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DJ SoulClap, This Is Hip Hop and WYDU present: Let’s Flow – The Contest

by DJSoulClap on July 20, 2008

Hey people!

I just started working on my first producer album, which will feature some of your favourite underground heroes, (I won’t tell you no names yet, it’s top secret) and maybe YOU!
There are so many remix contests these days, that I thought I will do it backwards! I’ve never seen somebody doing something like this before and I’m really excited about it!

So this is the deal:

I made a beat and uploaded it on zshare! Now I want y’all to write three 16 bar verses, record em to this beat and send the track to
The hook got cuts in it, but they are pretty much in the background, so you can do whatever you want with it.
The contest will run till August 15th. All entries need to be submitted till that date. There will be 5 judges, Travis from WYDU, Kevin from This is Hip Hop, 2 of my close friends and me, plus there will be a public voting.

You can listen to and download the beat here:
ZShare or

The winner of the contest will get:

- A feature on 2 of the most popular Hip Hop blogs on the net ( and
- A feature on my myspace site,
- The Track will be featured on my Producer album besides the tracks of some popular underground artists,
- and of course a free copy of the album when it’s out!

The winner will be announced on August 31st, after the public voting. He/She needs to make sure that he/she can send me the wav files of his recording.

Important Notes:
- You can upload the track on your myspace page…
- You are not allowed to use the beat for your album projects, it’s protected and you will have to face the consequences
- You CAN use it on your mixtapes if you give me credit…
- The Track needs to be in English

So if you are a dope MC or you know somebody who got skills, tell him and Let’s Flow!!!

Visit too

Much Love,


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