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Daily News: The Back From Vacation Edition

by Travis on July 23, 2008

Back from a well needed vacation. Haven’t done much with the blog the past few days. I didn’t use the weekend to map out the schedule and get some “pre-production” done on the upcoming week’s posts, so I’m just going to wing it this week until I can line up everything I want/need to do for next week.

Denver was a good time, checked out a couple baseball games and saw my Pirates get their asses handed to them. I probably drank more than I should have, which I’ve been staying away from since I moved away from the area. All in all though, it was a good time. Big ups for CH Commish of Slushy Gutter for lunch on Sunday. We sat and bullshitted about sports, music, and of course various tales of drunken hi-jinx. Monday, on the way home, I wanted something to read after reading Sporting News, Baseball Weekly and ESPN The Magazine on my two flights to Denver on Friday.

I was in a music mood, but of course, the types of hip hop magazines I tend to gloss over these days aren’t usually found in the Denver International Airport. Instead, there was Vibe, which I haven’t bought since WYDU appeared in it last year and The Source, which I haven’t purchased since sometime in ’03 or ’04. At one time, I was a HUGE fan of hip hop magazines, but with the onslaught of the internet and the lack of quality in most hip hop ‘zines, I’ve basically stayed away from them. I’ve mentioned numerous times the impact that The Source had on me and my listening habits in the early 90′s, but like a lot of people my age, I haven’t even flipped through a Source in years, let alone read one.

The Vibe was actually fairly decent, as it was their first ever (it took fifteen years?!?)all Hip Hop issue. They had a nice little highlight of the year ’88, which is personally my favorite year ever for hip hop. There was mentions of slept on albums, which were actually worthy of being mentioned. Impressive little issue from the folks at Vibe.

I’ve heard some decent things about the “new” Source magazine and the only issue I’ve flipped through in the last four years was their first issue minus Benzino and Mays being in charge, was fairly decent. Judging this issue by it’s cover would’ve made me throw it in a the closest trash receptacle. It features…uhhh…ummm, Nelly, which I’ll just say, makes music that I can’t and don’t relate to. The rest of the magazine came across fairly respectable in their choice of articles and features. There is a nice write up on Immortal Technique, who, let’s face it, wouldn’t have been in a Source episode the last 5-10 years. There was a write up on the “Hipster” movement, which I haven’t read it, but at least it’s something relevant to what’s going on with today’s music. Tech N9ne of all people had a nice little article about himself in the issue as well. I’ve never been a big Tech N9ne fan, but after reading the article and hearing him do an interview on the Jim Rome show of all places, I might just check out the “Killer” album. One of the great things I used to like about the Source was some of their “non-music” features, things in society that affect the hip hop culture. They kept true to their strength’s with a decent article about Obama and Hip Hop. Of course, there was some garbage (at least to me) featured in the magazine, but then again, I also find a lot of the current mainstream hip hop as garbage. This isn’t your Source magazine from when you were 15, but there was enough variety in this issue that I’ll keep an eye on the next few issues. Will they ever be the same? No, of course not, but neither is hip hop.

On to the news…….Oh, and while I’m not going to post up any of it (at least not yet), but there is starting to be some grumblings about Dr.Dre and Detox from Interscope showing up in bloggers email inboxes. I haven’t hit up any blogs or sites except for a select few in the past few days, so I’m sure it’s up there, but could it possibly be?

New Ice Cube feat The Game & WC

Used to It” feat. The Game and WC


In this candid second part of the webisode series exploring the
origins of the Almighty supergroup (which includes such renowned
emcees as Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, C-Rayz Walz and up and
comers M-80, 5-Star, Son One), emcee and supergroup impresario, M-80,
takes some time to chop it up with legendary lyricists Canibus and
Born Sun, both also prominently featured on the forthcoming July 22nd
release: “Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers).”

Also featuring rare performance footage including both Canibus and
Born Sun, this clip addresses the significance of Almighty and its
role in shaping the vastly changing (and ever more important)
independent hip-hop landscape.

The second in a multi-part series exploring the personas and players
behind the highly anticipated supergroup release, Almighty is poised
to change the face of the independent hip-hop landscape with July 22′s
“Original S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers).”



My Man 6th Sense and Mick Boogie in Portland!!! NORTHWEST REPERSENT!!!

1. Intro
2. Classic Freestyle
3. December 30th (King James) {prod. 6th Sense}
4. Team USA (prod. Just Blaze)
5. A-Trak & Lupe Fiasco feat. 6th Sense – Me & My Sneakers

6. Nike Boots Freestyle
7. Fly Union feat. 6th Sense – Bonike Applebaum Remix
8. Let’s Do It (prod. 6th Sense & Frequency)
9. Ignite The People (Like Obama) {prod. 6th Sense}


Clipse/ReUp Gang – Money

New REUPGANG “Money”

off Clipse present The REUPGANG
album out august 5th!

Wordsmith……Video Blog

I’m watching for the Chubb Rock updates…(trav)

Every Two Weeks Wordsmith will be releasing behind the scenes footage of Recording Sessions, Interviews, Shows, Music Videos, Revolt Radio Episodes, Discussions, Tours, and Much, Much More!!! Word Would really like to connect with the public some more, so he hopes everyone will welcome him into their household for many months to come. CHECK OUT THE “DAY IN A LIFE” VIDEO BLOG BELOW AND MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT WORD’S YOUTUBE PAGE FOR MORE VIDEO FOOTAGE!!

Wordsmith’s “Day in a Life” Video Blog Episode 1 (Click)



Vinnie Paz, emcee and figurehead of the legendary underground group
Jedi Mind Tricks, speaks candidly about fellow Army of the Pharaohs’
member Doap Nixon, whose solo debut, “Sour Diesel,” streets July 22nd
and was executive produced by Paz himself.

Paz waxes philosophical regarding the current state of hip-hop, what
it means to be a “street artist” these days, how Doap’s release is
reminiscent of such classics as mid nineties Mobb Deep, why Paz lent
the Jedi Mind Tricks’ brand to this release, how he got involved in
the creative process for “Sour Diesel” & much more.



Scholarman Track – Dreams (Remix)

New remix to ScholarMan’s “Dreams” available via free download. Produced by ScholarMan.

Download it here:

Nice little track from ScholarMan, I’m feeling this one….(trav)
NAS – Sly Fox Live @ The Roxy, July 19, 2008, Hollywood, CA.

I’ve made my thoughts known on the new Nas LP, but “Sly Fox” is one of two songs I like on the album….(trav)

“And I Love It” is another beautiful picture painted by the words of Murs and the beats of 9th Wonder.

Murs & 9th Wonder – Give Us Free

Murs for President drops September 30th

Freestyle 101: Murs (Comic-Con Edition)

Life The Great – JuLife Cont.

In cased you missed the previous 20 days of juLife here they are:

juLife 1st – Ghetto blaster (produced by: Life The Great) -
juLife 2nd –
G.A Hustler -
juLife 3rd –
takin Out You Suckas -
juLife 4th –
juLife 5th –
Me and my Dj -
juLife 6th –
Dopeman -
juLife 7th –
Trapper Keeper (produced by: Life The Great) -
juLife 8th –
LifeDMC like Chuck D -
juLife 9th –
No Pen Behind 55 Bars -
juLife 10th –
Mic Addiction -
juLife 11th –
Don’t Listen ft Phil Collins (produced by: Life The Great) -
juLife 12th –
Passion Of Life -
juLife 13th –
777-9311 -
juLife 14th –
Month 9 ft Curtis Mayfield -
juLife 15th –
Paid In Full -
juLife 16th –
Vapors -

juLife 17th – The Future ft Jerz of V.O.C -

juLife 18th – Love Come Down -

juLife 19th – Bonita Applebaum ‘08 -

juLife 20th – Ain’t No Half Steppin -

juLife 21st – The Followers -

Godsendant Music – March of the Godsends.

A Free Download Featuri
ng: Atari Blitzkrieg, Ayatollah Jaxx, Beyond Comprehension, Block McCloud, Breez Evahflowin, Brooklyn Brawler, Darkim Be Allah, Emad Saad, Iron Soul, Jasiri X, Karniege, Krohme, Little Indian, Negro Scoe, Punchline, Rack-Lo, Royce Da 5’9, Steadfast, Vast Aire, War Bixby & Wildchild.

All Tracks Produced by Krohme, Except Atari Blitzkrieg’s American, Idle (Produced by Karl Lazlo) & The Spirits Within feat. Krohme (Produced by DeNovo) and Krohme’s Dead Awakened produced by Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory. Cuts on Dark Water by Chinch 33.

Available July 22, 2008

Album info/download:

Godsendant Music – March of the Godsends


01 – Darkim Be Allah, Atari Blitzkrieg, Steadfast, Negro Scoe, Step Savage, Emad Saad, Brooklyn Brawler & Krohme – March of the Godsends

02 – Atari Blitzkrieg feat. Wildchild & Breez Evahflowin – Morgan Freeman (Live at the Stax Wax Party)

03 – Darkim Be Allah – Still The Christ

04 – Rack-Lo feat. Atari Blitzkrieg – Play The Encore

05 – Ayatollah Jaxx feat. Jasiri X – M.W.A. (Muslims With Attitude)

06 – Atari Blitzkrieg – American, Idle*

07 – Steadfast feat. Punchline & Iron Soul – Em-Cee

08 – Atari Blitzkrieg feat. Krohme – The Spirits Within*

09 – Beyond Comprehension feat. Vast Aire – Grief Counsel

10 – Atari Blitzkrieg feat. Krohme & Royce Da 5’9 – The Forsaken Version 2.0

11 – Block McCloud Feat. War Bixby – Time (The Battle for 2012)

12 – Karniege, Atari Blitzkrieg & Little Indian – Dark Water

13 – Krohme – Dead Awakened*

All Tracks Produced by Krohme

Except *American, Idle (Produced by Karl Lazlo)
* The Spirits Within feat. Krohme (Produced by DeNovo)
* Dead Awakened produced by Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory.

Cuts on Dark Water by Chinch 33.

Cover art by Vers10nx

Click Here to Download the Album

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