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New Artist Spotlight: Dillon

by Travis on July 18, 2008

Straight from “Duuuval!” aka J-Ville, aka Jacksonville, Florida, my man Dillon got his start around the small contingent of successful hip hop artists from the area in the form of The Alias Brothers aka Asamov, who members Therapy and Willie Evans Jr continue to make noise, Willie on the solo creep and Therapy as part of WYDU favorite, The Smile Rays. Dillon now resides in the ATL, but still keeps his Duval roots, remaining close to those from his hometown. Who is Dillon? For those of you lucky enough to track down The Smile Rays, Party Place import album, Dillon appears on the slammin’ “It’s a New Day”. He is also responsible for one of the best mixtapes (in the true sense of the word) I’ve heard this year in the form of Southern Scramble. Armed with his Jacksonville associates as well as Supa Dave West of De La Soul fame, Cool Calm Pete, Baje One, Giant Panda and others, Dillon drops a funky, fly, & fresh mixtape, in the true sense of hip hop. It’s one of those mixtapes, you throw on while you play the new NCAA 09 and jam out to good tunes while bustin the controllers. Dillon was smart enough in his approach to me to name drop Therapy and The Smile Rays, which obviously just about gets you a free pass on this site. In the true sense of being down with the ‘Rays, he’s a cool ass cat, with an unique sense of humor. We here at WYDU sat down with Dillon and kicked it, discussing cooking, music, mother earth and the fact that if you hate his mixtape, don’t feel guilty throwing it away: the CD case is made with 100% recycled materials and biodegradable. It’s Dillon, the new breed of MC/DJ/Producer, eco-friendly and making noise…..It’s Dillon

Dillon’s Myspace page, where you can pick up a copy of Southern Scramble

And brand new from last week, Therapy and Dillon acting like….well, you gotta watch

Super Dave West & Dyelon Pt2

Stay Relative

WYDU: What’s cookin’? Why don’t you do a proper introduction of who you be?

Dillon: Salutations - Dillon Vaughan Maurer here – Doug and Carla’s son, Cody’s brother, funky rhyme man, the kid with good ears -Southern Dillon, Chef 4our Burners – the dood that tu madre keeps a framed picture of on the mantle -

W: Damn, she told me that picture was of our long lost cousin….Alright man, you got a mixtape out….what’s that name again? Oh that’s right, Southern Scramble, so what’s the dealie with the mixtape?

D: Indeedulations – the Southern Scramble is basically a collection of new/exclusive music from everybody that I am blessed to call my fam – It’s me taking favorite joints from my homies, beat tape jawns, unreleased jawns, original beats and songs from myself – and putting them together in true mixtape fashion using Serato and whatnot – so its actually mixed – and its recyclable.

W: Like your cooking on the Southern Scramble promo video (video above), where you cook up a tasty lookin’ breakfast, you got some of this and some of that as far as guests on the mixtape, Supa Dave West, some group called the Smile Rays, funny man Willie Evans Jr and some other dope artists that reads like a who’s who of who I’m diggin’ these days, how did you hook up with and choose your guests and did you make this mixtape specifically for me? hahaha

D: Say word. Actually this mixtape was made just for you homie. Pay me.

Anywho – I’m from Jacksonville, FL (DUUUVAL!) and there’s a lot of ish poppin off down there that is setting the standard – mostly it’s just cats I have known and kicked it with for a minute and who inspire me – Willie Evans Jr, Paten Locke (T
/The AB’s/ The Smile Rays (P, Bat, and Daisey), Flat Foot and Jesus Brown (aka Willie and Tough Junkie) – ridiculous talent, and I feel like I owe it to the listeners out there to compile this Southern sound and feed ya’ll – Other cats on the record – like Supa Dave West – that’s just my ace – he lives in Atlanta with me and we are always kickin it – for me the music is all about relationships – even the Northern cats on there – Cool Calm Pete, Akrobatik, Y Society (Insight and Damu) – it’s all personal and its all fam – Pete has been one of my mentors for years now – and the song on there is a remix that Therapy did for him – they met separately and the good music world is so small you know – Plus P went to school with Ak in Boston, yada yada – its crazy how we are all connected – Even the West coast cats – Giant Panda – the song on there is one we recorded here at the crib in ATL when they were out here for a show a year ago or so – that’s fam yo – it’s all fam.

W: Word on the street is they call you Four Burners, which you already verified, and we ain’t talkin about the glocks neither….What makes a GOOD omelet? And while we are at it, what exactly makes a good mixtape such as Southern Scramble?

D: Yo a good omelet starts with the eggs yo – I fucks with the Free-Range Vegetarian fed jawns -
I like the brown ones – they’re slightly gamier. Then for me its about fresh veggies – mushrooms, grape tomatoes, basil, onion, little garlic, spinach – I’m into colors so I always like to have it really poppin off – zucchini – all that – I’m good on the cheese and butter – (not too big into the dairy) – so I’ll have a little olive oil in the skillet – sweat the veggies out a bit, and then cook the eggs real slow like – a little almond milk will help smoooooth it out a bit to ya know? – cook that jawn light to medium- I dig the fluffiness – knawmean?!

As far as a good mixtape – to me its all about the feeling ya know – technicalities and sound quality is mad important too- but if it ain’t knockin – with a mood – with a concept – with some sort of direction – then its gonna be tough to keep it in my CD player – De La’s “Impossible Mission” tape to me is one of the best recent examples of a great mixtape – mad personable with exclusive jawns and just a great product coming from one of rap’s greatest groups – that was for the fans you know – and then kinda the more technical and super funky J.Rocc – anything he does is straight education – more locally you got P’s “Check The Resume Vol. 2″ – oh lord.
Dope music, dope arrangements, dope personality – something that has that feeling to it.

W: And how exactly is a Southern Scramble any different say, a northern scramble, or a midwest scramble. And how is a Dillion mixtape different from any other mixtape I can get off the web from DJ YouKnoWhaddaImSayin?

D: I think what sets off the Southern Scramble for me at least is just the combination of cats all on one project – let it be known that we are all fam and we roll pretty thick when it comes down to it

The South has many sounds and this to me is a good representation of the Southern sound that I am a part of and represent -

…now from a culinary perspective -
what generally will set apart a traditional Southern Scramble from a Northern or West Coast Jawn, would be heavy amounts of butter and cheese, perhaps some sort of pork product (or 2), and the accompaniment of Biscuits and Red-Eye Gravy word to my Mammie – (RIP)

And how is a Dillion mixtape different from any other mixtape I can get off the web from DJ YouKnoWhaddaImSayin?

Well I can say first and foremost that I am super blessed to have beatmakers around me for days . . .months . . .(waddup Nik!) – Paten, Batsauce, Willie Evans Jr, Dave West, Anthony Accurate, etc. – so you WILL hear dope beats on anything Dillon ever puts out. My approach to mixtapes, being that I’m not the most technical or at all super dope Dj – is creating an atmosphere – the Scramble is the third one I’ve done – the first was a Dilla Tribute Tape I did like 2 years ago that had my homegirl Ma Dukes (Mrs. Yancey) and Uncle Herm (her brother and my partner in crime!) on it – that’s a story in and of itself – The second was called “Dillon, Uncut” – mostly a collection of material I wrote during the last phases of my old group ish -”Intellekt and Dirty Digits” – some live joints, and stuff I made after moving to Atlanta and starting to dabble in beatmaking and recording all my own ish – the first 2 joints I ever wrote, recorded, and made the beats for were “Parkside Chill” and “Me, You, and a Bottle of Merlot” – if you’re keen on those type of thangs. For me its all about comedy – life is comedy – my music is comedy with a serious undertone to it though – So yo – I’m rappin, flipping some of the beats, and putting them all together on the decks.

W: So you are cookin’ up your own project, Studies In Hunger, what can the average Egg McMuffin’ eatin consumer expect from that?

D: Yo – “Studies in Hunger” – is my full-length album entirely produced by my bruva and mentor in both the Rap and Life game – Paten Locke aka Therapy aka The AOOOF King aka Double Up P -
it’s been on the verge of completion for a minute – waiting on a few last minute ingredients -
but here are some facts -

Rapping from Dillon, Akrobatik, Paten Locke, Cool Calm Pete, Stacey Epps, H20 aka Kid Captain Coolout (Mass Influence), My Momma, and Willie Evans Jr.

Uncle Herm is somewhere on there. My sister, Cody is somewhere on there. Lady Da*sey (of the Smeezy Reezies) is somewhere on there. Asha Locke is somewhere on there.

Look for original artwork from H20 (!!!) P did all the funky cuts too of course. Batsauce recorded and mixed it.

and some other surprises . . . .

anybody wanna put that shit out? holla!
(Seriously. Please. hollahollahollahollahollaletmeholleratchahollerhollahollahollabithletmehollatcha)
(Like the Dave Chapelle skit ya dig?)

W: One thing I thought was pretty hardcore was the CD case that was made with 100% materials. To me, that’s keepin’ it real, fo real! Are you on some “save the world” type of shit? Obviously it’s a rather important issue to you, how did that all come about?

D: Absomafuckinlutely. I think we have been fighting World War 3 silently for damn near a century now – Us Vs. Planet Earth and that shit is dumb. I encourage all of you young hiphop geniuses out there to be conscientious of the environment – please recycle, turn the lights out, don’t waste water, don’t waste food, walk somewhere, drink some water fool, be mindful of your carbon footprint and just the way you live your life – we are all one – we are all connected – if you lose then I lose too and that’s booty yo!! – but yah – Discmakers was running a special on the Eco-Pack press-ups, so I copped. Hahaha.

W: Bahahaha….Alright Big D, your time is much appreciated for putting up with my “tom foolery”, You have any last words that you want to bless the contingent with?

D: Word up – big ups WYDU for keepin funky ears to the funky streets -Thanksya mucho for the time and for just being dope – shout out to everybody on their own path – Stay Focused! And I got some thangs coming out soon – full length with P – working on individual projects with Willie Evans Jr, Batsauce, Ant Accurate (Brainstorm Sounds), Dave West and mucho more – I worked on some education records for this company called “Flocabulary” – me rapping and Batsauce on all the beats – we worked on both a History and Science record for 8th graders – its wild!

Support the music you love. Slap ya momma’s booty when you see her next.

She likes that.


W: Thanks, and I’ll take a mushroom omelet if we ever cross paths….

D: Portobello? Shitake? Or I can do a nice Oyster/King Trumpet blend that would be nice as well.

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