciano. On the flipside, Wordsmith is a versatile MC, he is also a theater trained actor graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. Performing in plays like “All my Sons” and the Musical “1776,” Word was able to translate his acting skills to his music and live shows. He refers to his stage shows as “Hip-Hop Plays” and his dream is to put together elaborate shows with scenery changes, props, and stunning movements. As the years go by, look for Wordsmith to explore his artistic side in music and acting equally. However, as he always says “I’ll do one thing at a time to make sure each craft exhibits quality and gets the attention it deserves.

By the end of 2007 and early 2008, Word wanted to make some noise on the College Radio airwaves and he did just that. A track called “Ode to tha Pioneers” that ended 2007 ranked number 10 on the RapNetwork National College Radio Charts Top 30 and peaked at number 4 as of Jan. 22nd, 2008. This track is a prequel to another song that’s only been released on Wordsmith’s myspace page called “As the Art Fades Away,” and it seems the track has garnered its own attention as well. Recently, fans and underground Hip-Hop heads have voiced there discrepancies about a Nas track titled “Surviving the Times” that closely resembles Word’s track “As the Art Fades Away” The story got so big that Wordsmith and Nas A&R, Mike Brink, did a conference call to discuss the issue and clear the air. played the mediator and dropped the follow up story to satisfy the delight of the many fans that were looking for a conclusion to the story. Needless to say, the PR has helped both MC’s and Wordsmith will move forward with the official release of his single when he can lock down a recording contract with an independent or major label. In the meantime, on January 8th, 2008, Wordsmith released the sponsored Mix Album, “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 1 to help promote his debut album. The mixtape has received rave reviews from HipHop Weekly & the Premier Mixtape site To top that, Word was recently appointed the task of creating Hip-Hop Intro’s for 103.9/OC 104′s HipHop Coffee Shop from 6-10 AM, Chubb Love from 10-2 PM & DJ Poot during his 7-12 PM Timeslot. Wordsmith has even pinned the Theme Song for the radio station as well.

This year has also seen Wordsmith sign a huge Marketing Deal with Joint One Radio to promote his music and image in Japan. A deal with the UK based RVUP soon followed and they will be marketing wordsmith throughout the United Kingdom. As of March 2008, Word even started his own worldwide Podcast called “Revolt Radio,” that has over 4,000 subscribers after 13 weeks on the air. Syndication deals with Amalgam Digital, they released Joe Buddens Mood Muzik,,, Conspiracy Worldwide Radio (UK), EG Radio Online, The Vibe Source, &, will take the podcast to the next level. These universal deals not only describe Wordsmith to a “T,” but they represent the very diverse camp he has been putting together for a few years.

As I stated earlier, Chubb Rock and Wordsmith album are looking to release their collabo album, “Bridging the Gap” in September/October through Liason Records (Baltimore, MD). They currently distribute the legendary Chuck Brown’s albums nationwide and they will be doing the same with Chubb and Word’s project. Look for their first single to be released to radio by the middle or end of July. With Chubb Rock’s old school mentality to performing and Wordsmith’s “Hip-Hop plays,” they are sure to put on a lively stage show, something that lacks in today’s Hip-Hop performances.



Amalgam Digi
tal Download:
Podomatic LIVE Feed:

Wordsmith “Appetizer at the Pioneer Pub” EP Coming in 2009!

Wordsmith “Vintage Material” Album Coming in 2009!

The Nu Revolution Camp “Flag of Our Fathers” Mixtape Coming in 2009!

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith “Bridging the Gap” Album Coming in 2008! Presents Wordsmith “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 2 Mixtape Coming August 12th, 2008! Presents Wordsmith “The Mid-Year Review” Mixtape OUT NOW! Presents Wordsmith “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 1 OUT NOW!

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