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Trav's Being Lazy: Re-Ups

by Travis on July 15, 2008

I swear I’m going to finish up the First Half of ’08, I just got caught up watching the Home Run Derby on TV, then fucked around doing other things. As I’ve said before, it’s summer time, and believe it or not, I do have some kind of life. Since I still feel like I’m slacking if I don’t post anything at all, I tracked down some requests in my boxes of CD’s and pulled out some stuff to post. I think everything has been posted AT LEAST twice before, but hey, I’m being lazy, so have at it…..

While I’m at it, I’d like to mention Krayzee Funksta’s new blog, Blowin’ Up The Spot. I’m slacking in a MAJOR way in checking out some of the new blogs, and the ones I have checked have been tight, but my man Krayzee could be on to something special here. Krayzee has been around since the Cocaine Blunt forum days (which is now, to my surprise, back open again) as well as any other forum I’ve ever checked that has to do with old school, Phila Flava’s old school joint, Bust The Facts and others. So I know this dude has the goods. What he has posted already will moisten any old school heads palate with anticipation. So do yourself a favor and ch-ch-check it out! The only knock against it, some of it is not in English, but the jewels on there speak for themselves.

Blowin’ Up The Spot

How can you pass up any album with cover art that looks like it belongs on the side of a 70′s van? I was a big fan of the Miami Bass sound back in the late 80′s, early 90′s and this album is one those “classics” of the genre, although it gets a little political in some places as well drops some nasty sex rhymes, which is all good. Disco Rick was part of this group, who you might remember from the Gucci Crew back in the day.

The Dogs – The Dogs (JR Records, 1990)

01 Intro (0:50)
02 Where Is Disco Rick At? (3:20)
03 Lets Go, Lets Go (3:26)
04 F..k The President (3:29)
05 Ten Little N……s (4:31)
06 Lick It (3:40)
07 Take It Baby (4:07)
08 Dog Call (4:47)
09 Take It Off (4:10)
10 Crack Rock (4:19)
11 Who Gives A F..k (3:23)
12 Get Loose (4:34)
13 F..k You All (2:10)

Resident Alien- It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In

1. Intro
2. The Resident AlienThe Dogs
3. I Yam What I Yam
4. The Ox Tail, The Burger & Chic
5. Miss Lee
6. Shakey Ground
7. Ardicle Don
8. Horrorscope
9. Midtro
10. Ooh The Dew Doo Man
11. Mr Boops
12. Alone
13. State Of Emergency
14. Are You Ready
15. We Na Play
16. Wanna Be (Russell)
17. Mother’s Day
18. Third World
19. Extro
20. Welcome To America

I’m not sure I can claim “first” in putting this on the internet, but if I wasn’t the first, I was pretty damn close to it. This write up was from July 10th, 2006, and my first post as a “full album” blog and the launching pad for WYDU’s pseudo popularity along with a mention on the then ultra popular blog at the time, BiffHop (rip). Amazing what can happen in two long years (it seems like it’s been 10).

July 10th 2006

To kick off the week and new format, I’m going to be starting a new series (the “So corny, it’s good” series is still going, and will be updated one of these days) Edit Note: It’s still not finished hahaha. The “Unreleased Gems” series, which I hope to run through this week. Simply put, I’m be highlighting albums that never saw the light of day. There are many reasons projects don’t hit the shelves. Some were simply not good enough. Other’s were just a bit before their time. Today, I’m dropping one of my favorite producers unreleased project, Prince Paul.

After Paul’s success with De La and Stetsasonic, our good friend Russell Rush, aka Russell Simmons gave Paul his own label under the Def Jam umbrella and to be distributed by Def Jam. Well the first, and only, result for that label was Resident Alien- It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In. Needless to say, apparently Russell wasn’t overly excited about this creation, as it never saw the light of day. As far as I know, the only things to be released from this project was “Mr. Boops” b/w “Ooooh The Dew Doo Man” & “Shakey Ground”. It was this project and his failed endeavor that resulted Paul to go into a deep depression then later drop the “Pyschoanalysis” and probably had a lot to do with the Gravedigga’s them as well.

I was surprised to run into this, as I had heard of it’s exsistence, but never thought it to be true. I found it on the cocaine blunts forums (the best OOP forums on the net) so big up to whoever originally posted it. With Paul, you never know what to expect. This is someone who has been involved with Stet, De La, Gravediggas, and made the brilliant “Prince Among Thieves”, not exactly any tying link that can be observed. The album is a loosely based concept album that Paul is known for. As far as sounds go, it’s along the De La sound, something that I would think Russell and Def Jam would be excited about, although the stories and songs are a little off the wall, but what do you expect from Paul?? As far who is actually “Resident Alien”, I’m not entirely sure. You can pick out Dres and Maceo from De La on “Mr. Boops” but there are always more than one voice on the majority of the songs, so not completely sure who is who.

First Priority Music Family – Basement Flavor

Another post I dug up from yesterday past, this one from 8-22-06, so almost two years ago. The summer of ’06 was a good one for this blog. I’ve LONG been a fan of the First Priority Music Family, as demonstrated through the numerous times I’ve posted this up since then and my collection of the discography that ranges from anything from Barsha to the Alliance as well as interviews with both Milk Dee and MC Lyte. So check this out, if you haven’t yet.

Our spotlight gets shown on one of the more slept on labels & extended fam’s of the late 80′s-early 90′s, the First Priority Music label for the next handful of posts. They were THE crew after the Juice Crew disbanded in the late 80′s, yet they don’t receive much recognition in the grand scheme of things in the history of the hip hop culture. The FPM family consisted of; Audio Two (brothers Milk Dee & Gizmo), MC Lyte, Alliance, Michie Mee, Kings Of Swing, Positive K, Barsha, and one of two in house producers (Milk Dee was the other) King of Chill. The label was lead by Lyte’s, Milk’s & Giz’s father, Nat Robinson who, if I remember right, started up the label to help Milk further his hip hop career.

As noted, much of the production on many of the albums was handled by either Audio Two or King of Chill and consisted of the “bare bones
” approach so highly popular during the day. It was great “boom bap” music of the time. The label never garnished any high record sales, except with maybe Lyte’s releases (gold on the first two releases ?), but still mark one of the greatest labels in the “golden age” of hip hop. They are still in business and I was surprised to see they had the R&B sensation from a few years ago, Eamon.

The First Priority Music Family : Basement Flavor (First Priority Music 1990)

1. Alliance -Get On Down (3:48) Producer – The King Of Chill
2 Audio Two- Many Styles (4:55) Producer – Audio Two
3 MC Lyte & Positive K- I’m Not Havin’ It (3:29) Producer – Audio Two
4 Michee Mee & LA Luv- Victory Is Calling (5:29) Featuring -MC Lyte Producer – Beat Factory
5 MC Lyte- Survival Of The Fittest (3:58) Producer -The King Of Chill
6 Positive K- Tramp (3:22) Featuring – Milk Dee Producer – Audio Two
7 Audio Two- Peer Pressure (4:06) Producer – Audio Two
8 Michie Mee & LA Luv- On This Mic (5:42) Producer – Beat Factory
9 Alliance- Kibbles And Bits (4:24) Producer – Alliance
10 Positive K- Impulse On Three (4:35) Featuring – Barsha Producer – Audio Two
11 Soulshock- Break The Limits (4:54) Featuring – See-Que Producer – Solid Productions

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