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New Artist Spotlight: DJ Blueprint

by Travis on July 13, 2008

Hip hop is world wide and the internet is a big part of the reason behind that. Of course Europe, Japan and other places got into the hip hop before the internet existed, but like other regions in the even the U.S., places such as Luxembourg, which is our first international New Artist Spotlight artist comes from. If you are tour the funk & soul blogs out there, then you’ve undoubtedly ran across Mike’s aka DJ Blueprint’s, “This Is Tomorrow” blog. It features lots of funk, soul, blue, old R&B and hip hop. First and foremost though, Mike is a DJ and a producer. As a DJ, he is international, spinning all across Europe and his beats have been featured on WYDU in the past. A good guy, with a good blog and an interesting sound, we sat down and talked to Mike aka DJ Blueprint.

dj blueprint – beat tape 01
30 minutes of blueprint beats, some old, some new
enjoy and let me know what you think

WYDU: What’s good Mike, or should I call you DJ Blueprint? Ha, for all those out there that don’t know who you might be, let them know the deal…..

BP: My name’s Mike. I make beats and I’m looking for MC’s right now. I DJ’ed in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg so far. And I present other people’s music on my blog called This Is Tomorrow.

W: I’ve never featured a man of as many talents as you, blogger, DJ in both terms of live shows and mixtapes and a producer, which one do you want to succeed in the most? Which is the most challenging/difficult? Which one is the most fun?

BP: At start, I’m a drummer. I started playing drums when I was 14. I bought my sampler in 2000, because I always wanted to make beats. Then I started DJ’ing. Blogging is just something I started because there weren’t a lot of funk and soul blogs out there.

I want to be good in everything I do. I’m a huge fan of music, music has always been a part of my life. I do these things because I really like to, even if I don’t succeed in any of them, I don’t care. DJ’ing is the most fun though, because the reaction of the crowd is instant. There’s nothing better than seeing people having a good time and you’re a part of it.

W: Describe your production style. What do you hope to bring to the table with your production?

BP: My production style is hip hop as I see/hear it. I take a record, sample it and use the record to create something new. When I make beats, I try not to take too much time to make the beat. You can spend hours on a snare, but I like it raw and simple.

W: What are you using as far as production tools go?
BP: An Akai MPC 2000 XL, Pro Tools LE for recording and of course my record collection. Nothing else really, although some people don’t believe it.

W: You are from Luxembourg, how does, if at all, the sound and production differ from that found over here in the states?

BP: Although Luxembourg is a tiny country with 450000 people, there are many alented MC’s, DJ’s and producers doing their thing here.

The sound doesn’t differ from any place in the world. You have people like Gospel Emcee and Kalo, two brothers with something to say. They recorded some tracks with Oddisee, Kaimbr and Kev Brown.

W: Do you want to work with European artists or US, or does it really matter all that much? If you could produce for ANY MC in the world, who would it be?

BP: I’m really looking for MC’s with something to say. The average person in Luxembourg speaks at least 4 languages, so there’s no barriers. To all the MC’s: If you have some skills on the mic and are interested, get in touch!

If I could produce for any MC… that’s a tough one. I would say… De La Soul. They’re legends and always have been doing their thing. And of course, I’m a huge fan.

W: Alright, let’s switch gears to the DJ aspect, when did you get your start as a DJ?

BP: I started DJ’ing in 2005 after playing drums in various bands. A friend asked me to spin some records at his bar. That was the starting point. Because I play so many records as a DJ, I know every record from start to end. That way, I can easily find the samples I’m looking for.

W: You spin any Polka at your shows? I’m a closet polka freak…haha…What other genres do you spin besides hip hop?

BP: I play everything I like! I even did some art events where I played Avantgarde and Free Jazz. I play mostly funk and soul, because there aren’t that many Serato DJ’s playing at soul and funk events. They’ll throw you out if you’re playing anything else than 45′s. I love Serato, but I can’t stop playing my 45′s.

W: What hip hop song is a sure party starter? What about Funk, Soul and R&B?
BP: “Jump Around” by House of Pain always gets the c
rowd going. You can always play some classic songs to get the party started. Depends on the crowd.

W: Whatcha got for last words?
BP: I want to say thanks to all the people who visit and support my blog. And most of all thanks to you, Travis, for the invite! You can check out my myspace or my blog for more info.

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