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My first half of '08

by DJSoulClap on July 13, 2008

Hey my blogging friends! It’s been a while since I wrote something, but you know I’ve been mad busy. The Soul Occs album is recorded, just needs to be mixed and then it will be out on cd and your favortie donwload sites (not zshare ;)
You can listen to a little album snippet here:

I was a little slow with buying something this year, so I didn’t even listen to the Kidz in the hall album and some other stuff, but there was good ish coming out this year! I’m doing this kinda like a freestyle so I hope I don’t forget about anything.

So let’s start!

I’ma start with Lupe, which came out last december (music wise the dec. counts as the next year to me) I was mad surprised, I liked the first album but this one was way better. The vibe of the album is just dope. It’s not that sample based this time but it still sounds good. He tells dope stories and got some catchy hooks. “Hip Hop saved my life” is my joint, the girl on the hook kills it! There are no tracks that I don’t really like, so this has been one of my favs so far.

Best Tracks: Hip Hop saved my life, Gotta Eat, The Coolest, Gold Watch

You already know how I feel about the eMC album if you read my review, this will be my favorite album of 08 wiht no doubts. It has everything a classic needs, dope tracks front to back connect through some cool skits, a good concept, hot beats and crazy lyrics. Ace, Punch, Words and Strick harmonize very well and kill every beat. This just makes me say, I want eMC part 2 and it will come… you can count on that.

Best tracks: Leak it out, Feel it, Winds of change, We alright, you let me grow, Who we be, Traffic, The Grudge

Daily Conversations is a good album! Torae got some hot producers on his album, Premo, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Eric G (upcoming!) Marco Polo and a few more, good features (Skyzoo, Tash, Chandon, Kel Spencer…) and dope lyrics by himself. You can listen through the whole thing with out skipping. The only negative thing is, that the tracks aren’t mixed that well, the quality could have been better. My very favorite joint is “Switch” where he imitates other MC’s and switches his flow every 4 bars. There will be a video coming up for that one pretty soon!

Best Tracks: Switch, Click, The Journe pt.1, Da Nigguz is coming

Pete Rock and Premo are my favorite producers of all time and a huge inspiration. I pretty much like everything Pete does with just little exceptions. NY’s finest is no exception, it has a bunch of hot joints and some good ones. Good features like Little Brother, Styles P, Torae, Lord of the Underground, Redman or Papoose and beats with huge basslines just like we love it. Is it just me or would it be dope if Redman and Pete Rock did an album together??? I totally love that joint on this album, why does Redman alway need to pick wacker beats for his album? All in all this is definitely a top 5 album this year!

Best Tracks: 914, Best Believe, Bring y’all back, The best kept secret

This is the biggest surprise of 08 to me. I really think this is his best album since Doggystyle. I detected like 3 tracks I didn’t like on Ego Trippin, but that’s not much for 21 tracks, it leaves you with 18 dope joints! The Sound of the album is just so dope! I listened to it a lot and didn’t get tired of it, that’s unusual for a Snoop album. At least to me. I think that is, because the beats are very versatile but homogeneous at the same time, they all follow one vibe. There are too many good joints to point some out, he got party joints and a lot of relaxed type of tracks. I LOVE it!

Best Tracks: Press Play, SD is out, Sets up, Deez Hollywood nights, One chance, Neva Have to, Cool

Honorable mentions: The Roots – Rising Down, Guilty Simpson – Ode to the Ghetto, Akrobatik – Absolute Value, Buckshot & 9th Wonder – Tha Formula

In the end I got some fresh news for y’all. I just started working on my first Producer album. I’m really in my first steps so I can’t tell too much, but it will feature some of your favorite underground MC’S and singers. It will be something special cause I wanna do something that nobody ever did before, but I don’t wanna tell it yet. I’m still trying to get the features together but some are already onfirmed, you will hear Donny Goines, Has-Lo, Xola, Wyldbunch, Tony Tigerstyle, Mr Complex and many more….
I’ll keep you updated!

Much Love to y’all!


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